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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

Two guys toss around a football. One of the guys, Justin wants the other Ben to create an acid spray reminding that Justin failed Chemistry due to the bogus test Ben sold him. Ben explains that it wasn’t his fault as the professor changed the test at the last minute. Justin gives Ben three days to make the acid spray warning “You’re lucky I’m not coming after you.”
University Grind. Preston (Bret Green), Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) and Noah (Harrison Knight) talk about the last big Jamestown basketball game before they graduate college. Noah has a date for the pre-game dance with Cindy Stapperstein, known as “Smiling Cindy” as the girl always appears to have a smile on her face due to her positivity. The only problem is Cindy likes first dates to be double dates so Noah asks Preston to be his wing man. Veronica is going with Brock Barker. When she asks Preston who he’s taking, he response “I’ve got some ideas.” But after Veronica leaves, Preston admits to Noah “I’ve got no one.”
Off-Campus Housing in Arlington, Virginia. Ben is working on the acid spray. He receives a text from Justin warning he’d better not miss the deadline.
Mitch (Terry Serpico) and Amanda (Jessica Lundy) are shown high tech surveillance equipment.
As Preston hasn’t found any Jamestown girls he’d be interested in dating, Noah suggests looking off-campus at other colleges. In fact, Noah wants his friend to pursue online dating and even offers to set up a profile for Preston with an online dating service called “Dove at First Sight.” Noah creates Preston’s profile stating Wainwright likes action movies and social justice. Preston is surprised when he gets a match fairly quickly.
Justin calls Ben about when he’ll get the acid spray. Ben reminds these things can’t be rushed as he needs to check the trigger mechanism. But when Justin demands the acid spray be ready by tomorrow so he can mail it, Ben becomes scared and worried that someone will get hurt. So he brings the pieces to the United States Postal Inspection Services office and speak with Mitch and Amanda about what Justin asked him to do. Amanda tells Ben he id the right thing by coming in and Mitch adds that Ben will be working with them to catch Justin.
Preston takes a video call from Emma, the girl who responded to his profile. She asks to meet. After hanging up with her, Preston asked Noah whether was sure Preston did the right thing by not saying anything about being in a wheelchair.
Joel, the man who provided Mitch and Amanda with equipment upgrades, assembles a fake acid spray for Ben to give to Justin. When Ben meets with Justin, Mitch and Amanda are watching and listening via the surveillance equipment provided by Joel. We learn that Justin plans to use the acid spray on a basketball player named Dan Jones because Dan stole Justin’s girlfriend. Justin encourages Ben not to bet on the big game; as payback to Dan, Justin plays to destroy the young man’s chances at a pro career.
Preston brings Noah when he goes to meet Emma. But Noah receives a text from Cindy telling him the date is off because Waldman hasn’t smiled at her all day (Noah chipped a tooth eating a candy apple). After Noah leaves to call Cindy with an explanation, Emma and Preston get to know each other. Emma tells Preston she met her last boyfriend on “Dove at First Sight.”
Mitch and Amanda watch and then follow Justin as he boards a metro bus. They see Justin address the package to Dan then follow him to the River Branch Terrace Branch Post Office and arrest him after he mails the package.
University Grind. Noah tells Preston and Veronica that after explaining the situation to Cindy, they had their first date in her dad’s office. Turns out Cindy’s dad is a dentist and he repaired Noah’s chipped tooth. When Veronica goes to get coffee, Emma enters. Preston tells her he had a good time on their date. Although she did as well, Emma decides against a second date. Preston thinks it’s because of the wheelchair and apologizes for not telling Emma about it sooner. But Emma explains the chair had nothing to do with it. She just doesn’t want to date someone who’s clearly hung up on his ex. Emma leaves and Veronica returns with the coffee. She tells Preston that she probably won’t see Brock again as he’s not the one for her.
Mitch tells Amanda that Justin was indicted and is looking at five years unless he cops a plea. And Ben will be consulting with Jamestown’s IT department; who better than a hacker to detect problems with a computer system.
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