Interview with Eric Hicks from @kleffnotes

I had the chance to chat with Eric Hicks via email about his upcoming role in the film Love in Harmony Valley. Beyond this role we also discussed some of his other projects including Cardinal and Bad Blood. Thank you to Eric Hicks for answering all of my questions.

Could you tell our readers a little about yourself?

I was born and raised in a town of 1500 people in Saskatchewan but left home at 18 to become a prosthetist (often vocally misheard as a prostitute, I get some funny looks from that one, but no, it’s the making of artificial limbs). I soon realized that I needed more of a challenge and just around that time I was recruited to enter a shopping mall runway show, woohoo, show biz! At the time it was everything. I ripped my shirt off and did some spin turns, big crowd pleasers out west. Clearly I won, but the point of all this nonsense is that this had awarded me the opportunity to attend an acting convention. I picked up the book “Acting for Dummies” and then went balls to the wall… needless to say, I won Best Talent at the convention and that was the beginning of the past 12 years of acting for me. I moved to Toronto and after seven years of “No” I started hearing “YESSSS!” Long story short, I’ve been so fortunate to make a living just doing acting for the past 5 years and hopefully for a lifetime to come. It’s my everything!!

How would you describe your film Love in Harmony Valley?

When I read the script for this film, I reached out to the casting director personally and told her, this is a perfect role for me. She bought my bluff! That and I did a killer self tape for it. But when I got offered the part, I didn’t know who I would be acting alongside and when it came out that Amber Marshall… that’s right, THE Amber Marshall from Heartland would be acting opposite me. I was through the moon, hugeeee fan of hers. I secretly always wanted to be on her show but then again, this will do just fine haha. Oh yes, the film, back on track. The reason I loved the script for this film so much is because I come from a small valley town and we’ve survived multiple close call flooding’s (the runoff from the winter snowmelt floods the river that runs through the center of town… at the bottom of the valley) and the idea of losing my “home” forever was and still is an active possibility in my mind. Well in this film the Mill closes down and I take it upon myself to create a revitalization plan to bring new jobs into town and keep the community together so I approached the role with this passion in mind. But in order to make this plan a possibility I need the help of Amber Marshall’s character Emma and her grandmother who’s on the town council. Needless to say, struggle ensues and obstacles are overcome. This is a really great feel good film for the whole family. Definitely worth tuning in for!

How would you describe your character Will?

Will Jackson, the character I play, is a very sensitive young man. He’s an overprotective older brother and an overachiever for sure. But once you get to know him better you start to see this boyish playfulness emerge and that has a way of winning people over. Well, not everyone, but when it comes to love it does the trick.. ahemmm, spoiler alert?

Do you think viewers will root for Emma and Will?

You know, in real life, Amber and I are both Geminis so you can imagine we had a little bit of fun on set and that definitely shows up on screen. Whether we’re fighting or flirting, it’s hard to take your eyes off these two characters when they’re in their elements. I myself was rooting for Will and Emma, how could the audience not. We all like to see people overcome their obstacles in life. The greater the obstacle, the greater the reward. And this time around, Will and Emma aren’t playing games, they’re down to do business. There’s an entire town at stake!

Could you talk a bit about your role on Cardinal?

Cardinal was a gift from the Gods. In the first season they had me playing this super naive cop who always finds a way to mess things up so I decided to take the approach of making him hyper serious about his job with no sense of humour which allowed the humour is his errors to really shine through. I like to think I gave Cardinal it’s comedic relief. Such a dark thriller. As the seasons went on they still had me messing things up and by season three I was okayyyy come on guys, he must’ve learned something by now. And so for season four he no longer messes up and you know what, I missed doing those scenes. Grass is always greener. Luckily for me though, this job opened the doors to my next project which was Netflix’s Bad Blood, or as Snoop Dog called it, “that’s some real gangster ass Canadian sh*t!” Yooooo Snooooooppp DOGGGG!!! Respect.*

Would you also share a bit about your time on Bad Blood?

You gotta watch that series, season two specifically… That’s where I come in. The first few episodes I’m thinking my character is this innocent, ambitious, up and comer detective in the Crime Unit and lo and behold the director Jeff Renfroe takes me aside on set one day giggling away (at least how I like to remember it), and he’s like, “hey, you wanna know what happens to your character?” Ummmm, yes please. And he goes on to tell me that I’m Kim Coates (from Sons of Anarchy) mole in the RCMP. Mind blown. I become this gangster ass detective doing dirty deals and somehow by the end of the season I get a promotion… you know what I took from all this: CRIME PAYS. Period. Haha. Joking, but seriously though, if they do a season 3 I’m set up for some serious shenanigans. Oh please God, season 3, pleaseeeee!!!

Where can our viewers see Love in Harmony Valley and keep up with you and your projects?

The film will be available at the end of October on Amazon for purchase. If you are in Canada, it will be airing on Super Channel this October.

You can check me out on IMDb but I also use instagram @ericsamhicks which is a better way to keep up to date with my shenanigans. Hit me up! I look forward to hearing what you all think of the film!

*The final sentence of this response was edited to put an * where the letter i originally was.

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