Falconhyrste Issue #4 Kickstarter and Comics Review ( @falconhyrste )from @kleffnotes

Starting at a new school can be hard, it can be especially hard when the new school happens to be on a mysteriously secluded island. Cei just wants to try and make friends, but after starting school he is struggling to really connect, especially with two bullies constantly pestering him. Within the pages of Falconhyrste, Cei contends with the struggles of being a freshman and with some strange and eerie events that he can’t exactly understand and you can see more of his journey by supporting the Falconhyrste Kickstarter.

I love comics and when I learned about the Falconhyrste series I was instantly struck by the visuals in this collection. Melissa Capriglione and Clara G. have put together such a diverse and visually bright and adorable work. Now typically I wouldn’t use adorable, but the line work is just so soft and sweet that it just seems to fit perfectly. Falconhyrste feels like a slice of life comic for young adults and the added bits of mystery and magic just make it so addictive. I could not pull myself away from this series. The fourth issue focuses a bit on the character Octavia who finds herself in a strange situation while on a school trip, plus there are other great elements. Beyond adorable art, the casting within this book is so diverse. I also loved that Cei just casually has two moms and no one feels uncomfortable with showcasing who they are dating or who they have a crush on.

While this lives as a webcomic on the Falconhyrste website, a Kickstarter is currently running to put out the collected pages of Issue #4. The first three issues have previously been collected and each of them has been artfully put together. I have had a chance to see Issue #4 and I can promise you that backing this campaign will definitely be worth it. The Kickstarter for Falconhyrste Issue #4 is open now, but if you want to find out more about the series you can check out the official Falconhyrste website.

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