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A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Carly (Laura Wright) came to see Jason (Steve Burton); commenting although she hated Mary Pat (Patricia Bethune) the woman didn’t deserve to die that way and whoever killed her was a monster. Jordan (Briana Henry) told Curtis (Donnell Turner) she needed him. She told him about her investigation into Mary Pat’s murder and needed his PI insight. Curtis speculated whether murder could have been someone out for revenge. At The Floating Rib, Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) told Sonny (Maurice Benard) this is one murder he may not be guilty of but she would solve the crime as she would any crime no matter how long it takes. Hearing a sound, Ava (Maura West) pulled out a weapon. She was relieved to see “Kevin” (Jon Lindstrom). While Laura (Genie Francis) thought about Kevin telling her his feelings had changed, Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) greeted his grandmother, the future Mayor of Port Charles. When Lulu (Emme Rylan) arrived, Laura announced that if people chose to write in her new on the ballot that’s fine but she wasn’t going to campaign anymore as she felt it wasn’t the right time being in the public eye. Ava told Ryan about finding the body in the gallery, Ryan assured that the way Mary Pat was murdered wasn’t Ava’s style. Lulu suggested Spencer go to his room and check his computer for the latest exit polling results. But the boy listened as Laura told Lulu about Kevin leaving her (Laura). Angry, Lulu advised her mother not to blame herself for Kevin being unsure what he wanted as he was lucky a woman like Laura fell in love with him. Lulu encouraged Laura to touch up her makeup for possible photo ops as she wrote her name on the ballot. Sonny told Margaux he needed to talk with her about her mother and father. He offered Margaux a deal: She stay away from his family and he’ll stay away from hers. Lulu, Laura and Spencer saw “Kevin” and Ava together at Charlie’s Pub. Lulu and Laura left. Spencer told Kevin and Ava they deserved each other. Sonny told Margaux her mother visiting Joe Scully at his apartment and that she’s a widow because she wanted to be. The autopsy revealed Mary Pat being killed with a meat hook like object. Spencer put a flash drive into the computer at the voting place. Sonny told Margaux he could prove her mother wanted her father dead.


Spencer said he’s learned a lot about the voting process; telling Laura (Genie Francis) and Lulu (Emme Rylan) he’s confident his grandmother will win that he almost feels he voted himself. Curtis (Donnell Turner) cast his write-in vote for Laura. At the PCPD, Jordan (Brian Henry) questioned Anna (Finola Hughes) about Britt (Kelly Thiebaud)’s release from Pentonville. At Charlie’s, Brad (Parry Shen) told Julian (Willian deVry) there was enough formula for Wiley once he (Brad) was gone. Chase (Josh Swickward) ran into Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) grading papers outside Kelly’s Diner. They shared awkward conversation. Anna told Jordan the reason why Britt was released. Curtis realized something was wrong with the voting machine at his polling place. Finn (Michael Easton) drew Britt’s blood as part of the plan: To convince Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) she was sick in order to draw Liesl out in the open. Ned (Wally Kurth) came to Laura’s and asked Mrs. Collins to consider joining his administration. Curtis came to the PCPD and told Jordan the problem he ran into at his polling place. Jordan learned this was happening all over causing voters to be turned away. Jordan contacted the Feds then called Ned to request he and Laura come down to the PCPD. Julian encouraged Lucas (Ryan Carnes) to spend time with Brad.Michael (Chad Duell) got re-aquainted with Willow (They met in an un-aired scene at The Bereavement Group at General Hospital) at Kelly’s. He talked about how difficult it was for him sharing his feelings with a bunch of strangers. At the PCPD, Jordan told Ned and Laura about the election tampering and the only thing they could do according to the city charter. Julian told his son he was there for him if Lucas needs him. Chase came to the hospital and he, Finn and Anna talked about Mary’s Pat’s decapitation murder. They thought a criminal profiler could help them get an idea on the type of person who could have committed such a gruesome crime. Anna said she knew the perfect person. At the PCPD, Spencer told Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) he’s soon have his room back at Wyndermere once his grandmother was mayor and got she and her papa deported. Charlotte reminded that mayors couldn’t deport people. Curtis listened as Spencer told Charlotte how he knew with certainty that Laura would win the election. Brad told Britt that Wiley wasn’t his son. Ned, Laura and Jordan gave a press conference at the PCPD. Ned announced that the voting system was tampered with and that voting would be suspended and would resume at a later date. Laura talked about how the person who did this was sabotaging democracy vowing every vote would be heard. And Jordan said the FBI had be contacted and vowed to catch the guilty party and there was nowhere they could hide where the law wouldn’t find them. Watching the press conference from the sidelines, Spencer sweated worried that he’d be discovered as the person who tampered with the election.


Brad (Parry Shen) admitted to Britt (Kelly Thiebauld) that Wiley didn’t belong to he and Lucas (Ryan Carnes) but Michael Corinthos (Chad Duell). At Kelly’s, Maxie is happy with her belated birthday gift from Nina (Michelle Stafford): a pair of designer shoes. Nina apologized for not being there for Maxie’s birthday as she didn’t want her sister-in-law to be alone on her first birthday without Jay. Maxie said she wasn’t alone.  At Charlie’s Pub, Peter (Wes Ramsey) told Lulu (Emme Rylan) he needed her last installment asap. But Lulu worried her piece inspired the murder of that nurse. Meanwhile at Ferncliff, Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) told Nurse Kay the new security precautions were to keep people safe from his extremely dangerous patient Todd Wilson. Carly (Laura Wright) asked Jason (Steve Burton) not to investigate Ferncliff. But Morgan already obtained the services of Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) to pose as an outside security. Brad told Britt that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) was the real birth mother. Britt talked about how happy she was when she, Nikolas (Tyler Christopher), Spencer (Nicholas Bechtel) and Ben (now Rocco) were a family. She assured Brad that Nelle wouldn’t say anything as she’s getting sympathy from as being the grieving mother. Bobbie (Jackie Zeman) gave Michael a baby spoon that belonged to Jonah thinking he’d never want to give something like that away. Britt told Brad that Wiley would be safer as his and Lucas’ son instead of Sonny Corinthos’ (Maurice Benard) grandson. Brad’s guilt over keeping Michael away from his son was alleviated as he considered Britt’s words. At General Hospital, Spencer left his grandmother alone to talk with “Kevin” while he researched penalties for a minor accused of election tampering. Brad brought the young Cassadine to Britt and the friends were reunited. Britt talked about today being Nikolas’ birthday and both Britt and Spencer wished they were all living at Wyndemere together again. Maxie told Nina about spending her birthday with Peter eating dinner, birthday cake and watching The Brady Bunch and learned that Nina got stuck spending the night on Spoon Island with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) because of the storm. Peter talked with Lulu about his colorful family and what half-sister Britt did to her (Lulu). He also told her that the paper was endorsing Laura. Nina called Peter and invited him to be her plus one at Curtis and Jordan’s wedding. Laura encouraged “Kevin” to seek professional help believing that Ryan was the third person in their marriage and he hadn’t been able to successfully deal with his feelings. Carly approached them and told Kevin she found a way to put the patient and experience at Ferncliff behind her. Posing as security rep Mr. Coyle, Curtis was able to get the new security protocols and alarm code to Carly’s neighbor patient from Nurse Kay. He texted the alarm code to Sam. Meanwhile, Sam told Jason that Curtis came through and used the alarm code to open the patient’s room door.


Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) arrived at Jeannette Marino’s house. Sonny asked D.A. Dawson whether she was sure she wanted to hear her mother say the word. Kim (Tamara Braun) came to Charlie’s Pub. Oscar (Garren Stitt) told his mother he wasn’t going away with his Drew and wouldn’t give up his emancipation case. Kim told Oscar not to be sure he would win the court case. Josslyn (Eden McCoy) returned home from soccer practice. She told Carly (Laura Wright) that Cameron (Will Lipton) was coming over to study. Carly didn’t want Josslyn to use Cameron as a rebound for her breakup with Oscar. Nurse Kay questioned Curtis (Donnell Turner) about who he was texting. But Curtis was able to cover by saying he was contacting a colleague. He then questioned her about only checking his company’s website which could have been fake. Sam (Kelly Monaco) used the security code Curtis texted her and opened the patient’s door. They were surprised to see Nelle (Chloe Lanier) sitting on the floor cradling her blanket and calling it Jonah. “You’re good, but Carly was better,” Jason said. Sam added that Nelle could be faking. Or her obsession with Carly could have caused a real mental break from reality. Jordan (Briana Henry) and Chase (Josh Swickard) arrived at Elizabeth’s (Rebecca Herbst) house to question Franco (Roger Hogwarth) about the motivation and execution of a murder. Kim came to see Josslyn, who was on the patio talking with Cameron about Jax. After fitting himself with a wire, Sonny knocked on Jeannette’s door and told her he worked for a friend of hers: Joe Scully. Curtis received a text from Sam asking him to come to the high security wing asap. He and Nurse Kay arrived just as Nelle admitted to faking and vowed to make Carly pay when she got out.  Nelle insisted she belonged at Ferncliff because she is crazy. Josslyn gave Cameron a Taurus key ring as it was his zodiac sign in thanks for him being there for her. With Julian (William DeVry) and Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) watching, Daisy (Kelsey Wang) helped Oscar when he developed a headache. Franco told Chase and Jordan that his belief Jason was his twin and wanting to be better motivated him to kill. Chase and Jordan left when the commissioner received a call from forensics. Kim was surprised to see Cameron and Josslyn playingfully laughing and holding hands. She left when Julian called her about Oscar’s headache. Sonny told Jeannette if she wanted to keep her secret she shouldn’t have put it in writing. Jeannette said Sonny couldn’t do anything about it but she could said Margaux as she entered her mother’s home. Sam wondered who could have moved the patient and replace him with Nelle. Chase and Jordan arrived at the Corinthos house and told Carly that some DNA evidence belonging to her was found on Mary Pat’s body so they needed her to come to the PCPD to answer more questions.


Jeanette told Sonny (Maurice Benard) that she was going to burn the letters and there was noting he could do about it. Margaux entered and told her mother that after all these years she (Margaux) deserved the truth. When Nina (Michelle Stafford) talked with Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) about honesty, Sasha admitted she’s been keeping something from Nina. Kiki (Hayley Erin) commented to Griffin (Matt Cohen) that things were looking up. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) said she was proud of Franco helping the police. Franco said he’s going to talk with Dr. Collins as having therapy with Kevin is good for his soul.  Franco left when Dr. Terry Randolph arrived to talk with her friend Elizabeth. Meanwhile, Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) continued writing down his list of victims. It was revealed he keeps a “trophy box” of his victims’ IDs. Ava entered and he asked about her innovated ways to deal with her anger and revenge. Ava told “Kevin” how her plan to get her daughter back was to push Griffin to cheat on Kiki. At the PCPD, Carly (Laura Wright) left a voicemail message for Sonny (Maurice Benard) then told Chase (Josh Swickward) and Jordan (Briana Henry) she refused to answer their questions without her attorney present. Diana (Carolyn Hennesey) entered just in time to hear the police ask about Carly’s hair being found in Mary Pat’s hand.Sasha admitted it’s been difficult landing a job. Nina reminded working at Crimson was still an option and it wouldn’t be a handout. She added that Ava Jerome (Maura West) was dangerous and a murderous slut, which was an insult to sluts. Franco entered Charlie’s Pub and Nina introduced him to her newly discovered daughter. Chase and Jordan told Carly how they didn’t think her a suspect because of the surgical expertise involved in the crime. Ryan told Ava he couldn’t continue to treat her anymore because he can’t be objective as far as she was concerned. Margaux read her mother’s letters to Joe Scully, called her mother a murderous tramp and ordered Jeannette out of her own house. As she continued to read the letters, Margaux collapsed on the floor crying. Sonny expressed concern and told the D.A. how sorry he was for what she was going through. Elizabeth and Terry discussed what the Nero family were going through because of Oscar’s cancer. They also talked about Aiden. Kiki (Hayley Erin) realized that Sasha was flirting with Griffin when she (Sasha) seductively offered Dr. Munro a glass of water. Kiki told Griffin this wasn’t acceptable. Carly asked Chase and Jordan whether Ava was a Person of Interest too as Ms. Jerome could be setting her up because she and Sonny have custody of Avery. Sonny told Margaux she couldn’t sleep on the floor and carried her to the couch, covering her sleeping form with a blanket. Sonny sat in the chair by the couch and watched D.A. Margaux Dawson sleep.

On Monday, November 12, 2018, don’t miss a special episode of General Hospital featuring Sonny Corinthos:

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