Girls5eva Show Review from @kleffnotes

I know there are about 4 billion streaming services on the planet now, but Peacock is one that I finally broke down and added to my existing streaming subscriptions. I had admittedly put it off for a bit because I am so behind on so many shows already, but Krista found a show and it was the only way to watch it. One of her favorite performers, both in singing and acting roles, is Sara Bareilles. We watched Little Voice because she was involved with the show and she is the reason I know the Waitress soundtrack and have seen it performed. When a friend mentioned Girls5eva we immediately had to find it.

I will preface this by saying the first episode can be watched for free, but if you want to watch the other 7 you have to get a subscription. it isn’t very expensive, but the version we have still has commercials throughout. Now back to what we were watching, Sara Bareilles, Busy Phillipps, Paula Pell, and Renee Elise Goldsberry play the remaining members of a one hit wonder girl group called Girls5eva. When a rapper samples their big hit they are suddenly back in the limelight, which spurs them to try and get back together and perform. We learn that none of the women have really been feeling fulfilled and many have jobs they hate. Each of the women has their own plot that ties into the larger focus of the band being back together. I also want to mention Ashley Park who plays the fifth member of the group, but only appears in flashbacks and virtually throughout the series. Though maybe if they get renewed there will be a bit surprise reveal and we will get to see her in the present day as a person.

Bareilles plays Dawn who steps up to be the leader of the group and is the one working to try and get them on the radio. We see her working to write new material and even having a very fun hunger induced Dolly Parton experience. Goldsberry is the sort of diva with a heart of gold character who ultimately wants to be famous, but finds herself struggling when she tries to put herself first after reconnecting with the Girls. Pell is Gloria who we learn was in the closet when the group was touring, but is now out and wants to try and showcase her best self through their performances. Phillips plays Summer who is the ditzy character, but she loves everyone so much and when there are issues with her husband we see her trying to keep someone she loves in her life as best as she can. We do see a lot of growth from all of the characters, which makes this show so heartwarming. It is also hilarious and definitely kept me laughing.

The songs that are performed vary from their original girl band songs, which have genuinely terrible lyrics, but do speak to the culture of the time they were performed. The newer songs vary with Dawn writing some test songs that get into some really dark fears in her life. The performances are so great and all four women are exceptional. If you loved 30 Rock and Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt this is definitely a series you should check out and hopefully we will get a second season.

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