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A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Lucas (Ryan Carnes) talked with Alexis (Nancy Grahan) about the adoption. The birth mother was due any day so Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas could be taking their baby home. Alexis reminded Lucas that he and Brad had agreed to the birth contract allowing the birth mother thirty days in which to change her mind. Julian moved into The Metro Court and commented about how easier it would have been moving in with Kim (Tamara Braun).  But of course, they’re not at that point in their relationship. Kim explained that because of taking care of Oscar, she hadn’t dated much. Oscar (Garren Stitt) and Josslyn (Eden McCoy) were binge their favorite show. As Sonny (Maurice Benard) wouldn’t be home until 11:00, Josslyn suggested they go upstairs.  But Oscar didn’t think she was ready for her first time. Josslyn was angry with Oscar for turning her down. Drew (Billy Miller) received a letter from the Sawyer High Class of 1993 reunion committee. D.A. Margaux Dawson (Elizabeth Hendrickson) arrived at The Metro Court dining room and presented him with a Woodchucks baseball cap as payment for the shirt she ruined by squirting mustard on it. Finn (Michael Easton) went into the burning stables and pulled Peter (Wes Ramsey) out. When the paramedics arrived, Maxie urged them to save his life.  Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Peter were taken to General Hospital. While Lucas treated Peter, Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) sought Alexis’ help in representing Nina. But due to Peter’s involvement with both Drew and Jason, Alexis felt it was a conflict of interest. However, she told Nina not to answer the police’s questions without an attorney present. Nina followed Alexis’ advice when Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) came to question her. As he regained consciousness, Peter told Maxie he heard her telling the paramedics not to let him die. Maxie gave Peter the advice of not making accuses his bad childhood and not letting the people who saved his life down; he was given a second chance at life and he shouldn’t waste it. When he was questioned by Jordan, Peter lied that Obrecht acted alone when she kidnapped him and Nina found them in the stables. Drew told Margaux about his memory loss. When she returned to her hotel room, Margaux found the empty envelope addressed to ‘Drew Cain’ that Peter was going to use to put the flash drive in.


Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) almost spilled hot coffee on Drew (Billy Miller) at The Metro Court. She talked about staying in Peter August old room and asked him questions about the ex-COO of Aurora. Nina (Michelle Stafford) visited Peter (Wes Ramsey) at General Hospital. She told him that Liesl (Kathleen Gati) was in custody and asked why he lied to the police about her involvement in his kidnapping. Peter told her that he knows she only helped Obrecht to get justice for her brother. But Peter wasn’t as understanding to old friend Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) the man who gave him to Faison and ruined his life. Nelle (Chloe Lanier) expressed her anger to Michael (Chad Duell) for her husband leaving their bedroom in the middle of the night. She accused him of being distance to her since the wedding; treating her like some obligation he had to put up with. At the gym, Jason (Steve Burton) warned Chase (Josh Swickward) that something could go sideways in the plan and Michael would pay the price. Ava (Maura West) told Griffin (Matt Cohen) that he could talk with her and tell her anything. Kiki (Hayley Erin) showed Alexis (Nancy Grahan) an article from The Inquister that painted Dr. Bensch (James DePaiva) as an upstanding citizen and accused her of trashing his career. Ms. Davis reminded Ms. Jerome that she couldn’t reassure her that they’d win the case or stop Dr. Bensch from doing what he did to her to another woman. Chase received a text from Nelle asking him to meet her at the docks. After Nina left, Valentin asked Peter would he could do to balance the ledger between them. Peter promised that when he was a free man again one day, he’d think of something. Julian (William DeVry) told Ava that he couldn’t use “the Jerome way” to get justice against Bensch for Kiki. Peter apologized to Griffin for asking him to keep the secret that he (Peter) was the son of Cesar Faison. Margaux entered the hospital room, and Griffin left. After introducing herself, Margaux vowed she’d put him in prison and he wouldn’t escape this time. Sensing she was on her way to August’s room, Drew arrived and Margaux listened as he asked Peter about the flash drive. Back at her hotel room, Nina told Valentin that he took an innocent child and used him as a weapon of revenge; if Peter chose to forgive him she never could…their marriage. Nelle told Chase that she feared the Corinthos family would get rid of her permanently and take her baby. Pretending to have lost an earring, Margaux ended up with the flash drive from The Metro Court lost and found. Michael showed up at the gym and talked with Jason about sending his child’s mother to prison. Crying, Nelle asked Chase how he’d protect her when she was an obstacle to the Corinthos family and they wanted her dead. “The only way Michael wouldn’t become a widower is if I become a widow first,” Nelle told Chase.


Kiki (Hayley Erin) was surprised when she returned back to Alexis’ (Nancy Grahan) and found her mother (Maura West), Olivia (Lisa LoCicerogh), Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) and Kim (Tamara Braun) waiting for her. The women shared their personal stories of the harassment they endured in the work place and encouraged Kiki not to give up her lawsuit because she was the voice of all women who experienced the same thing and had to carry the torch for them. Kiki told them she hadn’t realized before today what the law suit meant.  But now Kiki knew she had a responsibility to all women who came before them and would come after them. While Sonny (Maurice Benard) talked with Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and promised if something didn’t happen soon with Carly’s (Laura Wright) situation, he’d use his resources to take care of it, Cameron helped Oscar (Garren Stitt) to make up with her. At the gym, Sam (Kelly Monaco) urged Michael (Chad Duell) to be careful in whatever he was planning as it would kill Jason (Steve Burton) if something happened to him. Meanwhile, Nelle (Chloe Lanier) asked for Chase’s (Josh Swickward) help in arranging for something permanently to happen to Michael. After Michael left, Sam and Jason talked about Danny’s difficult early years, her relationship with Patrick Drake and then shared a family moment with their son as Jason taught him how to punch a punching bag. Chase sent Michael a text that read ‘Got Her.’ Sonny still worried something would go wrong and cost Michael his life. Michael vowed that if it came down to a choice between his life or his baby’s, he’d chose his child. In the park, Nelle gave Josslyn advice about Oscar. Detective Chase arrived at the Corinthos house and played the voice recording of Nelle asking him to kill Michael. Sonny warned Michael to make sure Nelle’s life was the one that was over.


Alexis (Nancy Grahan) arrived at General Hospital to give Brad (Parry Shen) that good news that his and Lucas’ (Ryan Carnes) baby had been born: He and Lucas have a son. Julian recorded the happy moment when Brad met his son. He named the baby Wiley Cooper Jones. Franco (Roger Hogwarth) had a practice therapy session in Kevin’s (Jon Lindstrom) office. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) entered and told him that Kevin had returned from France. Kevin arrived at the Corinthos house where Sonny (Maurice Benard) asked how they could bring Carly (Laura Wright) home. Kevin reminded Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny that he (Kevin) had almost convinced the judge Carly was capable of returning back into society before her escape. Chase (Josh Swickward) played the recording of Nelle (Chloe Lanier) plotting Michael’s (Chad Duell) murder. Although Jordan (Vinessa Antoine) said it was enough to bring Ms. Benson in, Chase was sure Nelle could wiggle her way out of the confession. At General Hospital, Nelle told Ava (Maura West) she wouldn’t be returning to her job at the gallery when her maternity leave was over and reminded they became co-conspirators once Ava took that baby blanket. Franco left Kevin’s office for another appointment. At Ferncliff, Mary Pat (Patricia Behune) gloated to Caroline that after her (Carly) treatment with Dr. Lazarus, she’d be a new woman. Carly had hallucinations of Nelle taunting her and was surprised when Franco appeared. It seems Franco received a grant to give the Ferncliff patients art therapy. Carly pleaded with Franco to tell Jason and Sonny to break her out as her doctor was going to do something to her. He realized that Carly wasn’t herself. Chase met both Michael and later Nelle in the park and talked about the plans: to set Nelle up and to kill Michael. Ava came to see Michael to make it clear she wasn’t Nelle’s accomplice. Kevin told Jason about Dr. Lazarus and the psychiatrist’s unorthodox medical treatment: electric compulsive therapy. Jason overheard Franco tell Elizabeth that he doesn’t think could help the patients at Ferncliff. As part of the plan, Nelle convinced Michael to drop her off at the hospital then drive to a store in Sawyer which was twenty miles knowing from Chase that Michael’s car was rigged to her a fatal accident after fifteen miles.


Jason (Steve Burton) corned Franco (Roger Hogwarth) on the elevator at General Hospital and asked him about his job at Ferncliff. Meanwhile, Mary Pat (Patricia Behune) taunted Caroline about her being one of those difficult patients who refused to accept treatment. Carrly (Laura Wright) protested as she met Dr. Lazarus (Casey Biggs) and he had an orderly put her on the table for her treatment. Using Jordan’s office, Chase (Josh Swickward) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) watched on the computer the live stream of Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Michael (Chad Duell) in the car. Chase assured Sonny that Michael would get a confession out of Nelle. Nina (Michelle Stafford) was waiting in the interrogation room of the PCPD when Maxie (Kristen Storms) entered.  Maxie questioned Nina about how she could let Liesl (Kathleen Gati) rope her into kidnapping Peter (Wes Ramsey). Finn reviewed Peter’s lung x-rays and told him his condition was looking good. They talked about Anna and trouble family relationships. At the PCPD, a returned Robert Scorpio (Tristan Rogers) taunted Liesl about her being on her way to Pentonville. Maxie told Liesl that she didn’t kidnap Peter for Nathan, Baby James or Maxie but herself (Liesl) and now because of her actions, James would never know his grandmother. Before she was taken off to prison, Liesl told Jordan that she acted alone in the kidnapping. Robert showed up in Peter’s hospital room with paperwork from the WSB to take August into custody. However, Finn refused to release Peter, telling Robert that he needed to monitor his patient to make sure there wasn’t any complications from him inhaling a large amount of smoke. Later, Finn received a text from Anna asking him to come to Berkley.  But when Robert called Robin, he learned from his daughter that Anna never arrived. Chase and Sonny watched on the computer as Nelle confessed to Chase rigging the car to crash to kill Michael and that she had killed Zach. Jason pointed a gun at Mary Pat and the orderly and locked them in a room. He asked Franco to guard the door for ten minutes while he searched for Carly. As Michael demanded Carly tell him whether his mother had pushed her down the stairs, he lost control of the car. Chase and Sonny watched in horror as it crashed. As Carly’s treatment started, Jason burst into the room. Training his gun on Dr. Lazarus, he ordered him to turn off the machine.

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