Andrea Vernon and the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection @audible_com Review from @kleffnotes

Andrea Vernon and the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection is Alexander C. Kane’s debut novel and came out of an idea he had during an end of year sales meeting. Andrea has been unemployed and while she has been interviewing one of the companies she contacted has a very hands on approach to interviews. As she lounges in her living room not one, but two heroes appear in her apartment and whisk her away to a mysterious place that deploys superheroes. Much like every new job, Andrea has to go through some growing pains, though what she has to get used to is anything from ordinary.

Performed by Bahni Turpin, the 2016 Audible Narrator of the Year, this story of superhero business is a delightful listen. Turpin is able to imbue every single character with a distinct voice and personality that pulls you into the story. Andrea works directly under Ms. O, the Vice President of Sales and Operations for C.U.P., and when she first begins she focuses all of her attention on figuring out just how to please and best serve her boss. This involves a number of charts and a series of hot beverage trial and error attempts. The longer she works for C.U.P. the more this newly hired administrative assistant finds herself out in the field. She winds up disguised as a superhero, traveling to space, and after some outside of work events, even hooking up with a hero.

This story gives you the laughs of a work place comedy with superheroes and villains who have a slightly silly feel. The hero Andrea spends the most time with is Big Ax, who is literally a very large man with an ax who fights crime. The two start a relationship which leads to remarkably witty banter and some very rom-com feeling moments. My favorite character is possibly one of the oddest heroes I had ever come in contact with, Inspector Well Actually. Literally his power is to be so observant that he constantly well actuallys the people around him. His power is basically mansplaining everything around him, but in relationship to the other characters his power is just so oddly hilarious. Anyone who enjoys superheroes, work place comedies, or even just having a good time with interesting characters should give Andrea Vernon and the Corporation for UltraHuman Protection a listen on Audible today.

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