Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets Audible Review( @audible_com ) from @kleffnotes

Pssst, come closer, yes you, come here, I’ve got something to tell you. Now that I’ve got your attention let me share a bit of a secret with you, well actually I’ve got a few secrets for you all about Victorian England from the engaging Stephen Fry. If you love a bit of drama and have always found yourself yearning to learn more about the Victorian Period in England, Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets, only available on Audible, is the perfect listen for you.

Audible constantly wows me with their audio dramas and Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets is no exception. Our primary narrator, Stephen Fry, pulls you into a world of hidden histories and deep dark secrets that many wouldn’t expect from their unintentionally biased view of the Victorian Period. There is an idea that the Victorians were a particularly repressed generation who could not even cope with the site of naked table legs, this idea is actually discussed within a section devoted to Victorian pornography. Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets is full of topics that many would seemingly consider taboo at the time. Beyond pornography they also delve into family secrets, sexual identities and relationships, and even birth control. For Sherlock Holmes fans there is even a section connected to the fictional consulting detective. While I could break down every single topic for you that would take away from the fun of having these secrets revealed to you by Stephen Fry and the great historians and performers within this drama.

I have always been interested by Victorian England and I even spent two years researching crime and the later years of this particular period in graduate school. That little bit of writing exists as a very dense thesis somewhere on the internet under the title “The Seething Cauldron of Crime,” just in case you are a bit bored and want something more to read that also includes some Victorian themed viewing suggestions. Now returning to the secrets contained within Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets and the delightful performances it includes. Each of the sections of the book can be listened to in any order technically, though I would recommend listening to it straight through. What Fry does that really pulls you into what he’s discussing is there are elements that make the work feel as though he is having actual conversations with people from the period and even venturing through the streets of Victorian London. One of the most humorous trips he takes is with a historian who focuses on sanitation and toilets and they examine the S bend. The editing and use of various street noises and multiple performers makes this tremendously delightful. Stephen Fry’s Victorian Secrets will make you feel as though you are truly taking a trip through the world of Victorian secrets with a delightfully engaging guide in Stephen Fry. You can find this entertaining and educational audio drama on Audible today!

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