Interview with Marie Claire Marcotte from @kleffnotes

Running With Violet, the hit YouTube series, just returned for a second season with more drama and unexpected drug dealing. I had the opportunity to ask one of the stars and creators, Marie Claire Marcotte, who plays Miranda. If you haven’t checked out this great series yet you are definitely missing out, check out my interview and then get to watching Season Two right away. Continue reading “Interview with Marie Claire Marcotte from @kleffnotes”

Funny Married Stuff Interview with Lony’e and Peyton Perrine from @kleffnotes

Lony’e and Peyton Perrine were tired of seeing negative representations of married life in the media and decided that they wanted to create something to highlight the positives. Out of this came Funny Married Stuff, a short form comedy that is up for Emmy consideration. This sketch comedy has already gained national attention by winning awards at a variety of festivals including Best Sketch Comedy at the Miami Web Fest and Best Web Series at the Philadelphia Independent Film Awards. I had the chance to ask the Perrines some questions about the series and also a bit about tips for a happy marriage. Continue reading “Funny Married Stuff Interview with Lony’e and Peyton Perrine from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Donovan Holden from @kleffnotes

Donovan Holden, an Ohio native who ultimately wound up in Los Angeles, has recently released a new music collection, ‘A Brighter Day,’ and I had the opportunity to talk with him about his work. From a young age he has been influenced by a variety of music genres and this has helped him to create three diverse albums. I appreciate him taking the time to answer all of my questions about his life and work. Continue reading “Interview with Donovan Holden from @kleffnotes”

Interview With #GH’s @HudsonWest (Jake) About His Role In Roads, Trees and Honey Bees via @stacyamiller85 #RoadsTreesandHoneyBees #indiefilms #supportindiefilm

On ABC’s General Hospital, Hudson West plays Jake Webber, son of Jason Morgan (Steve Burton) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst).

Continue reading “Interview With #GH’s @HudsonWest (Jake) About His Role In Roads, Trees and Honey Bees via @stacyamiller85 #RoadsTreesandHoneyBees #indiefilms #supportindiefilm”

Interview with Nicole Conn from @kleffnotes

Filmmaker Nicole Conn will be premiering her new feature film, More Beautiful for Having Been Broken, at Frameline 2019 on June 30th. Many may remember her from her previous work, Elena Undone and A Perfect Ending, both of which were crucial in the realm of lesbian media. This new work is focused on her own life and was inspired by her son Nicholas. More Beautiful for Having Been Broken is a piece that speaks to beauty that can come out of the broken. I spoke with her about this movie and her previous work in her interview and appreciate her candor in answering my questions. Continue reading “Interview with Nicole Conn from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Jan Dee Gordon from @kleffnotes

Jan Dee Gordon is a Los Angeles based photographer who will be releasing a brand new book, LGBTQ of Steel. The photos collected within these pages celebrate a group of LGBTQ individuals who bravely and without hesitation overcame unimaginable obstacles that threatened to hold them back. I had the chance to ask Gordon some questions about this project as well as some of her other work in advance of her book release on July 16th. Continue reading “Interview with Jan Dee Gordon from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Lauren Wise ( @ThisFunnyGirl )from @kleffnotes

Canadian author and comedy writer is debuting a brand new addition to her Swap Club series with Swap Club 3. Focused on Valerie Matthews in her third year as part of Swap Club, but the relationships in the elite group have begun to shift and Valerie finds herself at a turning point. I chatted about the series with Lauren Wise as well as her comedy work and other projects. You can get your copy of Swap Club 3 on June 20th, but until then find out more here. Continue reading “Interview with Lauren Wise ( @ThisFunnyGirl )from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Vasilios Filippakis from @kleffnotes

I had the opportunity to chat with Toronto based actor/creator Vasilios Filippakis about his new series FAK YAASS. With a focus on family, this series follows Nico and his big Greek family on their journey of acceptance. You can check out the series June 17th on OUTtv, but right now you can find out more from my email based interview with Filippakis. Continue reading “Interview with Vasilios Filippakis from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Ella Greenwood ( @ellagreenwood16 )from @kleffnotes

I had the chance to chat with actress Ella Greenwood about her plethora of great roles and work. This young London based actress has appear on screen, on stage, and even in audiobooks. Thank you so much to Ella for taking the time to chat with me and you can find out more about this fun and talented actress below. Continue reading “Interview with Ella Greenwood ( @ellagreenwood16 )from @kleffnotes”

Interview with Supinder Wraich from @kleffnotes

Supinder Wraich began performing at a young age and received her big break when she appeared in the award winning web series Guidestones. Her latest project, The 410, debuted this month on CBC Gem and I had the chance to talk with her about her lead role. Wraich is not only stars in the series, but she also wrote it and this isn’t the first time she has worn many hats in her work. Continue reading “Interview with Supinder Wraich from @kleffnotes”