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As part of CBS Dream Team, The Inspectors is back for an all new season of entertaining, educational and informative television.

Ibadan in Nigeria, Africa. A man named Nigel (Onye Eme-Akwari) tells a group of young college students to be proud of what they are accomplishing. “It’s not about building their schools. It’s about building ours,” he says. He encourages them to recruit smart students in need of cash who won’t mind doing the “extracurricular” activity. And while they are doing this at their schools, he’ll be going to Jamestown University doing the same.

At United States Postal Inspection Service, Amanda (Jessica Lundy) is telling Mitch (Terry Serpico) about a rave of “scam schools” popping up across several states. These are using students to help them commit credit card fraud.

At Jamestown University, Veronica (Erica Marie Sanchez) is nervous about a huge presentation should has to give where there will be over 300 people in attendance.  She’s used to rebroadcasting news on camera, but a live audience is something different. Noah (Harrison Knight) helps build her confidence by offering words of encouragement. He tells Veronica that she’s got this; reminding that she has a commanding presence and knows it. Listening to the exchange from across the hall, Nigel approaches Noah after Preston (Bret Green) and Veronica leave. He tells Waldman that he’d like to hire him. Nigel breaks Noah to his Lanier Heights location where Noah sees other college studies manning phones. Nigel assures Noah that he can make a lot of money working for Nigel’s startup. And to prove he has confidence in Noah’s ability, Nigel gives him an advance on his first pay.

Amanda conducts a meeting at the United States Postal Inspection Service and tells those in attendance (including Preston) that six people have come forward to report that credit cards have been opened in their names. Mitch explains that they’ve obtained the credit card application for one of the victims and whoever filled it out kept the name but changed the address. Amanda continues that the victim lives on East Manchester Street but the address on the application is for a private mailbox on the other side of town. And that mailbox is registered to a Dr. Tom Carson who lives in Minnesota. These credit card scammers’ reach is wide range and the postal inspectors are determined to shut them down.

At the Wainwright house, Noah, Preston and Veronica are watching a movie. Noah goes to the door and uses $50 to pay for the pizza he ordered and tells the delivery guy that he can keep the change. He tells his friends that he got a job.

The next day in Lanier Heights, Nigel tells Noah that his new job involves three things: script, phone and copying. Noah is to make cold calls to potential “customers” and complete paperwork. He is unaware that he is participating in the scam school. The following day, Nigel praises Noah’s work and tells him that he is giving him more responsibility. Noah is asked to go back up the company’s mail. Noah promises his new boss that he won’t let him down. At the postal office, Noah opens the mailbox and takes a look at the mail.  He’s confused that the envelopes are for different people and all contain credit cards.

Later, Mitch and Amanda review the security footage and is surprised to see Noah.

Noah comes to the Wainwright house and announces that he’s involved in a scam and that his sales job isn’t what he thought it was. Amanda tells him that she saw him on surveillance footage picking up mail for a scam school. Nigel explains that one minute he was helping Veronica think positive about her presentation and the next this guy named Nigel approached him asking whether he wanted to work for him. “He probably targeted you because you’re good talking to people,” Amanda tells Noah. “Curse this magnetic personality,” Noah says. Amanda reminds that this isn’t a joke; what Noah did was illegal. She tells him to come to the office in the morning to speak with she and Mitch about it further. Preston and Veronica worry Noah could be in trouble.

The next day, Noah tells Mitch and Amanda about Nigel’s operation and that he made copies of the paperwork he completed. Later, the postal inspectors get a warrant and bust into the Lanier Heights location and arrest Nigel.

As the episode ends, Noah thinks of all the money he could have made.

CBS The Inspectors episode “Scam School” focused on how an witting victims are scammed by people who steal their personal information to open up credit cards in their name.

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