Spooky Shopping from @kleffnotes

Are you looking for some fun every day spooky stuff that you can use both during October and throughout the year? Maybe that isn’t everyone, but Halloween shopping season normally gives me a chance to pick up some fun household items that can be used all year round. I wanted to share some of the things that I have picked up and where I got them. These are all things that I use all year round, but again they can be used as just something to make your Halloween season a little spookier.

One thing Krista and I used a lot between last Halloween and this Halloween were some plastic cups from Spirit Halloween. I am sure you are thinking, really you have just some plastic cups from Spirit that you use all the time, and yes we do. Last year we bought two Hocus Pocus plastic cups and they proved to be the perfect sort of every day cup. They are not dishwasher safe, but they are super easy to clean and they are perfect for any kind of drink. This year we stocked up as soon as Spirit opened. Surprisingly they don’t show the cups on their website, I think because they are considered sort of an impulse purchase, but if you go to a Spirit Halloween and head toward the check out there are so many different kinds. We bought adorable Mickey Mouse, Hocus Pocus, Nightmare Before Christmas, and some slightly spookier horror movie themed cups. They are quick washes and not too expensive so if you want some fun every day cups that can also be spooky you should try and check them out.

Another thing we knew we wanted to pick up more of were stemless wineglasses from Walmart. You can get stemless wineglasses kind of everywhere, but Walmart during Halloween releases a line of plastic stemless glasses with cute little prints on them. I will say last year the prints were a bit better, but they are really sturdy cups and they last a very long time. We have used some multiple times in a week, we don’t always use them for alcohol as an FYI, and they wash quickly and easily. Again, not dishwasher safe, but they are so easy to clean that this doesn’t bother me too much.

Now for the final part of this list, since this is designed to focus on things that you can use both in October and in other months, I wanted to talk about things you can pick up at Target. Now this particular store is going to get an article where I talk about the decorations I picked up there, but I wanted to spend a little time talking about their book section during spooky season. This year they are showcasing a lot of Disney villain books, one of which Krista picked up focused on Mother Gothel, and they also have put out a lot of YA horror reads. The YA horror is what really drew me in. I sporadically read horror and I wanted to do a little bit of horror reading, but I wanted to keep it in the sort of horror genre that I enjoy. I have always loved the horror movies and stories that focus on teens being involved in spooky situations. While at Target I noticed two books that I really wanted to read, Escape Room and Fright Night. Both are by Maren Stoffels and I am planning on doing review articles for each of them once I get them finished. These two books sounded like a sort of Goosebumps/Fear Street style story with groups of teenagers finding themselves in situations turned terrifying. They had plenty more to choose from in their suggested reading for spooky season so if you are looking for a sort of cheap read, both of these books were under $10, then you should check them out.

Keep your eyes peeled for more articles about Halloween shopping and other spooky things. Hope your October is off to a spooky start!

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