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A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) was surprised when Carly (Laura Wright) appeared behind him in the General Hospital parking garage. In Turkey, Sonny (Maurice Benard) intruded upon a private poker game and asked to join. Curtis (Donnell Turner) attempted to play the urgent voicemail on the burner phone but couldn’t correctly enter the password. When Chase (Josh Swickward) appeared, Ashford asked about the urgent message and help with the password. Chase made a call and was able to crack the password code and play Franco’s (Roger Howarth) voicemail. Anna (Finola Hughes) left a voicemail message for Andre as she wanted Dr. Maddow to tell her whether her memories were her own or her twin’s. Ava (Maura West) came to Charlie’s Pub and talked with Julian. Carly told Ryan she noticed the suitcase in his car truck and knew he was marrying Ava. Since his personal life was none of her business, Carly said she had a question about Wilson Ritter: As Todd Wilson was the alias Ryan Chamberlain used, could there be a connection with Wilson Ritter? Ryan managed to convince Carly that when she thought she saw “Kevin” as the face of the patient in the room next to hers, she was projecting. But Carly refusal to give up investigating put her in danger. Kevin (also Lindstrom) and Laura (Genie Francis) worked on a way to escape the Ferncliff basement. They got an idea when they saw scratched in a brick ‘Danzinger’ the name of a brilliant scientist but psychotic patient who escaped from Ferncliff. Seeing the letters ‘Cu’ also etched. Kevin realizes the ‘Cu’ stands for copper. It lead them to a copper pipe which Kevin turned revealing a tunnel. Sonny faced a gun standoff in Turkey. Robert (Tristan Rogers) arrived. Neither Corinthos nor Scorpio were injured. Lucy (Lynn Herring) told Mac (Tristan Rogers) how she’d hoped that she and Kevin would be reunited someday and can’t believe he chose Ava Jerome. “Kevin” said something to Felicia (Kristina Wagner) that reminded her of Ryan. Ava arrived at the General Hospital parking lot to go away with “Kevin” to begin their new life together. When Ryan opened the truck to put her bags in, we saw an unconscious Carly bound and gagged.


Sam (Kelly Monaco) asked Jason (Steve Burton) to help her cleanup the kids toys. They talked about Kristina getting in deeper at Dawn of Day. Jason had to leave to meet Carly (Laura Wright). Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) brought a homeless girl to the Dawn of Day house. Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLauhlin) praised Kristina’s outreaching efforts. Then, he took away seminar assistance duties from Daisy (Kelsey Wang) and gave them to Kristina. Daisy was visibly upset. Cameron (Will Lipton), Trina, Oscar (Garren Stitt) and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) were stranded in Niagara Falls. Cameron’s just glad he gets a few hours away from the Franco (Roger Howarth) drama. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) sat by Franco’s bed until Epiphany (Sonya Eddy) told her she (Liz) had to leave so Nurse Johnson could change Franco’s dressings. Drew appeared and Elizabeth told him what happened. When Chase (Josh Swickward) arrived, the detective announced Franco called Jordan (Briana Henry) on a burner phone and said the killer was Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom). Kevin (also Lindstrom) encouraged Laura (Genie Francis) to escape through the tunnel alone as with his blindness he’d slow her down. Reluctant at first, Laura later told her husband she’d bring back help. Trina decided to share a room with Cameron to give Oscar and Josslyn some time alone. But once they got in the room, Trina admitted she didn’t have any romantic interest in Cameron; she just wanted to give Joss and Oscar alone time together. Oscar and Josslyn decided they will wake up together. Franco regained consciousness. Franco remembered he heard that Jordan (Briana Henry) had been injured in a car accident. Baldwin also insisted that he didn’t have a knife. He told Chase and Elizabeth that Ryan Chamberlain stabbed him and said he (Franco) never killed anyone. Daisy came to Sam’s penthouse and asked for Ms. McCall’s forgiveness for what happened with the emails in order for she (Daisy) to get back into Dawn of Day’s good graces. Sam noticed as strange tattoo on Daisy’s back and later sketched it on a notepad. We saw Shiloh pull out a tablet with the logo of Daisy’s tattoo on the screen. Laura managed to escape from Ferncliff and was picked up on the highway by a cop that wanted her to get checked out at the hospital. Laura told Chase that Ryan Chamberlain was alive and locked she and Kevin in the basement of Ferncliff. Elizabeth told Franco she never believed him guilty. As he now had proof of Franco’s innocence, an APB was issued for Ryan. Laura told Chase they had to get to Ferncliff to help Kevin. Meanwhile thinking about all the trouble caused by keeping the truth about Ryan being alive a secret, Kevin apologized to Laura although she wasn’t there to hear his apology. Jason walked in the General Hospital parking garage. He called Carly and found her cell phone ringing but on the ground. Jason picked up the cellphone and immediately began worrying about what happened to his friend.


At General Hospital, Dr. Finn (Michael Easton) assured Laura (Genie Francis) that Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) was found in the basement at Ferncliff and once they’ve isolated the virus causing his (Kevin) blindness, they should be able to restore Kevin’s sight. Chase (Josh Swickward) told Laura about Jordan’s (Briana Henry)  car accident. Jordan regained consciousness and wanted to tell Curtis (Donnell Turner) about the plan with Franco (Roger Howarth), but her husband told her he already knew about Ryan Chamberlain. Meanwhile, Ava (Maura West) and Ryan (also Lindstrom) arrived at a motel on their way to Niagara Falls. Ryan told her they’d spend the night there and tomorrow would be married in a romantic little chapel and then have a luxury honeymoon. Ryan told Ava to check out the room while he got the luggage from the trunk. After Ava left, Ryan said to Carly (Laura Wright) now she had room to stretch out. Jason rushed back inside General Hospital and asked whether his friend Carly was admitted. Curtis updated Jordan on what happened to Franco and how Ryan Chamberlain has been impersonating his brother for months. Jordan blamed herself for not realizing something was off with Kevin. Meanwhile, Kevin was wheeled into General Hospital. Jason learned that Ryan Chamberlain was impersonating his brother and then he and Kevin talked the patient in the room next to Carly’s at Ferncliff was Ryan. Morgan told Dr. Collins that Carly was missing. Jordan offered Laura her resignation for being duped by Ryan, but Laura didn’t accept it as everyone (herself included) had been deceived by Chamberlain’s charade. Finn told Curtis that Jordan needed dialysis. Jason overheard Laura talking about Ryan going to elope with Ava and went to see what information he could get from Julian. But it was Kim (Tamara Braun) who told Jason that Ava and “Kevin” went to Niagara Falls to elope. Laura asked to come with Jason as he left Charlie’s Pub on his way to Canada to save Carly from Ryan’s clutches. Oscar (Garren Stitt) collapsed from a seizure and Cameron (Will Lipton) called 911. Oscar was taken to the hospital. Ava surprised Ryan by waiting in bed for him, saying she wanted to start their honeymoon early. After they made love and she went to take a shower, Ryan looked at all his passports and cash and promised Ava he’d make it up to her for the child she loss (Kiki) and the child she was leaving behind (Avery). Curtis told Jordan how both her kidneys had been compromised in the accident with one removed and the other so damaged she’d need a kidney transplant. But until a donor kidney was located, Jordan would have to undergo dialysis. While Ryan was taking a shower, Ava looked around for her shoes. Thinking “Kevin” left one of her bags in the car, she took the car keys from his pocket and went to retrieve her bag. Not seeing it in the back seat, Ms. Jerome decided to open the trunk.


In Turkey, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Robert (Tristan Rogers) awaited Scorpio’s contact, who turned out to be a fortune teller. The woman read Corinthos’ palm and told Sonny his adult son was in danger. Jason drove to Niagara Falls. Laura (Genie Francis) received a call from Chase (Josh Swickward) telling her Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) was taken into surgery. Laura told Detective Chase that Ryan Chamberlain (Jon Lindstrom) was on his way to Niagara Falls with Ava Jerome (Maura West). Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) tried to contact Cameron (Will Lipton) to tell him the truth about Franco (Roger Howarth). When Kim (Tamara Braun) arrived, Dr. Nero told Liz and Drew (Billy Miller) that Oscar (Garren Stitt) suffered a seizure and was taken to a hospital in Niagara Falls. Meanwhile, Cameron ran into Ryan who he thought was Dr. Collins. When Ryan realized the teen wasn’t there with his mother, the serial killer let Cameron go back to his friends. Before Ava had the chance to look inside the opened car trunk, Josslyn (Eden McCoy) appeared. Ms. Jerome learned Joss wasn’t there with her mother and that the girl’s boyfriend was taken to the hospital. After Josslyn left, Ava was shocked when she saw Carly bound and gagged in the trunk. Ryan appeared and told Ava to go back to the room and he’d take care of Carly. When she was in the hotel room, Ava reasoned Kevin had a breakdown and started to call 911 but changed her mind deciding to help the man she loved. Elizabeth finally reached her son and told Cameron that Franco was acquitted because Ryan Chamberlain was the real killer. Cameron told his mother he ran into Ryan at a hotel there in Niagara Falls. Elizabeth told her son to make sure he, Josslyn, Oscar and Trina stayed at the populated Niagara Falls Medical Center. After Cameron hung up with his mother, Trina called General Hospital and confirmed the real Dr. Collins was having surgery. She told Cameron at least his new stepfather wasn’t a serial killer and reminded that whatever they (she and Cameron) were both going through it failed in comparison to Oscar facing death. Liz called Laura and gave her the name and address of the hotel where Ryan took Ava. Jason called Spinelli requesting he hack into the hotel’s computer system to get Ryan’s room number. Chase told Lulu (Emme Rylan) about Ryan pretending to be his brother and how he kept Kevin locked up in Ferncliff for months. Lulu felt duped. Kim and Drew arrived at the hospital in Niagara and got to spend time with their son as it looked painfully obvious the end was near. Ryan told Ava he dropped Carly off somewhere mile away and would do anything to have Ava in his life forever as he’d waited his entire life for a woman like her. We saw Carly unconscious on the ground. Jason later burst into Ryan’s hotel room with his gun drawn, he found Ava and Ryan gone.


Sonny (Maurice Benard) had his gun ready as he entered a room looking for Dante. He blamed Robert (Tristan Rogers) and the WSB for his son being in the situation he’s in. Julian (William deVry) came to see Alexis (Nancy Grahan) and told her about Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) deteriorating condition. He added Kim (Tamara Braun) had Drew (Billy Miller), stating Kim and Drew were the end game like they were. Their encounter lead to passion. But unfortunately it was all a dream which made Alexis want to take a drink. Sam (Kelly Monaco) came to Charlie’s Pub to take Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) for a girls night out. Sam told Kristina about her (Sam) visit from Daisy (Kelsey Wang). Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Michael (Chad Duell) talked about running an article in Crimson to help Jordan (Briana Henry) get a kidney donor. Nina told Michael she had someone she wanted him to meet. At Charlie’s Pub, Maxie (Kirsten Storms) talked about the dangers of secrets especially when they come out. She told Peter (Wes Ramsey) how Georgie came to be born. Jason later burst into Ryan’s hotel room with his gun drawn, he found Ava and Ryan gone. Meanwhile, Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) wanted to cross the bridge near the hotel that would take them to Canada. But Ava (Maura West) worried about Carly’s (Laura Wright) condition. Carly regained consciousness and tried to make some sense of where she was. Jason realized about the bridge near the hotel and he and Laura (Genie Francis) rushed there. Nina introduced Sasha to Michael. Maxie pulled out a strand of Sasha’s hair to use for another DNA test. Both Sasha and Valentin realized what Ms. Jones was doing and it made them nervous. Sonny and Robert came to the revelation that Dante was a hostage. Determine that she wouldn’t die and leave Avery to be raised by Ava, Carly attempted to climb up and back to the highway. As Ava and Ryan made their way across the bridge, Jason shot Ryan in the shoulder without warning. Ava said “Kevin” was sick and needed help, but Laura shouted “That’s not Kevin, it’s Ryan Chamberlain!” Ryan insisted they were lying but reminded Jason that if he killed him, Morgan would never find out where Carly was. But Ryan was trapped and he knew it. He told Ava that they’d never get to be together like he planned, but they’d get their happy ending. And with a kiss, Ryan pulled Ava long and they both fell off the bridge!


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