Alien III @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

The cult classic never released sequel to Aliens, Alien III can now grace your ears with the horrors of the Alien universe in this presentation of William Gibson’s script. In celebration of the 40th anniversary of the franchise Audible presents their new original audio drama based on Gibson’s uncovered script. While never released as a film, it did gain a following when the script was leaked online. This eerie story will frighten you as you imagine the horrors evolving for the crew members in a fight to save themselves from forced evolution.

Opening on the Sulaco with the familiar characters of Ripley, Newt, and Bishop listeners hear the crew quickly moving into pods after fighting off Xenomorphs. As an android, Bishop is torn apart he manages to survive and act as a source of information for the crew that boards the Sulaco. When something emerges from his pod the fear of what has traveled along with the crew grows and everyone who comes in contact with the dangerous alien beings is suddenly in danger. With Ripley unconscious only Bishop and Newt can try to explain what happened to them on the Sulaco, but even then their information cannot truly prepare the new characters for what will happen to them. This story is perfectly adapted for Audible with a diverse cast of characters with their own well crafted stories and also the perfect balance of frightening scenes that will grow to epic proportions inside your mind. For fans of the Alien franchise you will be excited to hear Michael Biehn and Lance Henriksen return in their roles as Corporal Hicks and Bishop, respectively.

What transpires in this roughly 2 hour long horror drama is truly frightening to hear. Newt fears for Ripley’s safety and while she hopes to stay with her protector she is forced to leave when it is revealed she has grandparents that she can live with. She is not the only one worried about Ripley, Bishop has been torn apart and as he shares what has happened with listeners he is also being rebuilt. This allows him to actively remain part of the story, even when he is only roughly half of an android. Aliens III is constantly terrifying because not only are their Xenomorphs that have found a way to reproduce, but they are forcibly transforming the infected into hybrid beasts that in their evolution are frightening. The audio and performances in these moments are horrific and as someone with a vivid imagination the horrors unfolding in my mind had me on edge throughout the story. The voice work provided by all of the actors was exceptional and Dirk Maggs does a wonderful job in directing this cast. Whether you are familiar with the franchise or not the story that unfolds in Aliens III is delightfully terrifying and the perfect listen for horror fans. You can listen to Aliens III on Audible today.

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