Week In Review 7/30-8/3/18 on #GeneralHospital via @stacyamiller85 @GeneralHospital #GH #GH55

A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


As Dr. Lazarus (Casey Bigg) began the ECT procedure on Carly (Laura Wright), Jason (Steve Burton) burst into the room and ordered the machine turned off. After tying the hands of the nurse and Dr. Lazarus, Jason helped Carly up. Dr. Lazarus warned they wouldn’t make it pass the exit. Sonny (Maurice Benard) asked Chase (Josh Swickward) whether they had a last location of the car before the crash. Liesl (Kathleen Gati), who had caused the crash, escaped the police transport van. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Michael (Chad Duell) regained consciousness.  Michael told Nelle that Chase helped him set her up and that the car had been rigged with auto and video and everything she said was recorded. Chase played the recording for Jordan (Vinessa Antoine). A police officer told them about the accident involving the van transporting Dr. Obretch to Pentonville. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) admitted to Kim (Tamara Braun) she was worried as she hadn’t heard from Franco (Roger Hogwarth). Meanwhile, Franco waited impatiently for Carly and Jason to exit Ferncliff. When they finally made it out of the building, Jason had Franco moved to the backseat, and took over driving the getaway car. He dropped Franco off at General Hospital and took Carly to one of Sonny’s safe houses. Brad watched his new son Wiley while waiting for Lucas to get home. Julian (William deVry) talked with Kim about his hope Brad and Lucas would allow him to spend time with Wiley. Nelle taunted Michael and told him he had brought it on himself when his seat belt was jammed and the car was leaking gas. Nelle went into labor and ran into Liesl and begged her to deliver her baby. Jordan put an APB out on Liesl. Sonny found Michael trapped in the car and used a pen knife to cut his son free. Franco told Elizabeth the truth about helping Jason get Carly out of Ferncliff. When he returned with the baby’s bottle, Brad realized Wiley wasn’t breathing. Carly told Jason that after losing Morgan being in Ferncliff was the second worst experience of her life. As Sonny continued working on freeing Michael, sparks shot from the car.


Finn (Michael Easton) returned to his hotel room at The Metro Court and found Robert (Tristan Rogers) waiting for him. Robert told Finn that Anna (Finola Hughes) was missing and that her captors want Finn in California in order to force Anna to give them the information they need. While Curtis (Donnell Turner) discussed the flash drive with Drew (Billy Miller), Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) inserted the flash drive in her computer and read about Andre’s memory study. She later joined Drew and Curtis at The Floating Rib and told Drew she knew about the whole flash drive saga. Jason (Steve Burton) told Carly (Laura Wright) that Michael’s (Chad Duell) plan involved marrying Nelle (Chloe Lanier). He told her about Chase being the cop who investigated Zachary Grant’s accident. Meanwhile, Sonny (Maurice Benard) got Michael out of the car just in time. Brad worked infant CPR on Wiley but it was too late. As he sat crying in his is car, Nelle approached carrying a baby and called out for help. Sonny and Michael made it to Chase, who told them about Obrecht’s escape and how she caused the accident. Detective Chase then received a call about an armed man helping Carly escape Ferncliff. Nelle told Brad her version of the night’s events. After learning his son had died, Nelle offered her baby to him for Brad and Lucas to raise in order to get him away from Michael and his family. Later, sirens approached as Nelle walked down the highway carrying Wiley. Sonny arrived at the safe house and was reunited with Carly. Cornered by Lucas when he returned home, Brad gave Nelle’s baby to Lucas and pretended it was their son. When Michael finally got to General Hospital, Chase told him he (Chase) had picked up Nelle and she was there. Michael saw Nelle with the baby. But when he held his son, Michael was shocked to find he wasn’t breathing. “I’m sorry Michael, our son didn’t make it,” Nelle told him.
*Photos Courtesy of Parry Shen Official Twitter


Carly (Laura Wright) was relieved that Sonny (Maurice Benard) was able to get Michael (Chad Duell) out of the car in time. Jason (Steve Burton) reminded Carly they’d have to leave for Canada soon. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) told Sam (Kelly Monaco) that Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas’ (Ryan Carnes) baby was born. Meanwhile, Lucas bonded with Wiley unaware that his son had died and he was holding Nelle’s (Chloe Lanier) baby. At the hospital, Nelle blamed Michael for the death of their son because of the car crash as he was more preoccupied with getting her to confess than to drive carefully. Jason brought Josslyn (Eden McCoy) to the safe house and she had a reunion with her mom. After Jason and Sonny left, Carly told her the whole story about Nelle’s scheme. Josslyn felt guilty for believing Nelle’s lies and encouraging her relationship with Michael. Sam met her new nephew. Brad left to visit Nelle at General Hospital. He told her he didn’t think he could go through with deceiving Lucas by not telling him about Wiley’s death and keeping Nelle’s baby. Nelle urged Brad to keep the lies. At The Floating Rib, Chase (Josh Swickward) sat drinking at the bar when Lulu (Emme Rylan) approached.  He told her about Nelle, the plan and the part he played in the death of Nelle and Michael’s baby. Overhearing, Ava (Maura West) who had been out with Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) discussing the case against Dr. Bensch, rushed to General Hospital to ensure Nelle wouldn’t name her as her accomplice. Nelle assured she wouldn’t as in doing so she’d have to admit Carly hadn’t pushed her down the stairs. Sam met with Jason on the pier. He told her that he had broken Carly out of Ferncliff and asked her help in proving Carly never signed the release for treatment, which proved it was given to her without her consent. Josslyn asked her mom whether she could spend the night at the safe house with her. Kiki told Griffin that if Ava discovered they slept together, she wouldn’t get sad, she’d get mad then even to bring them both down. When Brad returned home, Lucas happily commented that he couldn’t believe they finally had their son. In the hospital chapel, Sonny comforted him and told Michael the baby’s death wasn’t his fault.


Jason (Steve Burton) assured Carly (Laura Wright) that she’d never go back to Ferncliff. Meanwhile, Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Curtis (Donnell Turner) posed as UMHI (United Mental Health Institute) agents and questioned Mary Pat (Patricia Behune) about the Caroline Corinthos escape. They pretended that Ferncliff had been shortlisted for an innovation award, but they needed to make sure Ferncliff’s procedures in treating patients were up to par. They explained that they had to see Ms. Corinthos’ patient file to ensure she was given the highest standard of care. While Curtis distracted Mary Pat, Sam swiped the ECT authorization form. On the pier, Ava (Maura West) was interrupted by Griffin (Matt Cohen) when she attempted to burn the baby blanket. She told him that by befriending Nelle when the entire town considered her a pariah may have encouraged the young woman in some way. Knowing she’d be taken off to jail once released, Nelle asked Kim (Tamara Braun) to find a medical reason to keep her at General Hospital. When Michael arrived, Kim explained the coroner could find no medical reason why their baby died. Nelle continued to blame Michael and the car accident. Nelle and Michael decided to put the name Jonah on the death certificate. Then Michael revealed that he and Nelle were never legally married because Ned signed the marriage license with invisible ink. Sonny arrived at the safe house and told Carly, Jason and Josslyn that Michael’s baby had died. Josslyn offered to go to the hospital to support Michael. Griffin told Ava the only way to right ones mistakes is to take responsibility for your actions. He told her that she had a soul and a conscience that wanted to do good and that he believed in her. Carly comforted her son over the loss of his child when Michael arrived. When Chase entered her hospital room to take her into custody, he found Nelle gone. Sam gave Jason the consent form for Carly’s therapy. Michael told his parents that they (he and Nelle) named their son Jonah, which means peace. “Where do you think you’re going?” Josslyn demanded grabbing Ms. Benson’s arm when she found Nelle on Pier 55.


Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) had Michael (Chad Duell) come into the PCPD to question him about Jason (Steve Burton) breaking Carly (Laura Wright) out of Ferncliff. She warned things would get worse for them as long as they stayed on the run. The conversation was interrupted when Chase (Josh Swickward) called Jordan to tell her Nelle (Chloe Lanier) had escaped from General Hospital. Meanwhile, Josslyn (Eden McCoy) cornered Nelle on Pier 55. Robert (Tristan Rogers) prepared Finn (Michael Easton) for being taken by Anna’s (Finola Hughes) captors by injecting him with a micro chip that omitted a beacon allowing Robert to track his location. Lulu (Emme Rylan) confronted Peter (Wes Ramsey) about using her in his plot to lure Faison out in the open.  Peter told Lulu that both he and Liesl had learned the hard way that revenge doesn’t right the wrongs that were done to you. Lulu told Peter about her latest article and refused to accept his compliments that she was a good writer. Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Maxie (Kristen Storms) met and Kelly’s. Nina told Maxie about Liesl’s (Kathleen Gati) escape and the accident that caused Nelle and Michael their child. Lulu later joined them to get approval on the last installment of her article on Faison, Henrik and Nathan. Jordan ordered one of Nelle’s only two friends, Brad (Parry Shen) to come to the PCPD to question him about Nelle Benson. It was obvious Brad was worried the commissioner knew about the baby switch. Getting a lead of Nelle’s location from hospital security cameras, Jordan told Chase and Michael they couldn’t come to with her when she apprehended Nelle. Meanwhile after she was unable to convince Josslyn everything that was said about her was lies, Nelle angrily called Joss “Carly’s minion” and ungrateful after everything she’d (Nelle) done for her, including saving her life by donating her kidney. Soon, it was Nelle vs. Josslyn as the two engaged in a fight. Stella (Vernee Watson) admitted to Curtis (Donnell Turner) that she had texted his old girlfriend Shondra to ask her to come to Port Charles but changed her mind when a wise person (Mike) discouraged her against trying to come between he and Jordan. As predicted, Finn was abducted and told he was taken in order to treat a very special patient. Robert taunted Peter that he would be extradited where the WSB would get the information of his crimes (even if it took decades) out of him and there was nothing his mother could do to save him. Peter assured he could save himself. To that end, he told Robert he had information of the ones who came before Jason, Patients 1 through 5.  Nelle warned that Chase had made it easy for her entrapment case. She angrily told Jordan that she, Chase and Michael all had blood on their hands from the death of her baby.  Meanwhile, Brad and Lucas (Ryan Carnes) arrived at the PCPD with the baby in tow. Michael turned to face them and was unaware that he was seeing his son.

Photos Courtesy of ABC and General Hospital Official Twitter

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