No Place Like Home Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

After battling demons and the creation of new Scales, Ella-Marie and Parker found themselves thrust outside of the mortal realm and in the magical world of Oz. Still in a bit of shock our three women in two bodies are trying to figure out just how they happened to be in the world written about by L. Frank Baum and just how they’ll deal with the witch ruling the place, Dorothy Gale. No Place Like Home adds another element to the world of Urban Fairytales created by Erik Schubach and if you enjoy Wicked or anything even remotely connected to the world of Oz you will feel right at home with this book.

The most startling thing that happens to Ella-Marie and Parker upon arriving in Oz is that suddenly Ella and Marie are in separate bodies. Fearing some sort of ambush Dorothy forces the two women apart and for the first time Parker is able to see the women she loves in their own forms. Dorothy though is a bit of a trickster and following a huge battle winds up putting all three women in Marie’s body to give them a bit of a taste of what it is like being all together. While I enjoyed just this element of the story, there is actually a massive demon uprising happening in Oz. Dorothy and her beloved Toto, who is only sometimes a massive demon killing dog, insist they have been trapped in this world for at least 200 years. They are shocked to learn that it has really only been 2 years in the mortal world since they were stuck in Oz. In this story we not only learn how Baum’s premonitions about a Dorothy Gale came to pass, but also see how Dorothy, Toto, Parker, and Ella-Marie face off against the current demon threat.

I really enjoyed this take on Dorothy and Toto and thought it was wonderful that Toto was actually Dorothy’s soulmate, much like the other Avatars all have their own soulmates within the series. These two women have been together for centuries and following Dorothy’s rise to power as the only major witch in Oz the two have had to find a way to be together and battle their own curses. This story, as many of those written by Schubach, is motivated by love and a desire to protect those you care for. My favorite element to see evolve in the series going forward though is definitely connected to some magic that has been altered in connection to Parker and Ella-Marie. You can find No Place Like Home on sale now.

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