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John Savage has played a wide range of film and television characters throughout his illustrious career. He’s best known for his in roles in the Academy Award winning movie The Deer Hunter and in the movie Hair.

Savage recently guest starred on television in the CBS series Seal Team for several episodes as Emmet Quinn, father to Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley).  It seems Sonny and Emmet have some issues they will need to work through.

John Salvage spoke with The Nerdy Girl Express about his acting process and touched on Emmet and Sonny’s relationship. To find out what he had to say, read on.

You have an extensive list of acting credits and have played some memorable characters. Has there been one character in your vast acting career that was the most like you.

“My current character Emmet Quinn in Seal Team best represents me. Emmet invested in his ranch and I have done that with my work, and it can be difficult when it comes with family. Understanding and accepting differences among the family is the key. Like Emmet, the land and the animals are important to him and I can relate to that. I love nature and animals.”

The Deer Hunter is such an iconic, multiple Oscar winning movie. It was also one of your earliest roles. Now that you’re a seasoned actor, what acting advice would John Savage of today give younger John Savage to help him take on his role?

“To learn the words. To believe in the role and the characters. Don’t judge yourself.” 

I was a huge Dark Angel fan and thought you played Donald Lydecker brilliantly. How are you able to keep a character from becoming one dimensional?

“Prepare the script and accept my environment.  Be open to every new moment.” 

You’ve recently joined the cast of Seal Team in the guest starring role of Emmet Quinn, father to Sonny Quinn (AJ Buckley). Did you watch Seal Team prior to being cast?

 “I did watch a few episodes before I joined Seal Team. I thought it was one of the best shows on TV. Very appropriate for today. Very real.”

Can you describe the character of Emmet Quinn?

“Emmet is widowed. Has a strained relationship with his son (Sonny) who ran away when he was young. Emmet was overwhelmed with the death of his wife and became distant and angry with everyone else including his son. Emmet grows from that experience and is working hard to rekindle the relationship with his son.”

Did you and AJ Buckley talk about Sonny’s backstory to help you get a feel for his character to aid in the creation of the father/son dynamic between Sonny and Emmet?

“AJ was very supportive. I had a sense of his character from the beginning and we shared each other’s honest sense of our relationship.”

How is it working on the set of a series like Seal Team?

“One of the greatest TV companies I have ever worked with. Such a professional and safe environment experienced on set.”

Of all your prior roles, is there a project you’d recommend Seal Team fans check out and why?

“Yes, The Last Full Measure film directed by Todd Robinson. I worked with Sebastian Stan and an incredible cast. It has to do with military service same as Seal Team. ” 

Are there any other upcoming projects you have in the works you can tell our readers about?

“Seal Team is my current project with my episodes airing throughout April.  And right now, I would like to encourage everyone to stay home. Social distancing will save lives. We can do it together and flatten the curve.”

Any parting words you’d like to say to our readers about acting or your career?

“I look forward to more projects that show the courage and diversity of our country.”


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