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“Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive” – Walter Scott

No truer words were ever spoken if we are talking about Peter August (Wes Ramsey) a.k.a. Henrik Faison.  A thirst for revenge against his monster of a father Cesar Faison (Andre Hove) made Henrik spin a web of deceit in which trapped innocent and unsuspecting victims, resulting in the murder of his half brother Nathan West (Ryan Paevey) by their father.

Let’s start at the beginning.  Anna Devane (Finola Hughes) was a young WSB agent at the height of her career attempting to bring down DVX operative Cesar Faison.  She felt she could pull this off as Faison was obsessed with her. However, Anna didn’t count on becoming pregnant with Faison’s child. Worried for the safety of the baby if Faison were to discover of its existence, Anna put the child up for adoption (an illegal adoption) with the hope that the baby (she had no idea whether it was a boy or girl as she didn’t want to see the child upon its birth for fear of bonding with it) would be raised by a loving couple.  But Valentin Cassadine (James Patrick Stuart) had followed her to where she’d given birth, tracked down the adoptive couple and threaten them to hand over the baby. As Valentin told Anna, he believed that she was a selfish woman throwing her baby away in order to advance her career and reasoned that if the mother didn’t want the child, the father certainly would. Valentin was wrong. And poor Henrik paid the price. The boy was shuffled off to a boarding school in Bern, Switzerland. But when Henrik came home, he sought his father’s love and approval only to be mocked when Faison refused to come to his son’s school play. Realizing the mistake he’d made by giving Henrik to his father, Valentin (who was working for Faison and in Switzerland at the time) attended the play which began a lifelong mentor/friendship relationship between the two.

Fast forward years later. Adult Henrik is working for his father and told to have Dr. Andre Maddox (Anthony Montgomery) transfer mob hit man Jason Morgan’s (Steve Burton) memories inside the mind of his twin brother Andrew Cain (Billy Miller). Jason was critically wounded after being shot by Faison in October 2012. Cesar’s goal was to turn Drew into his own super killer and then eliminate Jason. Faison ordered his son to kill Jason.  But in an interesting twist, Henrik didn’t obey the order, choosing to keep Jason hidden away for five years. Then it was time for a little mocking of his own, Henrik penned a sequel to Cesar Faison’s book called The Severed Branch using PK Sinclair as his nom de plume (This was also Cesar’s author alias). Once he learned that his son had defied his orders by keeping Jason Morgan alive AND that Henrik had written the book, Cesar Faison was out for blood…Henrik’s!

Henrik had ensconced himself in Port Charles as Peter August (thanks to Valentin helping him establish a new identity in order to escape his father). He became COO of Aurora Media working for Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Drew. But as the truth of Peter’s real identity was closer to coming to the surface, Valentin urged him to leave Port Charles. It’s obvious that Valentin cares deeply for Peter and was still trying to protect him. Yes, Valentin felt guilty from taking Peter from the life he was destined to have, but along the way that guilt changed into genuine affection. Valentin knew what it was like being part of a family that looked at you with disdain, he wanted Peter to know that he was deserving and worthy of love.

When the discovery that Faison had another son besides Detective Nathan West came to light, the search for Faison Jr. began. Peter encouraged Lulu Falconeri (Emme Rylan) to write an article to lure Faison out in the open; it was a clever move on Peter’s part as it allowed him to keep abreast of any information as Lulu got it. And in a decision that would prove fatal, Nathan allowed himself to be interviewed by Lulu and admitted to being Cesar Faison’s son.

Cesar Faison arrived in Port Charles on a mission to kill son number one (Henrik). He goes to Aurora Media one night to shoot his traitorous offspring. Poor Maxie (Kristen Storms) showed up. Before dragging Nathan’s pregnant wife off, Faison shot Peter!  But as he was wearing a bullet proof vest at the time, the shot didn’t prove to be fatal.  Nathan wasn’t so lucky.  He later died from the gunshot wound administered by Faison.

Henrik took great pleasure in taunting his father while Faison lay dying in his hospital bed. How did it feel killing the son he loved and having the son he despised be alive to spend his money?

Victory was bittersweet for Henrik though. Feeling guilt and remorse over his brother’s death, Henrik befriended Nathan’s widow. Maxie began leaning on Peter August more and more as she dealt with grief over the loss of her husband.

Peter even helped to deliver her baby on the side of a road when Maxie goes into early labor.

Meanwhile, Sam discovered Cesar Faison’s lighter on Peter’s desk and made the connection that he was Henrik. She alerted Jason and with the help of Spinelli (Bradford Anderson), they were able to hack Peter’s emails to find the location of Anna’s meeting with Henrik.

Anna was determined to find Henrik before Jason.  After all, she knew that if Morgan found her son before she did, Henrik was a dead man. On the pretense of working together, Anna and Jason came up with a plan to lure Henrik out into the open by having Anna email him “pretending” to be his mother (Jason had no idea that Anna really was Henrik’s mother). But Henrik realized what Agent Devane was doing. He agreed to meet his mother on Pier 55. Anna was shocked to learn Peter August was Henrik. Before she could offer him an explanation, Henrik pulled his gun out on her. ” You can say hello to my father for me,” Henrik sneered. “You can tell him yourself Henrik,” said Jason coming up from behind and pointing his own gun at Henrik’s head. In order to keep Jason from killing her child, Anna took out her gun and trained it at Jason. Then to his and Peter’s shock, revealed that she was Henrik’s mother. Hurt and bitter over being abandoned, Henrik angrily tells Anna “You’re not my mother, you’re just the bitch who gave birth to me.” It’s an intense standoff with the arriving Finn (Michael Eastman) and Sam  showing up and trying to talk Anna and Jason into lowering their weapons. Once Robert (Tristan Rogers) and the PCPD appeared, Henrik was arrested.

As word of the Peter/Henrik saga spread, Nina and Maxie felt the most betrayed. Valentin tried to make his wife see his side, while Peter told Maxie he never had an agenda with her. A furious Maxie later reconciled with Lulu and asked for her help in bringing Henrik down.
Although Anna refused to testify against her son at Henrik’s arraignment, telling Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) and Robert “I condemned him once, I won’t do it again,” the WSB had their own charges. But Henrik was not going to prison without a fight. He hinted that he has information the WSB would want in exchange for his freedom.
But the question still remains: Is Henrik a villain or a victim? He’s committed numerous crimes. His actions were indirectly responsible for Nathan’s death. He kept Jason imprisoned for five years. Would he had turned out differently if that couple had raised him? Did Valentin’s interference put him on a course of destruction? Henrik’s story is a classic example of a Shakespeare tragedy full of what ifs. Being in a home full of love and encouragement would have helped Henrik and shaped him into a better version of himself. I think changing his name to Peter August wasn’t just to escape his father’s reach.  He wanted to reinvent himself as a new person; it was the first step to becoming his own man and taking responsibility for his own actions. I like that Anna has decided to call her son Peter and not Henrik as Henrik is the name that Faison gave him and Peter is the name he chose for himself. That tells me that she believes Peter’s identity isn’t that he’s Faison’s son but he’s who he chooses to be.
As played by Wes Ramsey, there’s no black and white answer for Henrik’s guilt or innocence, victim or villainy, only shades of gray. The character is constantly evolving, which makes Peter August a.k.a Henrik Faison a fascinating study of nature vs. nurture. Is Henrik evil because he shares Cesar Faison’s genes? Would a loving home had made him a better man?
I’ve been a fan of Wes Ramsey’s since he played the adult version of Wyatt, son of Holly Marie Combs’ Piper on The CW’s Charmed. In a eerie case of similarity to General Hospital, Adult Wyatt in the future is shown as evil when he was taken away from his family as a baby. But eventually, the good Wyatt emerges. Will the same happen for Henrik? It will interesting to see Henrik’s story continue to unfold.

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