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A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Robert (Tristan Rogers) thanked his backup for helping him search where Anna (Finola Hughes) and Finn (Michael Easton) where being held. The backup is Jason (Steve Burton), who assured he’ll do anything to help Anna. Jason admitted that he was surprised when Robert called him as law enforcement don’t usually make a habit of calling him. Scorpio found Finn’s tracker on the floor. After removing their restraints, Anna and Finn tried to figure out where they were. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) confronted Cameron about him shoplifting and he hinted that he wasn’t the only one who does it. Meanwhile, Josslyn (Eden McCoy) told Oscar (Garren Stitt) that maybe she was the bad influence on Cameron. Joss confessed that she has shoplifted in the past. The store decided not to press charges and Franco (Roger Hogwarth) paid for the earbuds. The store wanted an apology but that wasn’t the point as far as Elizabeth was concern. Cameron told his mother he stole the earbuds because they are poor and she wouldn’t buy them for him like other parents would. Liz told her son he would be working all summer to repay Franco for buying the earbuds. Jason asked Robert how sure he was that Anna and not Finn was the real target. Anna and Finn speculated on who the patient was they wanted Finn to treat. Scott (Kin Shriner) asked Griffin (Matt Cohen) whether he ever slept with Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin). With Ava watching, Griffin admitted he slept with Kiki once and it was a mistake. Alexis (Nancy Grahan) questioned Griffin about his sexual encounter with her client being consensual and how he hadn’t been Kiki’s supervisor and never used his position of power to force Ms. Jerome into doing something she didn’t want to do. Ava stormed out of the courtroom and slapped Griffin twice when he tried to explain. Scott called Dr. Bensch to the stand and he testified that it was obvious from the signs she had given that Kiki was interested in him. But on cross examination, Alexis forced Bensch to admit that Kiki never expressed her alleged interest in words. At Ava’s apartment, Griffin assured he never cheated on her because they were broken up. Ava was angry Griffin slept with Kiki less than twenty-four hours after their breakup. She accused him of being attracted to needy women. Griffin told Ava he was sorry and she added that he didn’t know what it meant to be sorry but he would. Elizabeth grounded Cameron for a month. Anna and Finn learned the patient that their captors wanted him to treat was Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck).


Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) returned home to Wyndermere to find Robert (Tristan Rogers) waiting for him. Scorpio smirked that he let himself in and asked what Cassadine had done with Anna (Finola Hughes). Their captors explained to Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna that his (Finn) job was to revive Cassandra Pierce (Jessica Tuck) from her coma. Franco (Roger Hogwarth) arrived at Ava’s (Maura West) to see whether she was alright. When Griffin (Matt Cohen) told Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) that he had to leave the courtroom before the end of the trial, Liz admitted Franco told her about him (Griffin) sleeping with Kiki. Ava berated Franco for the insensitive way he revealed to her about Kiki and Griffin’s affair. Franco apologized for his texting mistake. But he was furious when he learned that Ava had forced Scott to question Griffin on the stand about sleeping with Kiki. Was she trying to tank her own daughter’s case? Ava told Franco how hard she worked to be the person Kiki and Griffin deserved and they betrayed her. But she would make Griffin pay. Ava looked at the unauthorized test results Griffin ran on Peter August (Wes Ramsey). Closing arguments began and Alexis (Nancy Grahan) told the jury how Kiki and Griffin’s consensual sex didn’t mitigate Dr. Bensch’s guilt and his pattern of using his position of power to sexually harass women. But all Scott (Kin Shriner) said in his statement was that the burden of proof in a civil case lied with the plaintiff and all they had to decide is whether Ms. Jerome had done that. Bensch was angry with Scott, who told his client he didn’t have to believe him which he didn’t. Carly (Laura Wright) came to the Quartermaines and comforted Michael (Chad Duell) over the loss of his son. She talked about helping him plan Jonah’s funeral. Monica (Leslie Charleson) entered and offered to have Michael’s son buried in the family crypt.  But Michael decided that his baby would be laid to rest next to Morgan. Monica apologized to Carly for siding with Nelle (Chloe Lanier) even though she knew Ms. Benson’s motives were less than pure. Carly accepted Monica’s apology. The jury reached a verdict and found in favor of Kiki and Dr. Bensch was ordered to pay $250,000 in damages. Robert explained to Valentin how the transport carrying Cassandra was high jacked while she was still in a coma. Finn told Anna he would treat Cassandra but wouldn’t give their captors the medical protocol until they were safely back in Port Charles. Ava asked to speak with Monica saying she had information about the hospital that the Chief of Staff needed to be made aware. Kiki told Alexis she’d use the settlement money towards training on how to treat people to avoid more cases of sexual harassment. Michael told Carly that if he slowed down to process all he had loss (Morgan, his girlfriend and his son) he’d never be able to get up again.


As Mike (Max Gail) listened from the stairway landing, Carly (Laura Wright) asked Sonny (Maurice Benard) whether he changed his mind about the long term care for his father. At Charlie’s Bar, Franco (Roger Hogwarth) and Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) had breakfast and he assured her that Cameron would come around and was only angry with her for being grounded. Julian (William deVry) called Alexis (Nancy Grahan) to congratulate her on winning Kiki’s (Hayley Erin) case. He expressed concern because he’s been calling Ava (Maura West) but she hasn’t called him back. Kiki arrived at her mother’s to explain what happened. Ava told Kiki that Griffin couldn’t resist helping a wounded bird like Kiki a shoulder to cry on before taking her to his bed. But Kiki reminded her mother about Ava’s number at the Nurse’s Ball and how Griffin didn’t cheat on her (Ava) because she broke up with him. Monica (Leslie Charleson) called Griffin into her office and questioned him about ordering the paternity test on Peter August (Wes Ramsey) without his permission. Griffin explained that he ran the test because of suspicious that Peter was Henrik Faison and that he (Griffin) didn’t come to Monica because he overheard her son Jason say he would kill Henrik if he found him. But due to Griffin’s violation of General Hospital’s core values by running the test, Monica put Dr. Munro on suspension from any and all duties at the hospital. Kiki refused to apologize to her mother because of what Ava did by pressuring Scott to question Griffin on the stand about sleeping with her (Kiki); she could have ruined her (Kiki) case by slut shaming her daughter on the stand. Carly offered to spend the day with Mike and took him to Charlie’s Bar. She thanked Franco for helping Jason break her out of Ferncliff (even though Jason didn’t give her much choice). Carly encouraged Franco to enjoy his truce with Jason. After Franco left, Elizabeth told Carly about the shoplifting incident. Carly was angry when Elizabeth insinuated that Cameron shoplifted because of Josslyn (Eden McCoy). Kim (Tamara Braun) stopped Julian from asking Mike about the favor Charlie had once done for him at the bar. Ava accused Kiki of sleeping with Griffin to pay her (Ava) back for sleeping with Morgan. But Kiki insisted sleeping with Griffin was a mistake while Ava was a vengeful, vicious bitch and how Kiki felt sorry that Avery had to live with her (Ava). Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) returned home to Port Charles. After stopping to see Sonny first, Kristina went to Alexis’ where Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Molly (Haley Pullos) were eating a victory breakfast with their mother. Although she made peace with her mother, Kristina asked Sam whether she could stay with her. Kiki learned Griffin was suspended. Ava vowed that she would have vengeance. Mike found Josslyn’s stolen merchandise in his bedroom closet. Later, Carly worried what Josslyn had been up to. Sonny made a sign that read ‘Mike’s Room’ so his dad could always find his bedroom.


Sonny (Maurice Benard) talked with Jason (Steve Burton) about stalling Julian’s (William deVry) expansion project. Sonny told Jason how he never had a problem with eliminating a threat. At Charlie’s Bar, Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) discussed their wedding plans, Chandra and Stella. Because she had been against them from the start, Jordan told Curtis that she didn’t want Stella attending the wedding. Kim (Tamara Braun) introduced to Julian to D.A. Margaux Dawson. Kim thought she may have met Margaux before. Margaux questioned Julian about Sonny’s interest in buying the pub for Mike (Max Gail). Stella (Vernee Watson) gave Michael (Chad Duell) some support group brochures for parents dealing with grief. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) told Terry (Cassandra James) about Cameron being busted for shoplifting. Meanwhile, Carly (Laura Wright) questioned Josslyn (Eden McCoy) about her (Joss) shoplifting and learned how lost and guilty her daughter felt when she was in Ferncliff. Carly assured Josslyn there was nothing she could ever do that Carly wouldn’t forgive. Josslyn apologized and together, she and Carly came up with a way for Joss to owned up to what she did. First, Josslyn would return the clothes back to the store and Carly would pay for them. Then, Josslyn would work to pay her mother back. When he learned about the stealing, Sonny reminded Josslyn that due to her relationship with him,  people were holding her up to a different standard. Sonny told his step daughter the next time she thought of breaking the law to come to him first. Sam (Kelly Monaco) told Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) about how Jason returned into her life and the mistakes she made with Drew (Billy Miller) then asked her sister about what was going on with Parker (Ashley Jones). Kim urged Julian not to let the D.A. goad him into picking a fight with Sonny because then he’d return to the mob and she (Kim) would be gone.  Michael was surprised to see Kristina who offered comfort over the loss of his son. She assured him that his choices weren’t responsible for the death of his son. When Stella arrived at Charlie’s, Curtis told her they’d have to figure a way to work things out so Stella could be a part of their wedding. Sam met Jason at Charlie’s Bar and gave him a permission slip to sign for a field trip for Danny. Learning Sam was his daughter, Margaux commented that Julian was ‘Six Degrees of Corinthos.’ Jason realized that Margaux was definitely going to cause trouble for Sonny, which meant trouble for him.


Mike (Max Gail) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) arrived at Alexis’ (Nancy Grahan) house for a Welcome to the Family Wiley party. Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) urged them to cancel the party as she worried that they were celebrating prematurely as the birth mother still could change her mind about the adoption. When Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas (Ryan Carnes) arrived, they reluctantly agreed to the party. Michael’s (Chad Duell) appearance made Brad guilty and nervous, especially when Mike kept commenting how much Wiley looked like Carly. Drew (Billy Miller) accused Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) of following him and asked her about why she questioned his brother about him. Margaux admitted she intended to use Jason to get to his boss as she would be the one to bring down Sonny Corinthos. She also said that she believed they (she and Drew) could work together to nail Sonny. A city official told Julian that due to an area hazard, he couldn’t expand the bar. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) was surprised to find Peter (Wes Ramsey) waiting for him at Wydermere. Peter told Valentin that he owed him and he was there to collect. Peter explained that as the WSB and local authorities dropped the charges against him, he decided to stay in Port Charles. Valentin didn’t think that was a good idea. Peter reasoned that Valentin didn’t want him in town because it would be a reminder to Nina (Michelle Stafford) that her husband had given an innocent baby to a monster. August said he had a better chance getting back into Maxie’s (Kristen Storms) life than Valentin did Nina’s. Meanwhile, Nina and Maxie visited Madeline (Donna Mills) in Pentonville as they knew it was something Nathan would have wanted. Angered, Nina reminded Madeline how she had taken away her chance of being a mother. Madeline apologized for wronging her daughter but Nina and Maxie believed it to be a ploy to get them to put in a good word to the parole board. Nina and Maxie vowed they’d tell the parole board exactly what they thought of her if she tried to contact them again. Then, they left Pentonville. Julian barged into to Alexis’ and confronted Sonny about why he’d want to delay the expansion of Charlie’s Bar. When he took a peek at his grandson but noticed the baby looked different from the one he saw at the hospital. Valentin made a call to get Peter something he wanted with the condition that he (Peter) stay away from Nina as Peter was a reminder of all Valentin had done. Peter told Valentin seeing him wouldn’t make Nina forget; Valentin would have to make it up to her. Drew told Margaux that Jason would go to prison before turning on Sonny. Peter ran into Nina and Maxie at Charlie’s Bar and told them that he was now the new owner and publisher of The Inquister and intended to turn the paper from a tabloid into a trusted source of information. Peter suggested Maxie join him at the paper. Madeline met her daughter’s husband when Valentin showed up at Pentonville. Alexis receive a phone call and told the party attendees that the birth mother had changed her mind and wanted the baby back.

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