The Field Book Review from @kleffnotes

The Field is a thrilling and terrifying look at the darkness that can live inside any person and the extent to which someone will go to protect their closest friend. In Ian Dawson’s book the focus is on two different sets of friends and how they each contend with something completely unexpected. The first pair we meet is Daniel and Kyle, who are just now experiencing puberty. With everything changing around them they suddenly find themselves dealing with dangerous and unexpected events connected to two boys named Austin and James. In his book Dawson examines these two pairings and the different paths their friendships are on.

Kyle and Daniel has been close friends for years and as they get older they are both maturing at different rates. They stay close, but also find themselves trying to understand what is happening to their bodies and in the world around them. One day while they are playing outside Daniel finds himself in danger and Kyle is the only one that can help him. Recently a young boy has been reported missing and this element becomes tied to Kyle and Daniel when their paths cross Austin and James. Austin is a dangerous teenager who has a deep and violent inner darkness that he feels compelled to use again other people, including the person who thinks they are friends, James.

The story within The Field is not for the faint of heart and is shockingly dangerous and frightening. Austin is the epitome of evil and he does not care what happens to anyone around him as long as he can gain what he wants. Daniel has to try and survive against this evil boy and while he is in danger he still tries to help someone else. As he works to protect himself and the missing boy, Kyle is racing against time to find and save Daniel. This book is full of intense moments and frightening scenarios. If you are looking for a tense read that shows moments of strength in the darkest times you should check out The Field on sale now.

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