Little Bit of a TV Round Up from @kleffnotes

Krista and I have been watching some very random shows and I thought that I would share a bit about what we are enjoying currently. Some of these are new, some are old, but all of them are making us smile. If you are enjoying any shows let me know in the comments.

The first two shows I want to highlight are CW shows that are in completely different points in the season. The first is Batwoman, which we are close to caught up on. As I write this we are one episode behind and I honestly am liking this season so much. Krista and I have both been really invested and I’ve like Ryan as the bearer of the cowl. I am also very much enjoying the new twist on Alice since she is now allowed to be more emotive and she slips more easily into having emotions. Admittedly she is seemingly more human than she was for most of season one. The other show that we are glad to have back is Legends of Tomorrow. There aren’t many episodes yet, but I am loving it. There are aliens and a proposal! Like I am so invested, but really wish Zari 1.0 and Charlie were still there. Though I do like Spooner.

The next two shows are both Disney+ series and might surprise you. I will say that yes we are still working through Rebels and we do have The Bad Batch on our list, but we haven’t started the new show yet. We though have been watching The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. Krista had me watch the three movies that existed before the series so I was able to get completely caught up on the universe. The show is so sweet and I really enjoy the characters and watching them grow. Nick is probably my favorite character, but Logan got a great episode recently and I really enjoyed it. The other show is Hot Shot, which I keep not calling the correct name. There is a casual queer character with a crush or maybe a girlfriend, it hasn’t officially been said if they are canonically dating, but I am so happy about it. The characters are going through a variety of things and I really liked the change in Olive’s character and am curious to see how other characters grow and evolve.

For a bit of very random, Krista and I have also delved into Walhburgers as a wind down show. We put it on and just sort of veg out while watching various members of the Wahlberg family do whatever it is they are doing. Donnie has been great on it and he is such a sweet guy on the show. It has really helped us to unwind on some busy days. The other show I wanted to throw in is a show I am watching solo, Search Party. I had heard great things about it and on a whim started watching. It is so good, there is comedy and drama stirred around such intense moments of absurdity. I also really like Alia Shawkat and was happy to see her in a full lead role. That’s it for now on the sort of new show round up, again let me know what you’re watching in the comments!

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