The Elemental Balance Kickstarter and Review from @kleffnotes

The Elemental Balance is a comic series that is currently running a Kickstarter campaign to bring you the first three chapters of the series. I was given the opportunity to check out the first issue and for those of you who are interested in a science fiction comic with a bit of a twist you will definitely enjoy this series.

The first issue of The Elemental Balance introduces us to Chloe, who is obsesses with understanding certain scientific elements. On every vacation she brings her boyfriend to a variety of museums and frequently asks questions of the scientists she meets. At this particular museum she asks about whether energy could be harnessed by human beings and while she is told it is very unlikely her cover of creating a sci-fi novel keeps anyone from getting too suspicious. Later in the story we learn Chloe is plagued by nightmares that are connected to a traumatic event that happened to her previously. The nightmare we watch her experience involves a mudslide in Kenya, which she rushes to once she learns it actually happens. The end of the first issue reveals the reason that Chloe was so interested in asking about energy and if humans can harness it.

The series is set up with a focus on Chloe and while the first issue shows Chloe in the present the second issue will focus on her past and why she is having nightmares. Though they may be called nightmares she is definitely experiencing something much different than what her doctor insists is going on. I am very curious to see how the shipwreck that was teased at the opening of this story pans out in the second issue and how Chloe will work with her new friend, who happens to have some similarities to Chloe. You can back this campaign until November 8th and you can find more details about the series on their Kickstarter.

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