#GH ‘s Kristina is Back in Port Charles…Is This The End of #Pristina for Good? via @stacyamiller85 @_lexiainsworth @GeneralHospital #GH55 #GeneralHospital

When General Hospital fan favorite Lexi Ainsworth returned to the show, viewers hope Ashley Jones wouldn’t be far behind.

Daytime Emmy Award winning actress Ainsworth plays Kristina Davis, daughter of attorney Alexis Davis (Nancy Grahan) and mobster/coffee importer Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard). Jones was Parker, Kristina’s former college professor and girlfriend. Dubbed “Pristina” by viewers, the couple developed quite a fan following.  But Kristina returned sans Parker leaving viewers to wonder about the future of Pristina.

In the General Hospital episodes that aired this week, Kristina announced to her parents that she had decided to remain in Port Charles for good (Kristina left town last year with Parker and the two had been living together in Oregon) and that she and Parker had broken up (sob) as she realized she didn’t fit into Parker’s lifestyle. Undaunted, Kristina has decided that she’s going to start her life over (alone) back home. The young woman is currently looking for a job and has chosen to live with big sister Sam (Kelly Monaco).

But the question on Pristina fans’ minds is whether this is the end of Pristina for good.  With no official word that Ashley Jones is coming back to General Hospital, it looks like the answer is yes.  But as any daytime drama viewers knows, things often change.  But if this is the end of Pristina, will Kristina catch the eye of another new lady in town…Terry (Cassandra Jones)?  Is “Kerry” on the horizon?  I guess we’ll have to just stay tuned to find out.

Photos Courtesy of ABC and General Hospital

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