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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

Amanda (Jessica Lundy), Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Preston (Bret Green) watch a news report about a hurricane hitting landfall in Alabama. Bret asks his mother whether she and Mitch will be going down to the location.  Amanda answers not this time as all postal employees in the effected areas are accounted for. “The hurricane’s over,” Amanda says.  “But another storm may be on the way,” Mitch added. “Mother nature has a way of bringing out the scammers,” Preston commented.

Meanwhile, two guys watch same hurricane news report. “I love hurricane season,” one of the men says. Both agree that nothing like a news story that tug at the heartstrings to get people to open up their purse strings. The scammers then begin to get to the work of fleecing caring people out of their money.

University Grind. Preston (Bret Green), Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) and Noah (Harrison Knight) participate in a game called Max to the Facts. Although they lose, Veronica wins a date with the host Max.
Meanwhile, the two guys are proud of their computer work in copying the website of The Lorelai Foundation, a charitable organization for hurricane relief.  For a novice, it is hard to tell which is the real site and which is the fake one set up by the scammers. The fake site has already received numerous hits. One of the men says that he’ll take the credit card information they’ve obtained to do a little online shopping.  “Shop away,” the other man laughs.
Later at United States Service, Margot tells Mitch about her mother’s interest in donating to The Lorelei Foundation but they only take online donations and due to the hurricane computers in neighboring area Creekside where Margot mother lives, her mother is unable to get on the site.  Mitch pulls it up for her. But afterwards, Margot expresses her suspicions to Amanda about the legitimacy of the foundation as she senses something wrong about the site.
On her date with Max, Veronica texts Preston to get coaching on what to say to answer certain questions. But Max discovers what she’s doing when she drops her phone and Max sees the texts from Preston. Max walks out the restaurant.
After getting the IP address of computer used for the fake The Lorelei Foundation site, Mitch, Amanda and Margot stake out Creekside Apartments where most of the people who donated to their scam charity live. They catch the men picking up the boxes of merchandise they order using the credit card numbers they’ve obtain and arrest them for credit card fraud.
Preston and Veronica talk about their reactions to seeing them dating others. It’s obvious they still care about each other, but will they get back together?
Margot gives Mitch a plaque from her mother in gratitude for his help with the fake charity. Mitch tells Margot that her mother should be proud of her.
The Inspectors episode “Mother Nature” focused on fake charities. Investigating fake charities is important to make sure your money goes where it’s really needed.
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