Happy Birthday Kathleen Gati @gatitweets #GH ‘s Liesl via @stacyamiller85 @GeneralHospital #GH55

August 13 is Kathleen Gati’s birthday.

For General Hospital fans, Kathleen is Dr. Liesl Obrecht the brilliant but some what twisted character she’s played since 2012. Not too many people in Port Charles have gotten away with the crimes Liesl has. Moreover due to Gati’s portrayal and her engaging manner with fans, Liesl is liked. Sure we know she’s done wrong, but we can see Liesl’s motivation for her actions. Kathleen has a way of delivering a line that is unmatched. I’m mesmerized by her performance and find myself eagerly awaiting her next scene.

But General Hospital is just one of Kathleen’s projects, she’s appeared in numerous film and television roles. A few of which are Arrow, Winterthorne and Ladies of the Lake. It doesn’t matter what the part calls for, Gati breathes no life into it and makes the character her own.

So on this August 13 your birthday, Kathleen I want to thank you for gracing our screens with your talent and wish you much happiness and continue success in your career.

Photos Courtesy of IMDB

Here is a birthday poem for Kathleen by my twin sister Tracy:

If I could talk to the little girl, a birthday poem for @Gatitweets  by Tracy Diane Miller
My name is Kathleen.
I am an actor.
I pour my heart and soul into characters penned by others.
I humbly and I gratefully want to breathe life into characters, to fill them with emotion;
My name is Kathleen.
I am an actor.
Acting is my calling,
My voice,
My purposeful devotion.
But if I could talk to the little girl, that little girl who was me from yesteryear,
I would tell her, “remember that there is strength in all that you fear.”
A river of tears, my Kathleen of the past;
May seem like you are coming apart.
Yet, an uncharted territory of sadness offers a chance to listen with your heart.
If I could talk to the little girl, the little girl who decades ago was me,
I would say, “Kathleen, neither cry nor ever get lost in a moment of pain, for life knows your path, with so much to gain.”
You will be an actor,
You will be a humanitarian,
You will cultivate an audience of millions, strangers really.
But strangers who will connect with the emotions as an actor you refine and play,
These strangers who eagerly watch your performances on screen on any given day.
These strangers who are guardians of their own pain, will connect with a character you play for you make them feel,
You are an actor and even through a curtain of make believe,
Emotions emerge, both powerful and real.
If I could talk to the little girl, that little Kathleen of yesteryear,
I would tell her that the answers exist in the rhythm of her heart,
That path for actors,
Of mining emotions,
A nobility,
A selfless art.
Comments? Sound of below.  Or tweet @thenerdygirlexp and @stacyamiller85 .

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