Techromancy Scrolls: Masquerade Book Review ( @erikschubach )from @kleffnotes

In the third installment of the Techromancy Scrolls series from Erik Schubach, Laney and Celeste return to battle further evil in the realm. While they are strong knights and also princesses there is so much more to this relationship, which has now grown even fuller after marriage. In Techromancy Scrolls: Masquarade readers get to see even more of the softer side of these two women.

I absolutely adore Laney and Celeste in this series and in this particular book Schubach allows readers to indulge with a slightly more domestic plot. While both women are still going to be working for the realm, there is always danger looming and deathly plots, they are also just enjoying their lives together. After marrying they chose to adopt a young girl named Misty and the love they have for her is so beautiful. They are all trying to spend time together and take time to be a family, which adds so much more than I ever expected. Now the main plot of this specific story is tied to an upcoming Masquerade Ball, which is where all of the most influential of the realm are gathered. While at this event Laney has been asked to do a bit of secretive work with her wife that involves uncovering an evil plot involving communications and altered messages.

The intrigue surrounding this plot is well drawn out and does lead to a major battle, which is often the case for Laney and Celeste. What is truly remarkable in this one is that the battle is altered and focuses more on understanding your own power and protecting the people you love. Schubach has done a wonderful job of blending both a sweet romance with an intriguing mystery full of danger. I also want to briefly point out that one very small element made me smile. The character of Sarafine is casually revealed to like both men and women during a discussion of the lovers she is courting. If you haven’t yet started reading the Techromancy Scrolls series you definitely need to start today. You can find Techromancy Scrolls: Masquerade on sale now.


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