Work for a Million Graphic Novel Feature from @kleffnotes

The first lesbian detective is coming back to life in the brand new adaptation of Eve Zaremba’s 1978 series starring the PI Helen Karemos. Based on the novel novel, Work for a Million, Amanda Deibert and Selena Goulding are creating a new graphic novel of the same name. As a lover of detective novels, comics, and LGBTQ+ stories I am ecstatic about this project.

Full of drama intrigue and romance, the world of Helen Karemos is a dive into 1970’s Toronto. Bedside Press is bringing this new version of the original work to life and also reprinting the original novel’s text. PI Helen Karemos might have a tough exterior, but it is balanced by her desire to help young women in trouble. In February a remarkably successful Kickstarter ran to help with the publication of the book.

The book is estimated to come out in January 2020 and will include art and pinups from a variety of talented comic artists including Sean Phillips, Selena Goulding, Barbara Guttman, Marguerite Sauvage, Elizabeth Beals, Sara Richard,  Sami Kivelä, Bev Johnson, Vic Maholtra, Joana Neves, Caroline Dougherty, and Victor Santos. Not only does this book feature the first ever lesbian detective, but Eve Zaremba as well as the Deibert and Goulding are all queer women. This project is a fantastic read for mystery fans and I cannot wait for it to release. You can find out more about Zaremba and her work on Quill & Quir.

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