Bigfoot Fun Book! Book Review from @kleffnotes

Have you ever wondered what Bigfoot gets up to when he isn’t being photographed in grainy pictures? Well the Bigfoot Fun Book! answers all of your questions about where this particular cryptid likes to spend his time. Whether you are a kid or just young at heart you’ll have fun following along with Bigfoot and checking out all of the activities inside these pages.

Bigfoot Fun Book! is a massive activity book full of puzzles, coloring pages, and even fun facts. The detailed illustrations give readers the chance to spot the differences or guess which version of something might not exactly fit in. Beyond that there are pages to test out your drawing skills by completing a picture or you can just free draw in the special blank pages. There are also word searches, crosswords, and unscramble the word pages. These are all spaced out throughout the book and you can either go straight through it or skip around to the things you enjoy most. Readers also get some really fun stickers that they can use inside the book or just wherever they want to stick a sticker.

I could definitely see this as a great book for kids, even those who aren’t mature enough to figure out all of the puzzles will enjoy looking at the pictures and even just coloring in some of the pages. I thought this was a fun book that mixes together some traditional activity book elements with the very cute Bigfoot character. As you follow him on his journey you get to see him in a variety of different outfits and in different places, which just makes for a fun time. You can buy Bigfoot Fun Book! now.

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