Starting Rebels and Star Wars Day Recap from @kleffnotes

May the 4th was Tuesday of this week and I am finally taking some time to write about our day. We spread the celebrating over two days with most of our watching happening on May 3rd, but we did still celebrate on May 4th. We bought things, we watched things, and we ate things all in a Star Wars theme.

The first plan of the day was making a themed breakfast on the 3rd. I warmed up our Millennium Falcon waffle iron, grabbed the waffle mix, some dark chocolate chips and got to work. We had Falcon waffles on Star Wars plates and I used an R2 tiki mug for Krista’s milk and I had coffee in a Darth Vader Valentine’s mug. We then started our Rebels binge and officially got back to The Massive Star Wars Marathon. We are about halfway through season two now and I love Hera, Chopper is growing on me, and Sarah Michelle Geller as the Seventh Sister may be the character I am currently obsessed with.

We then made Topato Soup, which is honestly just potato soup from the Galaxy’s Edge cookbook for dinner. We had to eat a bit late because I had play rehearsal, but we then reheated that soup for dinner on the 4th. The 4th we made even fancier with tiki mugs full of our version of Spotchka. I’ve shared that drink recipe before and it is super easy if you are looking for a fun and quick cocktail. We also had dark side cookies, which are just very quickly made double chocolate cookies. We continued Rebels watching and also watched a few Star Wars YouTube videos. That watching continued into the 6th.

The big thing that we tried to do was get the Skywalker Legacy Lightsabers from Shop Disney. Krista has wanted Leia’s saber for ages and this was finally the time. We managed to snag one through a lot of online waiting and very speedy shopping on the official site. We learned that if you ordered more than one per household you would have an order cancelled though. We literally accidentally both bought them, Krista didn’t realize that I had sent her a text saying that I had bought it. We will only be getting one set and that is really all we wanted, we were just very dedicated to getting Leia’s saber. We also got some fun mugs, Krista also pre-ordered an Ahsoka figure for me, and I bought her a fun new shirt. I also bought some very fun Ahsoka pants from Heroes and Villains and I have some plans to buy more merch from some smaller businesses.

We are still planning on watching some more Rebels this week and in an unrelated note a lot of our watching has been a bit delayed. On the morning of the 5th Oliver, our eldest cat, got loose. We have been looking everywhere for him and have told our neighbors and called shelters. After wandering the neighborhood with a flashlight for two more hours last night we finally found him, or he found us. We had made multiple loops around our block and when we walked by our backyard for the fourth time he appeared in our side yard, which is not fenced and Krista managed to get him inside. He seems fine and while a little dirty he wasn’t injured or anything. I am very grateful he is safely back home.

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