Lovecraft’s Journal Early Promotion ( @angelbomb )from @kleffnotes

Todd Thyberg started Angel Bomb in 1997 and is about to embark on his greatest project yet. His company is a design and letterpress studio located in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After doing three previous letterpress books he has begun designing something that will speak to H.P. Lovecraft fans.

His newest letterpress book is still in the works and has the working title, Lovecraft’s Journal. This book will focus on one of his passions, H.P. Lovecraft, and will be the collected journal of Miskatonic University’s Professor of Anthropology, Dr. Tyler Freeborn, who has gone on an expedition in Siberia that may just be driving him mad. Lovecraft’s Journal, which may change names going forward, will be not just a book, but an experiential read with pages including sketches, maps, newspaper clippings, and even more.

Currently you can see teases of the book on the Angel Bomb Instagram, @angelbomb, and each of the connected posts are tagged, #lovecraftsjournal. Thayer is planning on starting a Kickstarter for the book in August in conjunction with NecronomiCon Providence. He will be promoting the book at this international festival of weird fiction, art, and academia from August 22-25. You can find out more details about the convention at their official website. As a fan of Lovecraft inspired works I am excited to see how Thayer’s work progresses.

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