Pooka! Movie Review from @kleffnotes

After movie to Los Angeles an actor in search of work winds up at an interesting audition. While he has a monologue prepared the casting agent is far more interested in whether he can perform certain actions in a specific order. when he gets cast as Pooka for a massive holiday marketing campaign what seemed like a simple job becomes far more complicated.

I want to start by saying the character of Pooka is just creepy to look at. Even though it is supposed to be a cute toy for kids, it somehow looks like a weird blend of a moth and Domo. The image in the poster doesn’t even do it justice. If I were a kid I don’t think I would want that thing anywhere near me. The eyes are just so bright and wide. Delving back into the actual film, which is part of the Hulu Into the Dark series, Pooka! is a movie that keeps you guessing about what you are actually seeing. The actor who gets the part, Wilson, has an immediately odd reaction to the costume. When he first tries it on he begins to gasp for breath and doesn’t understand what is happening. The more time he spends in the suit the more unpredictable Wilson becomes. He begins losing time and becomes prone to fits of rage. The issue is that as the audience we can’t tell whether what we are seeing is a delusion or the truth, which makes everything more frightening.

When the character of Pooka is introduced we learn that the suit was created before the toys, which seems very strange. Beyond that the toys have both a naughty and a nice side, which involves the lights in the eyes changing colors. This appears throughout the film itself with the lighting around Wilson shifting depending on what is happening around him. When the toys begin behaving strangely this seems to relate back to Wilson’s own spiral into strange behavior. He continues to become more and more attached to the suit and this entire film is just so suspenseful and surprising I honestly could not guess what was going to happen at all. Beyond that since I couldn’t tell what was really happening and what was a delusion I felt more on edge as the story progressed. While it might be after Christmas Pooka! is a movie that horror fans will love and if you haven’t watched the other Into the Dark movies they should be at the top of your list.

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