The Hood of Locksley Book Review ( @erikschubach ) from @kleffnotes

The Avatars and their mates are all in the woods on a mission to take down the infamous Styche, The Trickster demon who is behind the terrible lupine curse. While they are trailing him and his half demon minions, arrows begin to fly and Amanda, the beta of Rachel and Snow’s pack, finds herself caught off guard by an ever intensifying desire to chase after this woman. In The Hood of Locksley there is a balance between present fighting and flashback to explain just who the arrow shooting being is and why she happens to be in these particular woods.

The Hood of Locksley is part of the Urban Fairytales series from Erik Schubach and this issue is primarily focused on the strong and deep connection that begins to form between Amanda and Robyn, who once went by the monicker The Hood of Locksley. This story takes the idea of Robin Hood and adds a mystical element that involves a goddess bless race of immortal beings, who happen to be elves. Robyn begins the story by actually trying to destroy Rose, but after spending time with Amanda realizes that the stories she has heard about the poison cursed woman are completely untrue. During their evening together Robyn shares her past with Amanda and the two have a very flirty banter throughout. While they do have time to grow a relationship, there are devastating battles yet to fight and all of the women must be ready to make tremendous sacrifices for the sake of the world.

This book does a fantastic job of using the present storyline of the Urban Fairytales series and blending it with Robyn’s retelling of her own story to Amanda. Within this book we actually get to see a great deal more of Amanda’s character, though she has been in previous books this one gives her the most development. The ending though is immensely emotional. I won’t give anything away, but I was not expecting what happened and the sorrow that you can feel coming through many of the characters after the battle is fought had me tearing up. The Hood of Locksley is well written and a bit heartbreaking, though Amanda and Robyn are a very cute couple. You can find it and all of the other Urban Fairytales novels on sale now.

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