Orlando People Audible Audio Book Review from @kleffnotes

Alexander C. Kane is back with a new series focused on a new, but equally lovable main character. I previously reviewed Andrea Vernon and The Corporation for Ultrahuman Protection and was intrigued to learn that he had a new series out. Orlando People focuses on Gretch Wolgast who happens to have some curious powers and just so happens to witness a murder. This isn’t the first part of her life that has left her flipped upside down, but it might be the most extreme.

Gretch is one of a number of people known as Orlando People. In the 1980s, with no real explanation, thousands of children were born who were able to move things with their minds. As they grew up their powers evolved and Gretch was excited when the day came where she could life things with her mind she found that she could only lift one thing maybe 3 feet in the air and really only if she is sitting down. The 21-year-old college dropout works at the mall and on her birthday she happens to be getting an Orange Julius when she sees something frightening. A man is being lifted into the air and is suddenly dropped to the ground. When he dies Gretch rushes to help him and is then pulled away by the police. While she couldn’t have done that with her powers, someone must have and what evolves is a larger conspiracy meant to destroy her hometown and all of the OP.

This story is a curious mystery that will keep you guessing, but also enjoying yourself as Gretch acts as your narrator. She responds in such a delightful way to everyone around her, even when stressed she has perfect comebacks. This is highlighted through Kristen Sieh’s narration. If you enjoy things like X-Men or people with special powers this is a book that you’ll enjoy. Gretch is also just a great character and throughout the story you will grow to love her more and more. You can get your own copy of Orlando People on Audible today.

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