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A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Along with Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Liesl (Kathleen Gati), Maxie (Kristen Storms) brought Baby James home. When Maxie left the room, Nina urged her aunt to return to the cabin to check on Peter (Wes Ramsey). After Liesl was gone, Nina questioned Maxie about how she felt about Peter. Although at first she wished he were dead, Maxie told Nina she wouldn’t want Peter to die. Maxie believed that Peter wanted to reinvent himself and she knows Nathan would have wanted that for him. Meanwhile at the cabin, Wyatt (Patrick J. Gibbons) attempted to untie Peter.  But when they heard Liesl singing, Wyatt grabbed his bugle and hid under the bed. Although he couldn’t see her, Wyatt listened as Liesl threatened to kill Peter. When Liesl went for a walk, Peter again asked the boy to get help; telling him to take the notebook Liesl was using to take notes on The Severed Branch for proof. Chase (Josh Swickward) met Finn (Michael Easton) at The Metro Court. Chase was surprise when Finn gave him two tickets to a double header plus a night in a hotel for his birthday, but it was the weekend Chase’s parents would be in town. Seeing Chase sitting across the room, Michael (Chad Duell) told Nelle (Chloe Lanier) he wanted them to get married right away because of the police detective. Liesl found Wyatt’s bugle under the bed, but Nina lied it was hers. At General Hospital, Wyatt told Franco about the man in the cabin and how he was tied to a bed and in danger from a woman who talked funny that wanted to kill him. Kiki (Hayley Erin) told her mother and Griffin (Matt Cohen) that Dr. Harper pulled out of the shadow program; she knew that Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva) was trying to sabotage her and wondered if she should drop her lawsuit. But Ava (Maura West) encouraged her daughter against it. Sonny (Maurice Benard) offered to buy Charlie’s Pub from Julian (William DeVry) but Jerome turned him down. Jason (Steve Burton) assured Sonny his contact in the permit office would alert them if Julian tried to get a building permit and would delay it. Julian found an old photo of Mike Corbin and original pub owner Charlie Delaney. Nelle told Michael that Olivia agreed to close the hotel restaurant tomorrow for their wedding, then taunted Chase after Michael left. While Liesl went to the hospital to procure more antibiotics, Peter questioned Nina about why she covered for him and again begged her to let him go before Liesl killed him. He promised if she let him go, Peter wouldn’t implicate Nina in his kidnapping. When Wyatt saw Liesl talking with Finn, he told Franco she was the villain who tied up the man. Liesl rushed out of the hospital. After Finn saw the notebook, he asked Wyatt to show he and Franco the cabin.


Michael (Chad Duell) came to see Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Jason (Steve Burton) and told them that he and Nelle were getting married tomorrow. Worried about what Nelle (Chloe Lanier) could do to him, Jason couldn’t get behind Michael’s plan to trick Nelle by rushing into marrying her. But Sonny assured Jason that Michael knew would he was doing and told him (Jason) the story of how Michael ended up with temporary custody of Avery. Sam (Kelly Monaco) met with Curtis (Donnell Turner) at The Metro Court and they discussed the security footage for the night Peter (Wes Ramsey) escaped. Sam pointed out a unisex shoe and realized the person pushing the laundry cart was a woman. Franco (Roger Hogwarth) and Finn (Michael Easton) took off for the cabin to see whether Liesl (Kathleen Gati) was holding Peter captive as Wyatt (Patrick J. Gibbons) claimed. Peter urged Nina (Michelle Stafford) to let him go, promising that he wouldn’t implicate her in his kidnapping if he were caught. She untied him. Chase (Josh Swickward) tried to convince Nelle that one day Michael would begin listening to his family and she’d be stripped of everything including her baby. He suggested an alternative of being with him instead. Chase told Nelle he loved her and always would. In her therapy session with Kevin (Jon Lindstrom), Carly (Laura Wright) talked about how her grief over Morgan’s death and her attempts to protect her family left her open to Nelle, someone she could have fought in her sleep. Carly called Morgan’s death the first true defeat of her life. Finn and Franco arrived at the cabin where Finn accused Liesl of holding Peter.  But when they went inside, there was no sign of August. Franco spotted Wyatt’s bugle but hid it before Finn saw it. Liesl lied that the restrains on the bed was what she used for kinky and adventurous sex to help her deal with her grief over Nathan’s death. After Finn and Franco left, Liesl called out for Nina, who told her that she had moved Peter to the cabin’s root cellar. Michael told Jason about working with the PCPD and the rest of the plan. Jason reminded Michael that as the heart of their family, his parents couldn’t lose him if something went wrong. Sonny came to Ferncliff and told Carly about Nelle and Michael getting married tomorrow. To cut their losses before they were caught, Liesl attempted to smother Peter with a pillow.  But Nina stopped her aunt and told her she would now listen to her; Nina knew where to move Peter. Franco urged Finn to call Anna (Finola Hughes) before alerting the police about his suspicions about Liesl. Michael presented Nelle with a prenuptial agreement to sign before their wedding. Jason shared with Sam his worry about Michael, and Sam told Jason her divorce from Drew was final.


At the Crimson office where Maxie was working on the layout for the Instagram shoot, Maxie (Kristen Storms) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) released pent-up emotions over Lulu’s article and how it eventually contributed to Nathan’s death. After throwing around clothes samples and other props, they came to term with their feelings with a hug. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) told Michael (Chad Duell) that she spoke with a lawyer about signing the prenup. Michael assured that it was a standard agreement that everyone marrying into the Quartermaine family had to sign. Nelle reluctantly signed the prenuptial agreement but her doubts over the success of her upcoming marriage continued to grow when Ned (Wally Kurth) told her that it was Olivia and not him who insisted on their prenup. Peter screamed for help when Liesl (Kathleen Gati) told him she had relocated him to the stables on Spoon Island as they were no longer in a remote wood area. Liesl assured no one would find him as Nina (Michelle Stafford) had arranged for the equestrian staff to be off for a few days. But Liesl realized her notebook was missing. Peter taunted her that the book would be found, turned over to the police and she’d be arrested.  So, it was time to chose between her revenge and her freedom. At The Metro Court, Drew (Billy Miller) questioned Nina about the unsold ad space for the August issue of Crimson. Overhearing, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) purchased the outstanding ad space with a ad professing his love for her and asking her forgiveness. After Michael texted Chase (Josh Swickward) to let him know Nelle had taken the bait, he called Nelle and told her he needed to see her.  On the docks, Chase pretended not knowing about the prenup until Nelle told him then urged her to run away with him and he’d take care of she and the baby. After treating Wyatt (Patrick J. Gibbons) for a poison oak rash, Finn showed the boy a photo of Peter and asked whether he was the man in the woods. Unfortunately, Dr. Finn had left the room and didn’t hear Wyatt’s answer that the photo could be the man, except unlike in the photo he had a beard. Nina panicked he would find Peter when Valentin said he had to go to the stables at Wyndemere as there was a problem with the stable master. As Peter talked about how his character in The Severed Branch never appreciated the small moments in life until he was about to lose them, Liesl had a strange reaction as his transcribed.


Nina (Michelle Stafford) managed to stop Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) from taking the launch back to Wyndemere by telling him there was a possible West Nile outbreak on Spoon Island. She had paid an actor to pose as a representative of the Department of Conservation Preservation to say Spoon Island was under quarantine until further notice. Valentin thought it interesting that even though they were divorcing, Nina was worried about him contacting a disease. Valentin later made an appointment with infectious disease specialist Dr. Finn. Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) met with Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) to share with her their theory on who took Peter (Wes Ramsey). Knowing their culprit is female, Sam and Curtis made a list which included Maxie (Kristen Storms) and Nina. Crossing both off, they determined that Nathan’s mother Liesl was the most logical culprit. Peter hoped that Nina had alerted someone to his whereabouts. But his hopes were dashed when Liesl told him Nina managed to diverted anyone from the island. After questioning Nina to see what she knew about her aunt, Curtis told Sam he got the impression that Nina was hiding something. Later, Sam learned from Valentin about the West Nile virus quarantine on Spoon Island and was curious. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) overheard Michael (Chad Duell) meet with Alexis (Nancy Grahan) about drafting his will. Jordan asked T.J. to give her away at her wedding. Mike (Max Gail) managed to convince Stella (Vernee Watson) to allow Curtis and Jordan their happiness even if she doesn’t approve of the marriage. Peter suggested to Liesl that the sequel to The Severed Branch be about her and not him. Michael eavesdropped as Nelle called a lawyer to asked what happens if a married person dies without a will.


Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Michael (Chad Duell) are pronounced husband and wife. Ned told Michael he could kiss the bride. Nelle and Michael kissed. Then, she pulled out a knife and stabbed him in the stomach! “That’s what I call the kiss of death,” Nelle said as she walked out. But it was all a dream…actually Carly’s (Laura Wright) nightmare. Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) filled in for Carly as the mother of the bride. As Nelle congratulated herself for pulling it off and thought about signing the prenup, Ava (Maura West) entered. Nelle assured that she (Nelle) and Michael would be married until death did them part. Ava and Nelle reminded each other of where they stood. Josslyn (Eden McCoy) entered and gave Nelle a blue hair clip that Bobbie had given her representing the something old, borrowed and blue. Oscar (Garren Stitt) took photos of the wedding guests and told Sam (Kelly Monaco) that he was interning at Aurora for the summer with Drew (Billy Miller). Lucas (Ryan Carnes) didn’t want to go to the wedding, but Brad (Parry Shen) reminded that Nelle was his friend. Lucas wasn’t the only one as Lulu (Emme Rylan) lamented that most of the wedding guests were admitting duress. Ava met Oscar and caught a whiff of his cologne and realized it was Morgan’s scent. Carly used the burner phone and called Michael to urge her son not to marry Nelle as did Jason. Bobbie made a protesting fashion statement by wearing a black dress to the wedding. Chase came to see Nelle to talk her out of marrying Michael. He kissed her and it was witnessed by Josslyn.  But Nelle pretended to be offended and pushed him away. Jason asked Drew to keep an eye on Michael. Mary Pat (Patricia Behune) called Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) and told him Caroline needed a sedative. When Kevin arrived at Ferncliff, Carly told him she couldn’t lose Michael like she loss Morgan. Later, Mary Pat attempted to give her a sedative, Carly assured it was happening. Later, the bride, groom and wedding guests were shocked when Carly arrived at the wedding and announced the marriage wouldn’t take place.

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