Geek-Girl #5 Preview and Kickstarter News from @kleffnotes

Geek-Girl is back with a brand new Kickstarter. Running through the month of June you can support the new collected trade paperback of issues 1-4 of the Crime War arc as well a new edition in the ongoing series following Ruby and the mantle of Geek-Girl. When a pair of power-inducing glasses become Ruby’s she finds herself with the ability to join the ranks of Maine’s superheros. After a fight with the electric villain, Lightning Storm, Ruby was out of the fight and even though her best friend attempted to take over the role villains were able to rise. Crime War reveals the start of the League of Larcenists and their evil deeds throughout Maine.

In descriptions of the Crime War arc creator Sam Johnson stated, ““The Crime War arc introduces us to Johnny Carlyle, a weapons runner of dubious morality who gets a wake up call that prompts him to start a new venture – bankrolling a super-team, headed by Geek-Girl!” While Ruby might not want to step back into her role as a hero the money she would make from this new venture would allow her to actually go back to school and figure out her life after her unexpected time in a coma. Johnson notes that he likes to keep the series unpredictable and is looking at adding even more out there elements.

His villains for this current story, The League of Larcenists, he notes, “…are a quirky bunch of villains lead by Pig Head – a guy whose brain has been fused with a pigs; the crew are packing serious tech, including blasters and a teleporter, and are pulling bank jobs, gaining a reputation and growing in number.” The characters involved in this crew allow for a diverse blend of villains all with their own reasons for joining up. He promises that things are definitely going to get weird for Ruby.

You can find out more about Geek-Girl, written by Johnson, illustrated by Carlos Granda, colored by Chunlin Zhao, and published by Markosia, on This provides more information about the Kickstarter for Geek-Girl: Crime War TPB (collecting the 4-issue Crime War arc) and the new Geek-Girl #5, which are available for Pre-Order.

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