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A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Reviewing Joe Scully’s letters to Jeannette Marino, Sam (Kelly Monaco) fantasized she and Jason (Steve Burton) admitting their feelings for each other.  At The Floating Rib, Michael (Chad Duell) told Sonny (Maurice Benard) he was okay. Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan (Briana Henry) discussed the seating chart for their wedding and Stella’s (Vernee Watson) absent chair. Stella interrupted Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) as he was on his way to Ferncliff. Carly (Laura Wright) told Laura (Genie Francis) she wanted to put a face to the patient in the room next to hers. Sonny told Michael D.A. Dawson was out for his head. Stella wouldn’t let Dr. Collins leave GH until he completed request paperwork. Laura saw the patient’s room was empty. Kevin (also Lindstrom) sat unconscious on the floor. Jason told Sam he wanted Danny to someday know the choices Jason he took responsibility for choices he made in his line of work while Sam worried how she would some day explain her choices to Scout. Jason found a letter where Jeannette wrote to Scully the only way they could be together was if Vincent were gone. Carly reminded Mary Pat that she is suffering the consequences of her actions. When Ryan entered, Mary Pat told “Dr. Collins” in her 19 years, she followed given instructions as well as kept certain confidences. She left for margarita night at The Floating Rib. “Kevin” said Laura should have let him know of her plans to visit Ferncliff; he couldn’t have stand if something happened to her.  Jason showed Sonny the letter where Mrs. Marino ordered the hit on her husband. Carly demanded the patient’s door be opened. Anna and Finn paid a visit to Britt in prison. Anna promised she could arrange a visit at The Metro Court between Britt and Peter (Wes Ramsey). Stella assured Jordan although she no longer blamed her for Thomas’ death, she (Stella) still couldn’t attend their wedding. Michael vowed to Margaux he’d exercise legal means to get her to back down. Jason said if the letter didn’t convince Margaux to back down nothing would. Anna gave Britt a paper to sign where Britt agreed to a covert WSB mission in exchange for her trading places in Pentonville with Liesl (Kathleen Gati). Laura stopped Nurse Kay from opening patient’s door. Barely conscious Kevin heard his wife’s voice and called out to her. At The Floating Rib, Mary Pat told Dr. Collins she knew he’d show up.


When Chase (Josh Swickard) approached Ms. Tait in her car, she threatened to call the police. He told her he was the police. After checking his credentials, Willow had to walk a straight line to prove she wasn’t drunk. But when Chase asked Willow to move her car, it wouldn’t start. Laura (Genie Francis) told Carly (Laura Wright) how proud she was of her for standing her ground at Ferncliff. Carly was sorry she was never got to see the patient in the room next to hers. Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) assured Mary Pat (Patricia Bethune) he wanted to conclude their business as quickly as possible. He swiped a bottle from the bar so they could talk in private on Pier 55. Peter (Wes Ramsey) showed Lulu The Invader’s circulation numbers were up but still was determined to scrap her story. Britt wanted her medical license reinstated in order to help Anna (Finola Hughes) find Liesl (Kathleen Gati). Anna reminded Britt what she did to Lulu (Emme Rylan) by stealing her embryo. Britt had one more demand that was non-negotiable. Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna took her to The Floating Rib for a barbecue dinner. Carly told Laura she thought she recognized her neighbor at Ferncliff. On Pier 55, Ryan told Mary Pat she didn’t want a serial killer released on the street. Mary Pat said she didn’t care. She was out there; Ryan Chamberlain was locked up in Ferncliff where he couldn’t hurt anyone. Peter told Lulu their readers didn’t care about a psychological analysis of what makes evil. Lulu wondered as the son of Cesar Faison whether Peter was over sensitive. “Oh Hell no!” Lulu said angrily when she spotted Britt eating ribs. Mrs. Falconieri poured a pitcher of margaritas over Britt’s head then introduced Peter to his sister. Ryan ignored a call from Laura and assured Mary Pat she was his priority. Sonny (Maurice Benard) told Sam (Kelly Monaco) and Jason (Steve Burton) the letters just proved Jeannette’s intent to have her husband killed. He felt a little sorry for Margaux that she would soon discovered everything she knew about her past was a lie. Michael (Chad Duell) told Carly he wasn’t okay not without his son. Peter and Britt briefly talked about their bad childhoods. Anna pulled Peter aside and told him she was using Britt to help her find Liesl and needed Peter to keep Lulu under wraps. And after Liesl is captured, The Invader will get the exclusive. Britt learned she’d be staying at Anna’s house instead of The Metro Court. After Lulu ran into Chase and Willow in the parking lot of The Floating Rib and helped Ms. Taut with her car, Willow went to the bereavement group meeting at GH; the same meeting Michael was attending. Mary Pat wanted Dr. Collins to get her a job at General Hospital and give her financial assistance in the meantime, hinting the arrangement would be ongoing. After Mary Pat walked away, Ryan picked up a hooked crate opener.


Jason (Steve Burton) worked on carving a pumpkin with Jake (Hudson West). Sam (Kelly Monaco) arrived with Danny, who wore a leather jacket and told Jason he was dressed as his dad. Jason told his sons that due to a brain injury from an accident, he (Jason) doesn’t have any memories of celebrating Halloween as a child. Port Charles residents Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst), Franco (Roger Hogwarth) and Aiden were all decked out for Halloween as was Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) thanked Nina (Michelle Stafford) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) for coming to dinner. Nina introduced Scarlett to her daughter Sasha. Sasha told Scarlett she’d getting to know Nina and her new family to see if she fits in. Dressed as a Woodchucks baseball player, Peter (Wes Ramsey) showed up at Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms). When Ms. Jones received a delivery of balloons and flowers for her birthday from Mac (John J. York) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner), Peter told Maxie should couldn’t spend her birthday alone eating stale candy. Maxie agreed to celebrate with Peter if he tried a piece of her candy. Avery was dressed as a pirate. Ava introduced “Kevin” (Jon Lindstrom )as the man who was helping her with her feelings. Laura (Genie Francis) approached her “husband” and told “Kevin” about the benefit Felicia was throwing for her (Laura). Ryan said he’d be there. When Avery ran up to Kiki (Hayley Erin), Ava (Maura West) reminded she didn’t want Kiki to have contact with the little girl; saying her daughter (Kiki) was dead to her. Kiki told her mother she feels sorry for Avery as Ava would probably turn on her daughter once Avery stopped being  little girl who worshipped her. Ryan watched the exchange. Peter returned to Maxie’s with takeout and a birthday cake. Then, they settled in to watch a marathon of The Brady Bunch. At The Floating Rib, Felicia questioned “Kevin” about him treating Ava and warned him to be careful of Ms. Jerome. But Ryan later told Ava that if she sticks with him he could guarantee their time together would be utterly rewarding. While sharing Halloween candy, Sam told Jason about all the Halloween costumes she dressed Danny up in. Sam told Jason she was really grateful he was there. Kiki and Ava watched as Griffin (Matt Cohen) helped Sasha remove her tangled hair from her necklace. Ryan told Ava about Felicia’s warning, adding Ava should be worried about him. Nina had to stay the night on Spoon Island when the heavy rain canceled the return of the launch. After lighting the candle on her birthday cake and telling her to make a wish, Peter ate a piece of candy and admitted that it was fresh. Peter and Maxie got ready to watch The Brady Bunch episode where they were in Hawaii. Both Maxie and Peter said they were happy. Felicia greeted the woman of the hour and “Kevin” asked whether they were ready to raise some money for a good cause.


“I have a feeling tonight is going to be unforgettable,” Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) told Laura (Genie Francis) and Felicia (Kristina Wagner). Michael (Chad Duell) told Carly (Laura Wright) he was taking a step in the right direction towards his healing. Josslyn (Eden McCoy) and Cameron (Will Lipton) were Princess Leia and Hans Solo for Halloween. Although he’d agreed to the costume, Cameron drew the line at bringing a stuffed Chewbacca not liking props unlike Oscar (Garren Stitt) who brought Mother of Dragons Josslyn toy baby dragons last year. At Charlie’s Pub, Drew (Billy Miller) came to see his son and Oscar told his father he (Oscar) found a place to live. Carly reminded Ava (Maura West) she got away with murdering Connie due to lack of evidence. Drew wanted to go on a father/son trip. But when he told Oscar the clinical trial started December 1, Oscar accused Drew of wanting him out of town so he couldn’t pursue his case. Kim (Tamara Braun) told Julian (William deVry) she was convinced the clinical trial would save her son’s life. Curtis (Donnell Turner), Jordan (Briana Henry) and Chase (Josh Swickard) arrived at the benefit. Chase later asked Michael how he was doing. Michael said his heart was breaking over Jonah’s loss. Ned (Wally Kurth) and Olivia (Lisa Locicero) showed up at the benefit where Olivia announced she and the mayor would match every donation made. And Ned said he would make mental health a key focus. Carly confronted Mayor Quartermaine about the conditions at Ferncliff. Ned vowed to make mental health reform a priority after his inauguration with the creation of a task force and invited Laura to join it. But Alexis (Nancy Grahan) revealed the latest polls showed Laura’s numbers climbing. When Nina (Michelle Stafford) accused Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) of plotting to get her to remain on Spoon Island tonight, he reminded the Cassadines didn’t actually control the weather.  But Valentin told his ex-wife he would do anything to convince her that belonged together. Nina and Valentin shared a kiss. He told her Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) would be thrilled if she were to walk in and see them together. Nina said she couldn’t risk getting back together with Valentin as she knew he’d hurt her again. Although she’s up 28 percent, Laura reminded she couldn’t win an election next week with that number. “Kevin” told his wife anything could happen.  Drew told Oscar he wasn’t trying to deceive him with the trip; he just wanted to spend as much time as possible with him. Oscar apologized to his father. Drew suggested they could celebrate Halloween. On Pier 55, Cameron found Mary Pat’s ID. “Kevin” told Laura he had to leave to continue with the sleep study he was working on. Laura told the benefit attendees that a $500 Wyndham’s gift card would be awarded to contest winners. First event was bobbing for apples. Carly offered to go first and screamed in horror when Mary Pat’s life less head popped up among the apples.


Carly (Laura Wright) had a nightmare about finding Mary Pat’s (Patricia Bethune) head in the apple bobbing station. Mac (John J. York) assured Laura (Genie Francis) the murder wasn’t her fault even though it was discovered at her benefit. Laura wondered whether Kevin (Jon Lindstrom) heard about Mary Pat. Kiki (Hayley Erin), Griffin (Matt Cohen) and Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) were out for a run on the docks. At Kelly’s Diner, Ava (Maura West) told Scott (Kin Shriner) how much Dr. Collins has been helping her. Sonny (Maurice Benard) comforted Carly over her bad dream. As Laura comments on who could have committed such a heinous crime, Ryan arrived at The Floating Rib. Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) brought Nina (Michelle Stafford) breakfast. When she awoke, Nina and Valentin talked about their kiss and she asked him to be in another part of house when she left. Carly told Sonny about how Mary Pat’s head was discovered and said that even though the woman was horrible no one deserved to die like that. Ryan told Laura his phone was turned off while he monitoring the sleep study but heard about Mary Pat’s murder on the news, saying he could drive her home because he had to give his statement to the police because he was the last person who saw Mary Pat alive there at The Floating Rib. Ava assured Scott she wouldn’t slip back into her old ways. Ryan as Kevin told Chase (Josh Swickard) and Jordan (Briana Henry) about coming to The Floating Rib during his break and running into Mary Pat at the bar and how Ms. Ingalls was angry for losing her job. He managed to draw suspicion on Mrs. Corinthos by commenting on the animosity between Carly and Mary Pat. Sasha saw Nina when she came off the launch. When Sasha said Kiki’s mother told her Kiki and Griffin’s relationship wasn’t serious, Nina warned her daughter not to believe anything Ava Jerome said. Carly and Sonny arrived at The Floating Rib so Carly could give her statement. Carly admitted she’s not sorry Mary Pat is dead but didn’t kill her. Jordan hinted maybe someone close to her (Carly) did and looked towards Sonny. Sonny smiled telling Jordan he wouldn’t go down for it. At The Jerome Gallery, Ava screamed in horror when she saw a body with a Jack O’ Lantern head sitting in her chair that turned out to by a real body. When Nina arrived to warn Ava to stay away from Sasha and saw the body, Ms. Reeves called the police. Chase and Jordan later came to question Ava and Nina. Chase revealed that strands of blond hair not belonging to the victim were found in Mary Pat’s hand. “Kevin” told Laura his feelings for her had changed due to her being away for so long. He said he thought they should separate and he would be moving out tonight. Sasha talked with Valentin. It was revealed she’s not really Nina’s daughter.

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