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A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Oscar (Garren Stitt) left a voicemail for Alexis (Nancy Grahan) to see whether she decided to take his case. Josslyn (Eden McCoy) approached him in the park wishing Oscar happy birthday. Kim (Tamara Braun) spoke with Drew (Billy Miller) about their son’s birthday and how they had to show Oscar how much they loved him. Drew warned Oscar could interpret it as an ambush. Kim reminded they didn’t have time to wait for Oscar to come around and had to act in his best interest, which meant keeping him in the trial. Laura (Genie Francis) demanded “Kevin” (Jon Lindstrom) tell her what’s going on when he insisted her was busy at work and couldn’t spend the evening with her. Carly (Laura Wright) had a nightmare about the patient next to her tapping out “Help Me” in Morse Code. She told Sonny (Maurice Benard) her dream. Mrs. Corinthos was nervous when someone tapped on the patio door. It was Mike (Max Gail), who was back from spending the day at the day facility. Scott (Kin Shriner) interrupted Ryan and Laura’s conversation. He told them that he was asked to be interviewed about the Ryan Chamberlain murders because he once represented Felicia (Kristina Wagner). “Kevin” said he had to go back to work, and Laura suggested she and Scott go out for a drink. Alexis saw Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) at Charlie’s Pub and suggested a job for her daughter with a former client who was an actuary. At The Metro Court, Laura expressed her concern for her husband while Scott wondered if Kevin could be preoccupied with a patient. Kim warned her son she’d no longer tolerate his disrespect; suggesting they talk calming about his feelings. Oscar told the he wanted to make his own decisions about his health and that meant dropping out of the clinical trial. Alexis came to “Kevin’s” office and had her session with Ryan. Then she told him about her client (Oscar) and how she wanted to help him make decisions for his life.  Carly told Stella (Vernee Watson) her idea to help mental patients like those at Ferncliff. Josslyn took a selfie of she and Cameron (Will Lipton) dressed for the prep rally. After calling Parker, Kristina swiped a whiskey bottle from the bar and drank it while sitting on a park bench. Alexis told Oscar she’d take his case. Laura surprised to find a paper where Kevin jotted down the names of Ryan’s victims.


Sam (Kelly Monaco) was surprised when Jason (Steve Burton) brought her drunk sister home. Before she went upstairs, Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth) urged Sam and Jason to get back together. Sam told Jason that breaking up with someone you cared about still hurt even if it was for the right reasons. As she sat in the park with Franco (Roger Hogwarth), Elizabeth worried over the reason Aiden didn’t want to go out to recess. Kim (Tamara Braun) told Drew they had to convince Oscar (Garren Stitt) to participate in the clinical trial. Although she agreed to take his case, Alexis (Nancy Grahan) again warned Oscar the damaged he’d cause by emanicipating from her parents. Ava (Maura West) seethed when Kiki (Hayley Erin) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) entered The Metro Court.  Ava sarcastically said to her daughter and ex-boyfriend she wondered how long it would be better one cheated on the other. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) was pleased to see Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) talking a The Metro Court. He came over to their table and after he left, Sasha asked why Nina and Valentin broke up since he was obviously into her. Oscar returned to Charlie’s Pub and told his parents he was divorcing them. Kim slapped Alexis when she learned Ms. Davis was her son’s lawyer. When Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) found Laura (Genie Francis) looking at his list of his victims, he fantasized about stabbing her to death. Laura suggested he could get help for his feelings by talking with a professional. Ryan made another slip when he forgot Dr. Steve Hardy was dead. Ned (Wally Kurth) entered “Kevin’s” office and asked Ryan to help stop the documentary about Ryan. “Kevin” assured Ryan’s survivors had a better chance of shaping the narrative. During the conversation, Ryan suggested Laura run against Ned in the special election. Nina introduced Kiki to Sasha. While the sisters got to know each other, Nina thanked Valentin for what he did by convincing her daughter to stay. Griffin urged Ava to repair her relationship with her daughter. Kim asked Jason whether he had any influence with Alexis Davis.  He told her Alexis tolerated him at best and didn’t approve of him. Kim told Jason that if Alexis didn’t back off she’d be helping Oscar make a decision that would kill him. Elizabeth assured Kim and Drew maybe Alexis would help Oscar come around. Alexis told Oscar he’d have to find a place to live. And living with her (Alexis) would undermine their case. Oscar had an idea. Laura reminded “Kevin” starting a political campaign this late in the game would be a tremendous undertaking and would keep her very busy…which is exactly what Ryan wants. Sasha asked Kiki to take her somewhere less formal than The Metro Court. Then, Kiki introduced Sasha to Griffin. Ava was pleased to see Sasha eyeing Griffin’s butt after he walked away; it seemed the sisters had the same taste in men and she could work with that.


Laura (Genie Francis) came to Alexis’ office to ask her opinion on whether she (Laura) should run for mayor. Olivia (Lisa LoCicero) brought Leo to Charlie’s Pub to visit with his father and told Julian (William deVry) how difficult it was being a mayor’s wife. Cameron (Will Lipton) rushed Oscar (Garrett Stitt) out of his house before Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) knew Nero spent the night at his house. Carly (Laura Wright) arrived as Cameron was leaving. Mrs. Corinthos wanted to discuss Cameron and Josslyn spending time together to make sure she and Elizabeth were on the same page. Carly explained she had no problem with Cameron and Josslyn seeing each other and would treat Cameron with respect but wanted Elizabeth to do the same with Josslyn. At The Metro Court, Drew (Billy Miller) apologized that he couldn’t be Curtis’ (Donnell Turner) best man because he had to devote his time to a family situation: Oscar was sick and was dying. Kim (Tamara Braun) came to Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) and told her about Oscar hiring Alexis as his attorney to get emancipated. Sam told Kim about when Jason who a tumor and refused surgery that could have left him hooked to machines. Kim asked Sam to talk with Alexis. Sam didn’t think she had that kind of influence on her mother but knew someone who did. Julian hired Oscar as a busboy at Charlie’s. Laura told Olivia she couldn’t endorse Ned for mayor. After Olivia left, Laura admitted to Carly she (Laura) was joining the race as a write in candidate. Then they talked about Carly’s time in Ferncliff and the patient tapping S.O.S. message on the wall begging for help. Laura decided to go to Ferncliff herself to check out the facility and asked Carly to come with her. Although she vowed never to set foot in the mental hospital again after escaping, Carly agreed as she didn’t want another person to go through what she did. Diane (Carolyn Hennesey) decided to represent Kim and Drew in the emancipation case. Later, Drew confronted Alexis about taking Oscar’s case. Although Diane knew why Alexis had agreed to represent Oscar, she told her friend she’d fight for Kim and Drew with everything she had. Elizabeth questioned Cameron about why he was spending so much time with Josslyn. Knowing his mother was upset about Oscar’s cancer and worried about Kim and Drew, Cameron said something to his mother he doesn’t say often: I love you mom. Oscar came to Alexis’ office and told his lawyer that he just completed step one for their case and got a job. Julian told Kim he hired Oscar. Kim explained that Oscar needed the job to prove to the court he could support himself as he was seeking emancipation. Kim questioned Julian whether Alexis agreed to take Oscar’s case as payback for them dating. But Julian assured Alexis wouldn’t do that. Kim asked Julian to use his influence on Alexis to get her to drop case.


Finn (Michael Easton) was exhausted from a long night performing surgery. He’s ready to fall into bed and sleep. But Anna (Finola Hughes) return was a welcomed surprise and changed his plans. At The Metro Court, Nina (Michelle Stafford) gave Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) and gift: A good luck February stone for the month of her birth. At Charlie’s Pub, Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) was talking with Kristina (Lexi Ainsworth)about what was good to eat there when Sonny (Maurice Benard) approached and told his daughter that Margaux was the new D.A. determined to send him to prison. Nina introduced Maxie (Kirsten Storms) to Sasha. Maxie told Sasha about her colorful relatives Britt (Kelly Theibauld) and Liesl (Kathleen Gati). Spinelli (Bradford Anderson) came to Sam’s (Kelly Monaco) and gave them information about Margo’s mother and Mrs. Marino’s life insurance policy she had on her husband, which she never cashed in. Sam wondered if Margo’s mother could have been in love with two women. Anna told Finn about her search for Obrecht. Peter (Wes Ramsey) was also at The Metro Court as was Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). They talked about Nina’s daughter Sasha and whether August was any closer to forgiving Anna. As he looked in Maxie’s direction, Peter said he was working on it with the help of a good woman. Later as they waited for the elevator, Maxie told Peter he could join her for shopping for James’ Halloween costume. When Julian (William deVry) came to Alexis and Oscar (Garren Stitt) saw him, Nero accused Jerome of being there to talk Alexis out of representing him. Later, Oscar found a place to live with Port Charles newcomer Daisy (Kelsey Wang). Nina and Valentin convince Sasha to delay returning to her temp job and stay in Port Charles a little longer. Valentin invited Nina and Sasha to have dinner with he and Charlotte and his ex wife accepted. Sonny arrived at Sam’s and Spinelli filled him in on Margaux’s mother and the insurance policy.  Sonny urged him to do whatever was necessary to shut Margaux down.


Laura (Genie Francis) told Lulu (Emme Rylan) she’s decided to run for mayor in the hopes of shining a light on social services, beginning with mental health care. When Carly (Laura Wright) arrived, Laura told Lulu how she and Carly were hoping to get a tour of Ferncliff. Lulu reminded it was a state facility to which Laura replied that any politician with an ounce of integrity knew the state had to be held accountable. When Kiki (Kayley Erin) and Griffin (Matt Cohen) again saw Ava (Maura West) at The Metro Court, Kiki refused to leave, saying her mother could if Ava was uncomfortable. pretending to be insurance representatives from Met Life, Kitty Gardner (Sam) and Bobby Farrell (Spinelli) arrived at the home of Jeannette Marino, Margaux’s mother to discuss the insurance policy she’d taken out on her husband.  Bobby and Kitty questioned Mrs. Marino about waiting for her husband’s return all these years and how she’d worked part-time but was able to raise her daughter Margaux with the help and support of her family. Franco (Roger Hogwarth) told Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) has idea of having Aiden and his class work on an interactive art project making a volcano to get him over his shyness. As he was once a withdrawn kid, Franco didn’t want a great kid like Aiden to go through the same thing.  Since people on the outside fought for her release, Carly wanted to do the same for those in Ferncliff who needed help even if it meant going back. Lulu came to Kevin’s office and questioned him about how even though he and Ryan were twins how could they be so different…were some people just born evil?  Kiki offered to let Sasha stay in the spare room at her apartment instead of The Metro Court as Nina suggested. She told Sasha that Nina was her landlord but she’d doubt that she (Nina) would even notice if she skipped out on the rent. Kiki said it would be the best situation and everybody would win because by living with her, Sasha could take Nina up on her generosity without having Nina support her (Sasha). Franco told Elizabeth that before he made her he was uncomfortable in his own skin. Ryan told Lulu the question was who defines evil…the person called evil or those he judge him? Ava approached Sasha and introduced herself as Kiki’s mother saying they were estranged because Kiki slept with her mother’s boyfriend. Ava hinted that Kiki and Griffin’s relationship was casual. The insurance investigators Kitty and Bobby a.k.a Sam and Spinelli told Mrs. Jeanette Marino they couldn’t pay out the insurance claim because she had stopped paying the premiums. But if they could pinpoint and actual month of death, that would help. Mrs. Marino told them her husband died in March. Carly and Laura visited Ferncliff where Carly ran into Mary Pat, who was on a visitor pass collecting her personal belongings. Laura introduced herself as Dr. Kevin Collins’ wife. Mary Pat commented how Dr. Collins didn’t know how to treat violent patients like Caroline. After Mary Pat leaves, Laura asks for a tour of the entire facilitate, warning head nurse Kay she’d contact Lulu as a reporter doing an article on her (Laura) candidacy for mayor and tell her how she was being stonewalled. While Spinelli pretended he needed a glass of water in which to take his pill for hypoglycemia and Mrs. Marino took him into the kitchen, Sam used a letter opener to search the desk drawer and found some old letters. When Sasha told Griffin how Ava shared more information than she should have and some involved him, he said that was something mother and daughter needed to work through. Lulu told Ryan that Carly and her mother were on a tour of Ferncliff to undercover any secrets. After they left Mrs. Marino’s house, Sam showed Spinelli the letters from Joe Scully to Jeanette Marino.

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