Killer by Nature @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

Do you love feeling chills run down your spine? Are you interested in the dark and eerie elements of crime? Killer by Nature is an Audible Original by Jan Smith that immerses you in not only one crime, but the mental behaviors of those who might be killers. Dr. Diane Buckley has been asked to assist with a current series of murders that seem related to one of her cases. She’s been meeting with Alfred Dinklage, who was given the moniker The Playground Killer after he confessed to murdering former schoolmates and leaving their bodies on playgrounds. Her meetings with him slowly begin to change her opinion of the dangerous man, but this isn’t the only person in her life that she should be examining.

When a new death appears in the press with oddly similar characteristics to Dinklage’s murders, the police begin questioning whether he has found a way to sneak out of prison or if there is some sort of copycat killer taking on his mantle. Footage is missing and Dinklage seems to know more than he is revealing to his doctor. When a second body is found that suddenly escalates the investigation it becomes a race against the clock to find out who is behind these deaths. Not only are the police invested, but Dinklage becomes more willing to help. Outside of this case, Buckley begins to worry about the mental state of her daughter. As the school begins calling more and more about issues with Megan, her mother also begins to notice strange responses including toward someone she believed was a close friend of her daughter and the family pet. Throughout the narrative the plot moves between the murder investigation and Dinklage and Buckley’s daughter Megan, which ties together some of the behavior between the two characters Buckley is concerned about.

Killer by Nature is a gripping listen and includes a number of very talented performers. Rob James-Collier as Dinklage is terrifying and the ability to be that frightening while speaking in nursery rhymes speaks to how powerful his performance is. The connection he makes with Katherine Kelly as Dr. Diane Buckley adds a level of humanity to his performance. While you do not relate to Dinklage, he is able to show concern when with the doctor. Kelly is also a powerhouse and depending on the role that her character is taking, whether doctor, mother, or assistant to the police, she provides different tones and behaviors through her interactions with other characters. I found myself completely captivated by Killer by Nature and while Dinklage and Buckley are the focus, Megan and her behavior were what actually had me entirely on edge. If you enjoy true crime, murder mysteries, and particularly British procedurals like Luther, this less than 5 hour drama is perfect for you. You can listen to the thrilling Killer by Nature on Audible today.

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