Week In Review 10/15-10/19/18 on #GeneralHospital via @stacyamiller85 @GeneralHospital #GH #GH55

A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Ryan (Kevin Lindstrom) came downstairs to find Laura (Genie Francis) decorating the table for a romantic dinner. She asked how he was feeling. “Kevin” told her he finally conquered that bug he was fighting. Laura was relieved as she wanted them to celebrate their second honeymoon complete with a dance to the song that played at their wedding. When he seemed less than enthusiastic, Laura asked what he’d done with her husband because he wasn’t the man she married. Ryan thought Laura was onto him and fingered a knife. But once he realized his ruse was still safe, Ryan lied he had to leave because he had a patient he needed to check on. Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) arrived to have dinner with Laura and Ryan left. Laura gave Scarlett the doll she brought back from Paris but Scarlett said she was too old for dolls and preferred the other gift, a book. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) came to Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) and told her about Oscar (Garren Stitt) refusing cancer treatments. Sam thought Liz wanted her to not see Jason (Steve Burton) in order to make Drew (Billy Miller) feel better. On the pier, Drew asked Franco (Roger Hogwarth) what if should do if getting his memories of Drew Cain back meant sending Jason to prison. At the courthouse, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) saw her baby and commented how much bigger he was from the last time she saw him. She covered for Brad (Parry Shen) with Carly (Laura Wright), Michael (Chad Duell) and Chase (Josh Swickward) by lying she recognized Wiley from the photos Brad and Lucas posted after the adoption became official. Nelle asked to hold the baby but Chase wouldn’t allow it. After Brad left to pick up the passport application for Wiley, Nelle announced she’d changed her plea to nolo contendere or no contest, meaning she accepted the charges without admitting guilt. Jason showed Sonny (Maurice Benard) prove Vincent Marino was as dirty as Scully. Ryan visited Kevin in Ferncliff and taunted his twin about Laura’s return. Carly and Michael returned to Sonny’s and told he and Jason that Nelle changed her plea to no contest. Nelle was sentenced to maximum sentence. Before she was taken to Pentonville told Brad that she could get out early for good behavior. Realizing Sam and others who cared for Morgan could be hurt if he traded his memories for Jason’s freedom, Drew came to see his ex-wife.


Nina (Michelle Stafford) thanked Maxie (Kirsten Storms) for bringing her to the Port Charles Film Festival to get her mind off things. But Maxie’s mind was focused on Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Peter; she couldn’t believe they came together. Maxie told Nina that Lulu and Peter together was trouble. Ms. Jones that with Dante’s absence Lulu may be leaning on Peter too much. When Lulu and Peter came over and August asked to spend time with James, Maxie agreed. Laura (Genie Francis) was surprised when Spencer arrived at the door with flowers. She reminded her grandson that he can’t just pull out his credit card and buy a first class plane ticket to the United States. Spencer told Laura he had too return home because he was worried about his friend Josslyn (Eden McCoy) as her breakup with her boyfriend was all over social media. Monica (Leslie Charleson) was glad when Jason (Steve Burton) arrived at the Quartermaine mansion. They talked about Drew (Billy Miller) and what he was going through with Oscar (Garren Stitt) having cancer. Monica wanted Jason to spend time with Oscar if and when the teen didn’t survive his illness. Drew came to see Sam (Kelly Monaco) and told her he needed to talk with her. Sam promised to be there for whatever he needed. Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) was having a drink at The Metro Court when Ava (Maura West) appeared and joined him. She talked about her constant thoughts of revenge against her daughter and how it made her consider running away. Ryan encouraged her to explore her feeling and comment about how she was a remarkable woman and different than the others after she left. Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) decided to go back to her place and watch a musical. Then, they shared a waltz and later stared to get passionate. Ryan returned home and pretended to know Spencer, who apologized for taking his grandmother away from him by having Laura stay so long with him in France. Ryan refused Spencer’s apology saying that’s what families do for each other. He reminded the boy how lucky he was to have Laura for a grandmother. Learning from Ryan that he was with Ava at The Metro Court, Spencer came there and confronted Ava for betraying him and his father (Nikolas) in exchange to regain her looks. Spencer angrily told Ava that the woman in the hospital bed who vowed to honor his father’s memory by avenging his death was beautiful but the Ava before him didn’t even compare. Sam told Drew it was important to cherish his memories with Oscar then Sam went upstairs and brought a crying Scout down to spend time with her father. Pretending that he didn’t want to traumatize Spencer if the boy were to return and find them being intimate, “Kevin” asked Laura whether they could put off their reunion for a little while longer and promised to make it worth her while.


Sonny (Maurice Benard) welcomed Spencer (Nicholas B ) back home to Port Charles. Spencer said he’d returned to avenge a wrong, but he promised his uncle that he would set aside his plan to make Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) pay. Sonny talked with Spencer about Mike’s (Max Gail) Alzheimer’s and told the boy to let his grandmother talk about Spencer’s mother Courtney as it would help them both get to know each other. Nina (Michelle Stafford) waited for her daughter at The Metro Court and told Maxie (Kirsten Storms) she feared Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) stood her up and wouldn’t show up.  Maxie had to leave to meet with a new model. Sasha was ready to leave The Metro Court when she was cornered by Valentin, who she assumed worked for Nina. Maxie hid and overheard Valentin encourage Sasha to get to know Nina or she’d regret it for the rest of her life. Valentin told Sasha he was Nina’s ex-husband and was to blame for the end of their marriage but assured that having the love of Nina and losing it is something he regretted as she would to if she didn’t give Nina a chance. Laura (Genie Francis) came to Peter’s office and The Intruder and questioned Lulu (Emme Rylan) about the photo of she (Lulu) and Peter from the film festival on Page 5 of the paper. Peter (Wes Ramsey) came to Drew’s (Billy Miller) office and Cain hypothetically asked him whether his new memories wouldn’t exist if his old memories were replaced. Peter couldn’t say for certain but gave Drew the advice as someone who’s life was ruined by Faison not to look back. Taking Valentin’s suggestion, Sasha met with Nina in the dining room of The Metro Court. Nina shared information and showed her daughter photos of Nathan, Maxie, James and Kiki so Sasha would know about her other family. And Sasha told Nina it was Valentin who convinced her to see Nina again. It was Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) birthday but the teen was ignoring all the text messages from his family. He and Cameron (Will Lipton) talked about the next step of Nero’s plan to convince Josslyn (Eden McCoy) that Oscar had moved on with another girl.  Peter ran into Valentin in the lobby of The Metro Court and August accused Cassadine of resenting that everyone seemed to have forgiven Peter for his past crimes but not Valentin. Sonny came to see Drew at Aurora and Cain told him how Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) wanted to use him to nail he (Sonny) and Jason. Maxie and Lulu talked about the other’s relationship with Peter. Josslyn decided to pretend Cameron was her boyfriend to make Oscar jealous. Laura stopped Peter as he was leaving The Metro Court and told him she realized how difficult it must have been growing up with Faison as a father and called him a victim of not only his father but also Valentin. Sonny told Drew if Margaux Dawson wanted to come after him let her.


At General Hospital, Kim (Tamara Braun) was distracted and didn’t hear Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) asking her about the new ultrasound protocol. Bobbie thought Kim was thinking about Oscar (Garren Stitt) and Josslyn’s (Eden McCoy) breakup. Kim told Bobbie it was Oscar’s sixteenth birthday and she wanted it to be a day he’d never forget. They talked about kids growing up too fast. Bobbie told Kim about losing her (Bobbie’s) daughter B.J. Oscar listened as Cameron (Will Lipton) talked with Josslyn on the phone. She asked Cameron to come over so she could tell him in person about pretending to be her boyfriend. Oscar reminded Cameron to stick to the script by pretending Nero had a new girlfriend. Josslyn told her mother that Spencer is back in town and gave her a new viewpoint and outlook. Josslyn asked Carly (Laura Wright) whether they could go shopping. Carly was relieved that Josslyn was moving on from her broken heart. Franco (Roger Hogwarth) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) met with Aiden’s teacher Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen). Ms.Tait told them how withdrawn Aiden’s has become in school. At The Metro Court, Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) told Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan (Brian Henry) that due to a snafu with the new scheduling software, another wedding was booked in the ballroom so they’d need to either reschedule or have theirs at another location. At General Hospital, Oscar told Kim he wanted to spend what could be his last birthday on his own terms while Kim talked about the treatment shrinking the tumor to give researchers time to eradicate the tumor. After Carly left to meet Bobbie for lunch, Cameron reminded Josslyn there was no way Oscar would believe he (Cameron) was her new boyfriend. Oscar met with Alexis (Nancy Grahan) and he admitted her had cancer and how his parents wanted him to participate in a treatment that could kill him. Oscar said as it was his life on the line, his treatment was his decision. He wanted to become divorced or emancipated from his parents and told Alexis if she wouldn’t take his case. He’d go to Scott Baldwin. Watching, Carly was curious what Oscar’s conversation with Alexis was about. At Charlie’s Pub, Julian (William deVry) told Kim he knew Oscar was sick. Olivia suggested the Curtis and Jordan have their reception aboard The Haunted Star. Jordan loved the idea. Alexis urged Oscar to think about having a case against his parents because once he set something like that in motion there was no way to predict the outcome. Oscar reasoned how guilty his parents would feel if instead of prolonging his life the treatment lessen it. Then, he asked how Alexis would feel if she knew she was doing something that would hurt her kids. But Ms. Davis agreed to think about taking his case. Josslyn took a photo of she and Cameron to put on Instagram to show they were now a couple. Bobbie stopped Carly from going over to Alexis and Oscar’s table.


Sonny (Maurice Benard) updated Jason (Steve Burton) on his visit with Drew (Billy Miller) and told Morgan that he doesn’t know what Drew is planning to do but has the power to take him (Sonny) away from the people he loves. Meanwhile, Drew met with Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) at The Metro Court and told her he could call the police on her for withholding the flash drive and trying to use it to blackmail him.  Margaux reminded that he couldn’t prove she had the flash drive as she didn’t believe he was wearing a wire during their conversation. Margaux told Drew her father was a good man whose family was the most important people in his life and Sonny took that away when he killed her father. Jason told Sonny they’d have to prove to Margaux that her father’s choices were what got him killed. Curtis (Donnell Turner) told T.J. about he (Curtis) and Jordan having the reception on The Haunting Star. Curtis said he wasn’t going to put his life on hold until Aunt Stella (Vernee Watson) came around. T.J. asked his uncle whether he could live with the fact that Stella may never come around. Stella saw Michael (Chad Duell) looking at the babies in the nursery. Stella told Michael she didn’t care how he grieved as long as he did. Peter (Wes Ramsey) ran into James and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) at The Metro Court. When Peter held James, he commented how this is the closest he came to having a family. Maxie panicked when she saw a mark on her son. Sam (Kelly Monaco) arrived at Sonny’s and told he and Jason about the research she did at the library on Vincent Marino. Michael told Stella that he tries to find some joy when he comes to see the babies in the nursery. Maxie rushed into the hospital with Peter and told Michael that she thinks James got an allergic reaction to just starting solid food. The frantic mom learned that it wasn’t a rash but a mark indicating her baby was outgrowing his pants. Sam told Jason that Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) keeps pushing for them (she and Jason) to get back together. She wanted Spinelli to know they (she and Jason) weren’t ready to be together yet. T.J. comes to General Hospital and asked his Aunt Stella to try to put her resentment against his mother (Jordan) behind her. Jordan told Curtis that she wanted Stella to find or re-find love. Since he told her he didn’t want to risk losing his current memories of the people he loves now for his past, Margaux told Drew she’d hold onto the flash drive for the day he decided he wanted. In The Metro Court elevator, Margaux cried and told her father that she was sorry. Sam showed Sonny a photo of Margaux’s mother. Sonny recognized her and told Sam and Jason that the woman was having an affair with Scully which would be a motive for murder.

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