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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

Coach Miquel Rivera from Coach for Life Charity is talking with people he hope will make a donation. Cherise, the director of The Buckley Girls Sporting Club a charity Rivera has been supporting for years, pulls Rivera aside to discuss the fundraiser as the money raised is due to go to uniforms and sporting equipment and their season starts next week. Coach Rivera tells her that as soon as he has the money from a fundraiser, he’ll make sure she has it.  In the meantime, Rivera promises to send over a few t-shirts to get her started.

Cherise then comes to see Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) believing Coach for Life is a scam. She’s investigated on her own and found $16,000 her girls were supposed to get went elsewhere. Coach Rivera is also a restaurant owner and although he looks good on paper, when Mitch discovers a similar situation where money for a project isn’t received because Rivera stated “his goal wasn’t met,” he agrees Coach Rivera warrants investigating.

At Jamestown University, Noah (Harrison Knight) has taken to wearing preppy-like clothes like chinos. Preston (Bret Green) and Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) think Noah’s acting strangely, but find he has a pretty Chemistry tutor.
Coach for Life Charity Office, Washington DC. Mitch and Amanda question Coach Rivera about his fundraising projections and the delayed Harper’s Ferry stadium project. The postal inspectors ask for a copy of his goal projections and financial statements. Rivera tells them his accountant and lawyer will send it over. Mitch notices Coach Rivera’s assistant acting nervous. So, he returns to the Coach for Life charity office later pretending he misplaced his sunglasses and leaves his business card asking her to call if they turn up.
Preston and Veronica set up the Wainwright home for a romantic study date complete with pizza for Noah and his Chemistry tutor.
Coach Rivera’s assistant Jess calls Mitch and tells him she has some information about the charity but asks her name to be kept out of it.
Noah assures the girl is just his tutor. But he tells Preston and Veronica that for the first time in his life someone takes him serious.
Jess shows Mitch and Amanda the real financial statements for Coach for Life. Whereas some donations are legitimate, after Rivera’s restaurant closed he’s been using most of the funds for his own need. Jess believes he intended to pay the money back. She said she should have come forward but needed the job. Amanda encourages her to put her resume out there.
Preston and Veronica do a presentation for Noah to show how much they appreciate all the layers of his personality and never want him to think they take him for granted.
Mitch and Amanda arrest Coach Rivera.
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