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While CBS’ The Inspectors is on winter hiatus returning with new episodes airing sometime in January, I wanted to give my thoughts on how  Season 4 has stacked up so far as well as discuss some stories I’d like to see for the rest of the season.

CBS’ The Inspectors is the perfect addition to CBS Dream Team’s roster of Saturday morning educational and informative television programming. The show delivers powerful messages and information on postal crimes in an entertaining way. Although in its fourth season, The Inspectors is showing no signs of slowing down.  The episodes are fast paced and packs a lot in 21 minutes.
Jessica Lundy is United States Postal Inspector Amanda Wainwright. She investigates crimes involving the mail.  She is partnered with Mitch Ohlmeyer (Terry Serpico) who harbors a not so secret romantic interest in her even though she is his superior.  Amanda’s husband Henry (Carlos Bernard) was killed in a car accident that left their son Preston (Bret Green) paralyzed from the waist down. Dr. Georgia Darby (Charmin Lee) is a forensic scientist who works in the crime lab. Preston is an intern for the United States Postal Inspection Service attending Jamestown University hoping to pursue a legal career. His two best friends are Veronica (Erica-Marie Sanchez) and Noah (Harrison Knight). Preston and Veronica used to date but decided they were better off as friends.
Each episode contains two story components: The postal case and Jamestown University happenings. However, I’ve found the best episodes are when these two components merge, meaning college students Preston, Veronica and Noah get involved in the case and end of helping the postal investigators. A few of the cases in Season 4 found Noah’s participation. This was a welcome change as Noah is often sidelined as the wing man for Preston and Veronica. Even though Noah is fun loving and provides the lighter moments in the episode, I feel this is some times taken to the extreme making him reduced to comic relief. When Noah is serious and used more in the episode, Harrison Knight who plays him is allowed to shine. The same with Veronica. She’s cute, smart and funny but often comes off as quirky and unsure of herself. Veronica is an intelligent young woman pursuing a journalism career.  I think we should see more episodes where Ms. Ruiz is pursuing a story when she stumbles upon a serious postal crime. But instead of reporting it immediately to Mitch and Amanda, she tries to work the reporter’s angle and gets in danger. Erica-Marie Sanchez would kill in an episode like this, here’s hoping for an awesome story for the talented Sanchez. And can we get Dr. Georgia Darby to do more in episodes please? I know she’s there to provide scientific forensic information on the evidence gathered at the crime scene, but she only pops in briefly in the episode (and sometimes doesn’t appear at all). It was be interesting to see a case where she’s more actively involved. Additionally, there should be more two part episodes like Season 3’s finale “Family Reunion.” There were several recent episodes in which I felt there was more story to tell but felt rushed towards the end of the episode due to the half hour format.
At the end of Season 3, it looked as though Preston was regaining the use of his legs. But besides for a brief mention of his medical condition in the Season 4 premiere, nothing else has been said. I want to see this explored during the rest of Season 4.
My favorite episode of Season 4 was Episode 6 titled “What’s in a Name?” where a fake birthday certificate lead the postal inspectors to a girl who’d been kidnapped nineteen years prior.
In Season 4 we’ve already seen cases focusing on insurance fraud, stolen money orders, scam school teaching stealing credit card information, assault of a postal employee and holiday scams involving phony charities and these have only been the first seven episodes of the season. I’m eager to seeing how the rest of Season 4 progresses as more postal crimes are presented. Subject matter and character development is The Inspectors‘ strength.  I applaud them for being able to show so much in 21 minutes. Well done…and here’s to the rest of Season 4.
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