Strange Waters Kickstarter Comic Review from @kleffnotes

Strange Waters is currently being Kickstarted by Arledge Comics, which is a publisher that I have showcased on The Nerdy Girl Express a number of times. They provide diverse LGBTQ+ representation in their books, including one of my favorites Alex Priest. This new anthology was previously being made by Haunted Cosmos Press, but was purchased by Arledge Press because they saw a great deal of potential and wanted to help bring this book to life. This book is made entirely by queer creators and presents 15 stories with a focus on water. Continue reading “Strange Waters Kickstarter Comic Review from @kleffnotes”

Geek-Girl #5 Preview and Kickstarter News from @kleffnotes

Geek-Girl is back with a brand new Kickstarter. Running through the month of June you can support the new collected trade paperback of issues 1-4 of the Crime War arc as well a new edition in the ongoing series following Ruby and the mantle of Geek-Girl. When a pair of power-inducing glasses become Ruby’s she finds herself with the ability to join the ranks of Maine’s superheros. After a fight with the electric villain, Lightning Storm, Ruby was out of the fight and even though her best friend attempted to take over the role villains were able to rise. Crime War reveals the start of the League of Larcenists and their evil deeds throughout Maine. Continue reading “Geek-Girl #5 Preview and Kickstarter News from @kleffnotes”

My Kingdom for a Panel Comic Review ( @arledgecomics) from @kleffnotes

Earlier this month I shared information about the brand new Kickstarter from Arledge Comics for their anthology comic, My Kingdom for a Panel. I recently received the chance to check out the book a little bit early and wanted to share my thoughts on this Shakespearean anthology before the Kickstarter closes on June 6th.  This is the perfect collection for both comic and literary lovers everywhere. Continue reading “My Kingdom for a Panel Comic Review ( @arledgecomics) from @kleffnotes”

The Power of Mercy Book Review and Kickstarter News ( @YlvaPublishing ) from @kleffnotes

I’ve reviewed books from Ylva Publishing in the past and even did a feature on their books earlier this year as part of a series of ClexaCon related features. While at the convention I had the opportunity to pick up more of their books and found out about an amazing project they are undertaking. They have recently launched a Kickstarter to turn one of their books, The Power of Mercy, into a graphic novel. This is the first book in a series focused on a badass lesbian superhero of color, which is something that we definitely need more of in the world of superheroes. Continue reading “The Power of Mercy Book Review and Kickstarter News ( @YlvaPublishing ) from @kleffnotes”

Work for a Million Graphic Novel Feature from @kleffnotes

The first lesbian detective is coming back to life in the brand new adaptation of Eve Zaremba’s 1978 series starring the PI Helen Karemos. Based on the novel novel, Work for a Million, Amanda Deibert and Selena Goulding are creating a new graphic novel of the same name. As a lover of detective novels, comics, and LGBTQ+ stories I am ecstatic about this project. Continue reading “Work for a Million Graphic Novel Feature from @kleffnotes”

Lovecraft’s Journal Early Promotion ( @angelbomb )from @kleffnotes

Todd Thyberg started Angel Bomb in 1997 and is about to embark on his greatest project yet. His company is a design and letterpress studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After doing three previous letterpress books he has begun designing something that will speak to H.P. Lovecraft fans. Continue reading “Lovecraft’s Journal Early Promotion ( @angelbomb )from @kleffnotes”

Arledge Comics Announces First Graphic Novel, The Great Witch Artemis via @kleffnotes

Arledge Comics returns with their second Kickstarter of 2019: The Great Witch Artemis. After six successful Kickstarter campaigns, ranging from ComixCentral award-winning Alex Priest to first-run anthology Trial Run, the indie comics publisher is preparing to kickstart their first graphic novel, The Great Witch Artemis. This graphic novel is written by first-time graphic novel writer, Bryce Beal (Gambling the Isles, upcoming My Kingdom for a Panel anthology), illustrated by Scott Malin (Alex Priest, The World’s Worst Bounty Hunter), and edited by Jenn Arledge (Alex Priest, Future Girl). The novel will include 78 black and white pages. Continue reading “Arledge Comics Announces First Graphic Novel, The Great Witch Artemis via @kleffnotes”

Miskatonic High Comic Kickstarter from @kleffnotes

Two of my favorite things are the worlds of H.P. Lovecraft and comics and something amazing is bringing these topics together through the drama of high school. Miskatonic High recently kicked off their Kickstarter campaign to create print copies of their first issue. I was able to check out the first and second issue and wanted to share my spoiler free thoughts on the series and why you should support this comic. Continue reading “Miskatonic High Comic Kickstarter from @kleffnotes”

Falconhyrste Issue #4 Kickstarter and Comics Review ( @falconhyrste )from @kleffnotes

Starting at a new school can be hard, it can be especially hard when the new school happens to be on a mysteriously secluded island. Cei just wants to try and make friends, but after starting school he is struggling to really connect, especially with two bullies constantly pestering him. Within the pages of Falconhyrste, Cei contends with the struggles of being a freshman and with some strange and eerie events that he can’t exactly understand and you can see more of his journey by supporting the Falconhyrste Kickstarter. Continue reading “Falconhyrste Issue #4 Kickstarter and Comics Review ( @falconhyrste )from @kleffnotes”

The Elemental Balance Kickstarter and Review from @kleffnotes

The Elemental Balance is a comic series that is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring you the first three chapters of the series. I was given the opportunity to check out the first issue and for those of you who are interested in a science fiction comic with a bit of a twist you will definitely enjoy this series. Continue reading “The Elemental Balance Kickstarter and Review from @kleffnotes”