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A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Laura (Genie Francis) was startled by ‘Kevin” (Jon Lindstrom). Ryan (also Lindstrom) told Laura he was following her. He explained that with as there was a serial killer on the loose he wanted to make sure she was okay. Laura thanked him and they again talked of her advocating for mental health patients. Josslyn (Eden McCoy) brought Oscar (Garren Stitt) something to eat. Oscar was happy that the clinical trial was over. Terry (Cassandra James) and Kim (Tamara Braun) discussed the Oscar’s treatment and the clinical trial. Drew (Billy Miller) confronted Julian (William deVry) about his (Julian) breakup with Kim. Oscar confronted Drew about kissing Kim on New Year’s Eve. Alexis (Nancy Grahan) came to Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) looking for Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth). Sam told her mother about Kristina moving into the house where Oscar stayed. After Alexis left, Sam and Jason discussed Shiloh while Morgan read passages from Shiloh’s book. Jason was suspicious why Shiloh changed his name and in learning about who he was before he became Shiloh. Sam discovered that Hank was Henry Archer, the son of her old mark. Oscar showed Josslyn his entry for June 21 the longest day of the year; he wanted to drive up to the mountains and spend the day. Josslyn and Kim met Shiloh. Terry told Kim that Oscar’s test results were in so it was time to call Drew. Dr. Randolph showed Oscar tumor scans to Kim and delivered the sad news that the treatment failed and Oscar’s tumor was the same size as when the clinical trial started. Oscar was dying. Scott (Kin Shriner) interrupted Ryan and Laura. He encouraged Laura to take one of the self defense classes offered by the PCPD and told them about the murder of Peyton Mills. He also told them Gail (Susan Brown) passed away. Sam made a flowchart with Hank/Shiloh and his connection to her, Drew, Oscar and Kristina. Julian admitted to Alexis that he lied when he told Kim and Drew he slept with someone else after he saw them (Kim and Drew) kissing on New Year’s Eve. Alexis hoped Julian hadn’t insinuated the person he slept with was her. Kim and Drew entered Oscar’s hospital room. Kim asked Josslyn to leave; Oscar wanted her to stay. They broke the sad news about Oscar’s test results.

At the courthouse for Cameron’s (Will Lipton) hearing, Franco (Roger Hogwarth) told Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) that Oscar’s (Garren Stitt) clinical trial failed. Cameron came to visited Oscar at the hospital. Oscar didn’t tell Cameron Sam (Kelly Monaco) dropped Scout and Danny off at the Quartermaines and spoke with Drew about Shiloh a.k.a Hank. She told her ex-husband Hank couldn’t be trusted. Kim (Tamara Braun) contacted different places to find another clinical trial that would save her son’s life. Alexis (Nancy Grahan) arrived to set the record straight that she didn’t sleep with Julian (William deVry). Kim didn’t want to hear it as she had more important things to deal with. She revealed to Alexis that the treatment didn’t work; the tumor didn’t shrink and is wrapped around major blood vessels. Kim cries that she should have listened to Oscar when he didn’t want to participate in the trial. They wasted time and could have gone skiing over Christmas instead of Oscar spending it in a hospital bed. Josslyn (Eden McCoy) asked Carly (Laura Wright) for access to Sonny’s (Maurice Benard) jet and contacts as the treatment failed and she’s looking into alternatives for Oscar. Josslyn told her mother how Kim and Drew appeared to be giving up but she (Josslyn) wouldn’t. Carly offered to take the burden off her daughter. Sam noticed Drew appeared distracted as she talked about Shiloh. Josslyn came to the hospital and realized Oscar hadn’t told Cameron the treatment failed. Carly came to see Drew, who told she and Sam the treatment failed. He commented how proud Carly would be of how grownup and supportive Josslyn was to Oscar. Carly told Drew she was there on behalf of Josslyn to offer he and Kim the use of Sonny’s jet if they wanted to take Oscar somewhere for treatment. Josslyn came to pick up Oscar from the hospital. His plans were for them to spend the day together at the pier and later the Quartermaines. Oscar told Josslyn that he surprisingly felt good probably because the not knowing was finally over. Oscar decided not to worry about what was going to happen but to just enjoy the day and spending it with her. Josslyn didn’t notice, but Oscar left the five year planner she gave him for Christmas behind in his hospital room. Later, Kim found the planner on the chair in his son’s hospital room. Alexis and Elizabeth exchanged looks when Cameron arrived at the courthouse and commented that if Oscar could beat cancer, he could beat the charges against him. Alexis told Franco and Elizabeth that she’s hoping to convince the judge that if Cameron stays out of trouble for six months to a year to expunge his arrest record as though it never happened. Alexis and Elizabeth exchanged looks when Cameron arrived at the courthouse, commenting if Oscar could beat cancer, he could beat the charges against him. However, hard-nosed Judge Carson was the one presiding over Cameron’s case so it wouldn’t be easy.
Hard-nosed Judge Carson would be presiding over Cameron’s (Will Lipton) case. Ned (Wally Kurth) and Olivia ( Lisa LoCicero) settled in for the night with popcorn to watch Lulu’s (Emme Rylan) interview with Ned on television. Sonny (Maurice Benard) came to visit Lulu. She mentioned she hadn’t told Dante aboout the serial killer running loose in Port Charles.  Sonny told Lulu that he had security watching her house and could have someone drive her if needed. Lulu appreciated the concern and gesture but didn’t want to live her life with bodyguards. Sonny thought that the next time she spoke with Dante to tell him it was now time to come home. Judge Carson reminded that the last minor who was in possession of drugs she sentenced to a year in a juvenile detention center. Alexis (Nancy Grahan) explained that as Cameron’s first offense, she believed he shouldn’t be punished harshly for his actions. Cameron read aloud the letter he wrote to the court. Then, Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) spoke to the court on behalf of her son. She told Judge Carson about Cameron’s friend Oscar being stricken with cancer and as a nurse at General Hospital, she saw how cancer affects a person; Oscar was nauseous and had a loss of appetite. Although what he did was wrong, Cameron was just trying to help a friend. Judge Carson asked Cameron whether he was a nurse like his mother, otherwise how would he know that what he was doing wouldn’t hurt his friend instead of helping as was his intention. It was then Drew arrived in the courtroom to speak for Cameron. He introduced himself as the father of the sick boy and said Cameron was a good friend to his son. Instead of offering thoughts and prayers, Cameron took action without thinking of the consequences for himself. Judge Carson retires to her chambers to make her decision. Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan (Briana Henry) go over the case and reason that if the serial killer is trying to emulate Ryan Chamberlain, he must have inside information somehow. Jordan places a call asking for former Police Commissioner Sean Donnelly’s telephone number. At The Floating Rib, Mac (John J. York) and Laura (Genie Francis) watched the election results. Curtis and Joran entered and Jordan asked Mac about Ryan Chamberlain. He worried Felicia (Kristina Wagner) could be in dangerous from the new serial killer. Also there were Carly (Laura Wright) and Sam (Kelly Monaco), who talked about Oscar. Carly later told Laura about the information “Kevin” gave her (Carly) on Ferncliff patient Wilson then said after Laura became mayor she (Carly) wanted her to fire the D.A. Meanwhile, Margaux (Elizabeth Hendricksen) visited Lulu and questioned the reporter about where she was getting her information. Oliver worried about Ned’s safe as mayor with a serial killer running around. Judge Carson gave Cameron a year probation, community service and drug education. Cameron and Elizabeth thanked drug for speaking up for Cam. Lulu reviewed her research on Ryan.
The election was too close to call. Alexis (Nancy Grahan) congratulated Laura (Genie Francis) on how she ran her campaign. Maxie (Kirsten Storms) was visiting Lulu (Emme Rylan) and was surprised when Peter (Wes Ramsey) arrived. Mac (John J. York) called “Kevin” (John Lindstrom)  and told him they needed to talk about Ryan (also Lindstrom). Ryan bumped into Anna (Finola Hughes) as he was leaving General Hospital and offered his apologies. Michael (Chad Duell) assured Ned (Wally Kurth) if he didn’t win the election there would always be a place for him in the family business. Maxie asked Peter whether he’d come to see her until Lulu reminded her friend the world doesn’t revolve around her. Ms. Falconieri asked Ms. Jones to leave so she could discuss something confidential with Peter. After Maxie left, Lulu told Peter about the D.A. questioning her about her research into Ryan’s murder’s and the souvenirs the serial killer kept. Peter reminded Lulu to verify her information and to make sure the article is published responsibly as the last time cost Nathan his life. He then texted Anna and asked to meet with her. Mac told “Kevin” about the killer keeping his victims’ driver licenses. Ryan explained that the killer probably keeps them because they are a history of the people he’s killed as well as trophies. On Pier 55, Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) ran into Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin). Sam confronted him about he being David Henry Archer, the son of a man since was once married when she was going by another name. Shiloh assured he didn’t know who she was then talked about the mistake he made in the past as a rich trust fund kid who blew through his money but found purpose after Navy Seal Drew Cain (Billy Miller) saved his life. The result were in and the new mayor of Port Charles was Laura. Ryan raised his glass to her. Later as he was looking at Peyton Mills’ driver’s license, Laura approached Ryan. She didn’t see Peyton’s photo on the license because Ryan’s finger covered it.  He quickly put the driver’s license back into his wallet. Laura questioned him about the mixed signals he was giving off. “Kevin” assured that even though they were divorcing that didn’t stop his belief that she’ll be an excellent mayor. After Shiloh left, Sam told Jason that part of playing your mark is to get them to tell you what they want. She hoped that as trusting as Kristina is that her sister would be taken in by con man Shiloh. Peter met with Anna and asked her about the flash drive containing information on her past she gave him for Christmas. They talked about Faison and Peter’s extended family (including the Scorpios). Suddenly Anna began not feeling well and told Peter a side effect of her medical procedure off replacing her blood causes headaches. Peter had to catch Anna when she almost passed out. Anna panicked when she couldn’t see.
Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Griffin sat in the hospital chapel.  Although Griffin appreciated Sonny’s words about Kiki (Hayley Erin) but it only made him (Griffin) angry that a young woman with such promised and her whole future ahead of her had to have her life cut short. Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) looked at the trophies of his victims. The driver’s license were hidden beneath a false bottom of his collector’s box. Ava (Maura West) ran into Franco (Roger Hogwarth) on the docks and told him her plan to play a victim to lure the killer out in the open. Peter (Wes Ramsey) had to catch Anna when she fainted. When Anna regained consciousness, she panicked when she couldn’t see. Peter rushed his mother to General Hospital. Meanwhile, Liesl (Kathleen Gati) arrived at General Hospital to and told Finn (Michael Easton) she was there to talk with HR about getting her job back. Finn reminded Liesl of her crimes and said General Hospital did need someone like her around to which Liesl replied she changed her mind about offering GH her expertise. Griffin told Sonny that he’s loss his faith; what’s the good in belief and prayer when bad things happen? Dr. Munroe was paged and had to leave. Drew (Billy Miller) and Kim (Tamara Braun) discussed Oscar (Garren Stitt) when Sonny appeared saying Carly (Laura Wright) told him about Oscar and he was there to offer them his resources.  But Kim told Sonny she’s done research and that there wasn’t any miracle cure for Oscar. At General Hospital before she was taken away for tests, Anna thanked Peter for being there for her. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) was romancing Nina (Michelle Stafford) with roses when Liesl entered Crimson. She announced that Valentin offered her a job at Cassadine Industries. Trapped, Valentin was forced to play along. Liesl asked to speak with her niece alone. Liesl warned Nina against reconciling with Valentin, reminding how Cassadine wore many faces to get what he wanted. Nina assured she knew Valentin’s faults but he did help find her daughter.  When Nina commented that Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) was so much like James and she couldn’t wait for Sasha and Liesl to meet, Obrecht expressed disinterest piquing Nina’s curiosity. Peter met with Valentin and told him how he (Peter) had to take Anna to the hospital after she collapsed and when she regained consciousness, she was blind. Griffin told Anna they couldn’t cure her blindness because they didn’t know what was causing it. Peter urged Valentin not to go see Anna and taunted that Liesl would use whatever she had on Valentin sooner than later. Liesl told Nina there was something she (Nina) needed to know about Sasha. After “Kevin” told him he didn’t think it would be a good idea to continue treating him, Franco broke into Dr. Collins’ office and looked for his file. Franco was unaware how close he was to evidence that linked who Port Charles believed to be Kevin to the murders.

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