Outland @audible_com Book Review from @kleffnotes

Outland is the first book in the Quantum Earth series by Dennis E. Taylor and today the Audible Original audiobook drops for eager listeners everywhere. Narrated by Ray Porter, the story follows six college students and their attempt to stop civilization from ending with their experimental physics project.. While studying quantum uncertainty Bill Rustad and his fellow students inadvertently open a portal to Outland, another world that appears identical to Earth. When their own world is threatened  by a cataclysmic event they will have to see if their accidental portal can keep humanity alive, even if it isn’t on our original Earth. Continue reading “Outland @audible_com Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Chase Darkness with Me @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

For true crime fans and the murderinos who love My Favorite Murder, Billy Jensen is probably a very familiar name to you. Jensen has been focused on investigating cold cases for an extended portion of his career as an investigative journalist. Chase Darkness with Me allows Jensen to share moments from his life that will have you captivated and in tears, both happy and sad. He is an engaging narrator and also a powerful storytelling. Whether you are familiar with Billy Jensen and his work or not, this true crime connected work is well worth a listen, especially for if you are a murderino. Continue reading “Chase Darkness with Me @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes”

Stranger Things Suspicious Minds @audible_com Book Review from @kleffnotes

Eleven was desperately trying to find and connect with her mother in the most recent season of Stranger Things. Even when she found her she could only learn so much from her mother and her aunt about what had led to both mother and daughter becoming part of a strange government experiment. Stranger Things Suspicious Minds dives back in time to 1969 to share with fans of the series just what happened with Terry Ives during her time with Dr. Martin Brenner in Hawkins, Indiana. Continue reading “Stranger Things Suspicious Minds @audible_com Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Changeling @audible_com Book Review from @kleffnotes

In a world where magic is something only a select class have the capacity for, Sarah Smith is just a young girl who serves a higher class family with her mother and sister. In Changeling, she finds herself thrust into a new way of life that she had never thought was available to her. As the first book in the Sorcery and Secrets series listeners are introduced to a magical world set in an alternate past that is full of surprises. Continue reading “Changeling @audible_com Book Review from @kleffnotes”

Dodge & Twist @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

Charles Dickens is rumored to have considered creating a sequel to his renowned classic, Oliver Twist, but such a work was never created in his lifetime. While Dickens might not have been able to create a story for an older Oliver, Tony Lee has taken the Dickensian characters from this work and made a story set ten years after the original ended. Oliver has returned to London to deal with the solicitors controlling his adopted father’s estate, but with this money held out of reach, he finds himself back in the world of pickpockets and thieves. Dodger has a plan that will make both men obscenely wealthy with just one big scheme. As the Audible Original Drama of Dodge & Twist unfolds listeners will find themselves transported into the dangerous streets of London and surrounded by the criminal characters Oliver thought he had escaped. Continue reading “Dodge & Twist @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes”

Killer by Nature @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

Do you love feeling chills run down your spine? Are you interested in the dark and eerie elements of crime? Killer by Nature is an Audible Original by Jan Smith that immerses you in not only one crime, but the mental behaviors of those who might be killers. Dr. Diane Buckley has been asked to assist with a current series of murders that seem related to one of her cases. She’s been meeting with Alfred Dinklage, who was given the moniker The Playground Killer after he confessed to murdering former schoolmates and leaving their bodies on playgrounds. Her meetings with him slowly begin to change her opinion of the dangerous man, but this isn’t the only person in her life that she should be examining. Continue reading “Killer by Nature @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes”

Andrea Vernon and the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

Andrea Vernon and the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection is Alexander C. Kane’s debut novel and came out of an idea he had during an end of year sales meeting. Andrea has been unemployed and while she has been interviewing one of the companies she contacted has a very hands on approach to interviews. As she lounges in her living room not one, but two heroes appear in her apartment and whisk her away to a mysterious place that deploys superheroes. Much like every new job, Andrea has to go through some growing pains, though what she has to get used to is anything from ordinary. Continue reading “Andrea Vernon and the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes”

Atomic Marriage @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

Curtis Sittenfeld is a best selling author known for her story collection, You Think It, I’ll Say It, and her novels Prep, The Man of My Dreams, American Wife, and Sisterland. She has also published non-fiction works in a variety of publications. Her original story Atomic Marriage looks at the difficulties of marriage through the viewpoint of Heather Thiesen, who is charged with getting the writer of Atomic Marriage to agree to a movie deal, which he feels may contradict with the message of his book. Continue reading “Atomic Marriage @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes”

The Man on the Mountaintop @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

The Man on the Mountaintop is an Audible exclusive audio drama that is adapted from the works of Susan Trott. Combining the stories of The Holy Man and The Holy Man’s Journey, which were combined and adapted by Libby Spurrier, this new version focuses on Joe, a holy man on a mountaintop, who is beginning to realize that he must find a successor to his work. Through the story listeners learn about Joe and his own journey as well as the emotional and physical journeys of the pilgrims who have come to see him. Continue reading “The Man on the Mountaintop @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes”

Evil Has a Name @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

For all you murderinos out there you will understand why I absolutely had to listen to Evil Has a Name on Audible. Seriously, how could I pass up something involving Paul Holes? If you are a little confused, fans of the popular podcast My Favorite Murder are named murderinos and Paul Holes is a criminologist who was this sort of icon of the podcast who has also been a guest. Evil Has a Name: The Untold Story of the Golden State Killer Investigation was written by Paul Holes, Jim Clemente, and Peter McDonnell and primarily narrated by Paul Holes and Jim Clemente. What makes this Audible original so captivating is the use of additional voices, but I will admit the soothing tones of Paul Holes help to make the truly awful crimes more easy to listen to. Continue reading “Evil Has a Name @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes”