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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

Meechum Residence, Washington DC.  Frances Meecham (Alicia Kelley) tells her daughter Emma that her grandmother will love the letter the child wrote. “Let’s finish it off with one of your new stickers right next to your name,” Frances says as she takes out the stickers, “A princess for my princess. These look like real stamps except they’re not sticky.” Suddenly, Mrs. Meechum falls to the floor.
Woodley Park Emergency Hospital. Frances Meecham asks her daughter to go to the cafeteria with her father so she can talk with Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy). Amanda questions Frances as the doctors told her it was a fentanyl overdose. Mrs. Meechum assures she’d never take anything like that. The postal inspectors were called in because they police had mistaken the stickers for real stamps. Frances is upset to think Emma could have touched the stickers, but Amanda assures her it wasn’t her fault. Mitch asks where Frances brought the stickers. Frances tells him that she didn’t; Emma got them from a friend at her school Lyon Elementary.
Preston (Bret Green) arrives at the campaign headquarters of Allen Nichols. He presents his resume to Kim Allison (Natalie Lymor), the campaign manager as he wants to work on the campaign. He explains how he’s followed Nichols’ politics and feels passionate for his beliefs. In fact, Preston even wrote a paper about Nichols. He’s told there could be something he could do and is put on top-secret ‘Project Leonard.’
He comes to the crime lab but due to the dangers of the fentanyl and possible exposure, Georgia (Charmin Lee) tells Preston she can’t let him into the lab today. Preston doesn’t fight her on it as he’s secured another internship on Senator Allen Nichols’ campaign. Georgia approves on Nichols and tells Preston she’d vote for the man. Preston mentions the top secret ‘Project Leonard’ but tells Georgia once he finds out what it is, he can’t tell her because it’s confidential. The only thing Georgia wants is an autograph if it turns out to be Sugar Ray Leonard.
Mitch and Amanda crosses out the names of the children and parents from Emma’s school they spoke with about the stickers. And someone who makes the same princess sticker pattern identified on the dark web. As those on the dark web are hard to track, Amanda worries the criminals could be making and distributing more stickers. Meanwhile, viewers see a man making more fentanyl stickers.
Preston learns ‘Project Leonard’ involves babysitting Nichols’ fourteen year old son. Leonard (Trey Best) assures Preston it will be an easy job as he can get himself occupied.  It seems Leonard is working on a coding program that he hopes to market it for free so kids who normally couldn’t afford something like it would have access. Preston thinks it’s a great idea and something Leonard’s father may be interested in hearing about. Unfortunately, the closest Leonard gets to seeing his father is looking at campaign posters. Plus, Leonard wants to make sure the program is ready before he shows his father, so he’d need some test subjects. Preston gets Noah (Harrison Knight) and Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) to help. Leonard’s coding program is ready to show his father. Unfortunately, Kim advises that Senator Nichols is preparing for a town hall meeting and doesn’t even have five minutes to give to his son. Time for ‘Project Locked In,’ where Noah, Preston and Veronica lock Allen Nichols into an office with Leonard.
Mitch and Amanda arrest the father of Emma’s classmate for making the fentanyl stickers.
Noah, Preston and Veronica watch the town hall meeting on television where Leonard’s coding program is unveiled. Leonard says he gives his father credit for the idea.
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