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A weekly column highlighting the Port Charles happenings during the past week on General Hospital. Read below to find out what you missed or to refresh your memory in time for next week.


Brooklyn, 1985. Vincent Marino pleaded with a Young Sonny (Joshua Benard) not to shoot him; telling him that once he did this he couldn’t take it back. Young Sonny told him that it was Joe Scully’s orders to shoot Marino. Then, he pulled the trigger. We saw a different version where Mike (Max Gail) begged Sonny not to do this. Sonny (Maurice Benard) wakes up in a living room in Brooklyn. He’s married to Olivia and they have three children. Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) is married to Sam (Kelly Monaco) and works for Julian (William deVry) and Ava (Maura West). We learn that Sonny is Sergeant Corinthos with the NYPD. Due to an injury, he never was promoted beyond that rank. And Jason (Steve Burton) is Jason Smith, mob enforcer for the Jerome organization. Sonny wants Dante to get out of the business. But Dante told his father how he’s trying to make a better life for his family unlike Sonny as his (Dante) mother Olivia will be working in that salon the rest of her life. Carly (Laura Wright) stormed into the Ava and Julian’s restaurant and and demanded revenge against them for causing her son Michael (Chad Duell) to move to Singapore to escape their criminal influences. Sonny ended up pulling Carly aside and the two talked over coffee. Sonny came to the NYPD and met with Anna and Alexis. Dante went against Ava and Julian and gave Jordan a flash drive to expose the Jeromes. Dante told Sam that as soon as they got rid of Julian they could run the Jerome organization.  But Sam reminded that the life of a mob wife wasn’t for her; she encourage Dante to break his ties to the mob. After Dante left, Sam and Jason Smith shared a look. Later, Dante confronted Jason on the pier and shot Smith! Sonny arrived in time to stop his son from killing Jason, warning that Dante was risking ruining his life. They struggled for the gun and it went off! Olivia appeared and told Sonny he just shot his own son. Then, we were taken back to that fateful night when Marino begged for his life. Sonny urged Mike to let Young Sonny make his own choice. Young Sonny pulled the trigger and killed Vincent Marino. Back in the present, Sonny wakes up in Jeanette Marino’s living room.


Alexis (Nancy Grahan) came to Charlie’s Pub and told Oscar (Garrett Stitt) she’s trying to get the date for the hearing moved up. Ms. Davis then gave her client paperwork for GED prep courses and medical insurance, reminding him that to prove he’s an adult in the eyes of the court he’ll need to start taking care of adult matters. Kim (Tamara Braun) gave Drew (Billy Miller) the consent forms for both their signatures for Oscar to participate in the clinical trial. Josslyn (Eden McCoy) came to the Webber home and told Cameron (Will Lipton) how her mother was being questioned about a murder. The teen was upset that her mother was being considered as a person of interest after having recently been falsely accused of a crime.  At the PCPD, Curtis (Donnell Turner) saw Jordan (Briana Henry) looking at a file on Carly (Laura Wright) and asked whether that meant she hadn’t ruled Mrs. Corinthos out as a suspect. Jordan assured she believed Carly was innocent but couldn’t rule her out as a suspect because of the strand of her hair being found in the victim’s hand. Curtis speculated that perhaps the real killer targeted Mary Pat in order to set Carly up. Jason came to the Corinthos house and told Carly about finding Nelle (Chloe Lanier) in the patient’s room and she was pretending to be crazy by cradling her blanket like a baby. Jason said he, Sam and Curtis made sure Nelle’s scheme was found out and she’d be evaluated with a guarantee return back to Pentonville where she belonged after all the crimes she’s committed. They also talked about whether Ava (Maura West) could be the one trying to set her up. Carly didn’t believe it was Ava’s style. Jason wondered whether Carly could have drawn the attention of a dangerous killer. Overhearing Kim and Drew talking about Oscar’s case, Monica (Leslie Charleson) told Dr. Nero about Emily’s bout with breast cancer and her initial refusal to seek medical treatment. Once Monica left, Kim asked Drew about the procedure to restore his memories and whether he was considering it. Cameron and Josslyn went to Charlie’s Pub to pick up breakfast before school. Josslyn was surprised to see Oscar as she didn’t know he was working there. Taking Cameron aside, Oscar asked Webber about his relationship with Joss. Cameron told Oscar that Josslyn needed someone in her life that cared about her and he was glad to be there for her. Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) assured Sonny she had nothing to do with Carly being questioned again. When Sonny returned home, he told Carly and Jason that he was with Margaux last night as she confronted her mother with the information they were able to uncover. Sonny admitted her felt sorry for the D.A. when she learned the truth. Carly wasn’t certain this would get Margaux to back off; even if her mother did order the hit she(Margaux) may still come after Sonny for carrying out the crime.


Anna (Finola Hughes) expressed her annoyance in dealing with Britt (Kelly Thiebuald) to Finn (Michael Easton). But he was preoccupied with his presentation, saying the future of the General Hospital depended on it. In Willow Tait’s (Katelyn MacMullen) class, Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) was giving the Pledge of Alliance when Chase (Josh Swickard) arrived late. Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) called to Aiden, who was still upstairs, that he would miss the school bus. When the little boy came downstairs, he didn’t have his backpack. Peter (Wes Ramsey) approached Maxie (Kirsten Storms) who was being obvious as she watched Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) and Valentin (James Patirck Stuart) talking. Sasha assured Valentin that even with her working at Crimson, Nina (Michelle Stafford) wouldn’t learn the truth. Laura (Genie Francis) appeared and Valentin made the introductions. Maxie asked Peter whether he made the decision about attending Curtis (Donnell Turner) and Jordan’s (Briana Henry) wedding as Nina’s plus one. Meanwhile, Curtis asked Nina to be his best person at his wedding. Ms. Tait told her class they had special guests for career day. Charlotte raised her hand and reminded Ms. Tait they couldn’t start because Aiden wasn’t there. As he missed the school bus, Franco (Roger Hogwarth) offered to drive Aiden to school. Anna thanked Peter for not putting anything about Britt’s release in The Invader. They also talked about rebuilding their relationship. Curtis was surprised to learn Sasha was staying in Port Charles and would be working at Crimson. Peter told Maxie he hadn’t decided yet whether he’d attend the wedding with Nina. He asked whether it was Maxie’s idea for Nina to invite him. He didn’t know if he should go because of all the cops in attendance who were friends with Nathan. Franco dropped Aiden off at Ms. Tait’s class and gave him money for lunch. After Aiden went inside his class, Franco deliberately gave a late Finn wrong directions to Ms. Tait’s classroom. At General Hospital, Scott (Kin Shriner) asked for Elizabeth’s help with something. But as Nurse Webber snapped at him because she was late and worried about Aiden. When Laura later arrived at GH and saw Liz crying, Mrs. Collins asked her former daughter-in-law what was wrong. Laura suggested Elizabeth called Lucky and tell him about Aiden. Out of breath from running around, Finn burst into Ms. Tait’s class as she was introducing first guest speaker Stella (Vernee Watson). During her presentation, Ms. Henry revealed her t-shirt as “Super Social Worker.” As Finn continued to listen to the other presentations and felt his would be lacking as Michael brought props and Chase the PCPD K-9 Thor. By the time he presented, Scarlett was rude and Finn ran out of time. Later, Ms. Tait agreed to go on a date with Chase and called Elizabeth to arrange another parent teacher conference about Aiden. Curtis gave Finn a letter from Hayden. Entering Nina’s office with Maxie, Peter announced in front of Valentin that he’s decided to be Nina’s date for the wedding.


Finn (Michael Easton) asked Curtis (Donnell Turner) what Hayden had to say in the letter she wrote Ashford. Ms. Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) told Elizabeth how she encouraged Aiden to ask a Career Day guest a question but the little boy remained silent. Elizabeth worried about how son retreating into himself. Franco (Roger Hogwarth) told “Kevin” (Jon Lindstrom) how the police wanted to ask him question about the Halloween murder and probably want to ask Kevin some questions too. Margaux (Elizabeth Hendrickson) ran into Drew (Billy Miller) and The D.A. commented how her investigation into her father’s murder came back to bite her. She explained that her father is dead because her mother wanted him killed. Curtis told Finn how Hayden wrote she was okay then handed the doctor the letter Hayden wrote for Finn. Ms. Tait explained to Elizabeth that she believed Aiden was the target of a bully, suffering from verbal abuse at school. Franco told Ryan how the police wanted to know what goes on inside the mind of a killer. For the sake of his patient’s mental health, “Kevin” encouraged Franco not to go down that dark path even if it meant helping the police. Elizabeth called Franco and asked for him to come to Aiden’s school.  Anna (Finola Hughes) felt Finn would regret it if he didn’t read Hayden’s letter. Jordan (Briana Henry) told Carly (Laura Wirght) and Sonny (Maurice Benard) that the time of Mary Pat’s death confirms Carly’s alibi so Mrs. Corinthos is no longer a person of interest. Commissioner Ashford urged the Corinthos to beef up their security to do anything necessary to protect their family.  When Ryan arrived at the PCPD, Carly questioned “Kevin” about how Nelle (Chloe Lanier) ended up in the patient’s room at Ferncliff. Franco was angry when he learned Aiden was being bullied and demanded to know the name of the kid doing the bullying so he could talk with his parents.  He accused Ms. Tait of caring more about the bully than the victim. Willow assured she cared about all the children in her charge and didn’t think it would help anyone by pitting one parent against the other. Ryan told Jordan that the killer is targeting his victims very carefully and if he wasn’t stopped, he’d kill again. Jordan asked “Kevin” how do they catch this killer? Finn read aloud Hayden’s letter but stopped before he got to the end. Anna took the letter from him and continued reading. Hayden wrote how she’d like Finn to meet her at a cafe in Rome because they had unfinished business. Willow called someone and told the person that they had to talk about Charlotte.  At The Metro Court, Carly said Margaux shouldn’t have thrown stones at The Corinthos family when she herself lived in a glass house that shattered at the revelation of her mother Jeanette’s guilt. After the D.A. left, Carly accused Sonny of attempting to defend Margaux against her (Carly). Sonny came to Margaux’s hotel suite.


Michael (Chad Duell) and Sam (Kelly Monaco) were talking at The Metro Court when Jason (Steve Burton) appeared asking whether they’ve seen Sonny (Maurice Benard). Meanwhile, Sonny came to Margaux’s hotel suite and reminded her that this whole thing was about them and not about Carly (Laura Wright). Griffin (Matt Cohen) told Kiki (Hayley Erin) had had a hospital meeting to discuss running the unauthorized DNA test on Peter (Wes Ramsey). Kiki mentioned to Griffin she’s going to let Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) know that flirting with her boyfriend is not acceptable. Nina (Michelle Stafford) was impressed on how quickly Sasha completed a work assignment. Ms. Reeves found Valentin in her office.  But before they got to talk, Valentin received a phone call from Ms. Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) asking him to come to the school to discuss Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez). When Valentin didn’t give Nina any details about why Ms. Tait needed to see him, Nina left Crimson shortly after her ex-husband; it was obvious she was on her way to Charlotte’s school. Jason called Sonny, who told him that he’d let him know if he needed him. After hanging up with Jason, Sonny continued his conversation with Margaux reminding her that her father is dead because that was the way her mother wanted it and she couldn’t prove that he was the one who shot Vincent. Sonny added that if he were the one who had been killed, he would have wanted his daughters to not devote their lives to bringing his killer to justice but to instead surround themselves with people they love and who love them. As Ms. Tait started to discuss the problem with Charlotte, Nina entered. The teacher asked Charlotte’s parents whether it was okay if the little girl’s step mother stayed for the parent/teacher conference. Both Lulu (Emme Rylan) and Valentin had no objections. Willow explained how Charlotte behaved inappropriately at Career Day after Lulu left and has been bullying another student. Angry, Nina confronted Ms. Tait saying the teacher was falsely accusing Charlotte and warned she’d be watching her (Ms. Tait). Lulu and Valentin asked Nina to leave so they could continue discussing the problem with Charlotte alone. After apologizing for Nina’s behavior, Charlotte’s parents were given information on how to approach the child. Sam told Michael about finding Nelle (Chloe Lanier) in Ferncliff pretending she had a breakdown. Franco (Roger Hogwarth) used art therapy on Aiden, which shows that the little boy sees himself as smaller than others. Ryan (Jon Lindstrom) gave Ava (Maura West) medication. Valentin asked Nina to be there when he talked with Charlotte. Kiki confronted Sasha about flirting with Griffin and asked her to move out of the apartment. Later, Sasha warned Ava not to use her to help break up Kiki and Griffin. Ava used the medication Ryan gave her to drug Sasha’s food. Sam told Jason that Curtis and Jordan were getting married on Thanksgiving. She asked him to watch the parade with she and the kids.

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