An Improbable Pairing Book Review from @kleffnotes

Scott Stoddard is about to start a new life in Switzerland to delve into his graduate studies, that is until his path crosses that of the Countess de Rovere. The divorced socialite is not only out of his league, but he believes her to be older than an acceptable partner should be in the year 1963. No matter how many other women he meets and tries to begin relationships with he cannot shake his desire to be with the Countess. An Improbable Pairing follows Scott on his quest to be with the woman outside of his class within continental Europe.

Gary Dickson provides a tremendously detailed world of European high society and the sway that it can have on the world of a young man searching to start a new life. Scott is completely enamored with the Countess from the moment he sees her on his ship bound for Switzerland. Through a series of coincidences he manages to find her again and from that moment on they become part of a whirlwind romance. While they are deeply in love their are a number of obstacles that emerge on their road to happiness. The Count does not wish to she his former wife live a happy life without him and beyond that there are religious differences and very difficult class differences that lead the families of the two lovers to fight their connection.

An Improbable Pairing is a well written novel that deeply examines the growth of a relationship between two people who find themselves together unexpectedly. Their romance rises out of a deep connection that grows rapidly and refuses to be stopped no matter what happens along the way. What I found exceptionally interesting about this book was the fact that this appears to be a twist on the trope of the royal and the lower class lover. Typically in romance novels a high class man falls in love with a poor woman and dotes on her, but instead the Countess wishes to give Scott everything that she can and indulge him because she can. Scott also does maintain some levels of a more traditionally masculine character by keeping some events secret from the Countess and trying to pay for things for her. If you are a fan of romance and especially historical romance you should pre-order An Improbable Pairing today so that you can have it when it releases in January.

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