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Lisa N. Edwards has taken readers on an incredible journey guided by Fate with a destination of self discovery in her Can’t Fight Fate book series. Beginning with the marvelous book Can’t Fight Fate and its equally powerful sequel Chasing Butterflies, readers followed the life of Hollywood entertainment lawyer Nikki Kirkpatrick and her search for her green-eyed soul mate foretold by psychics. We were privy to Nikki’s innermost thoughts and met the people in her life that shaped her life . Now, in the final book in the memorable trilogy, the riveting Seed of the Sunflower, we see Nikki experience personal and professional highs and lows all leading to an unexpectedly dramatic conclusion. I recently interviewed Lisa N. Edwards about Seed of the Sunflower. Read what she had to say below.

Seed of the Sunflower is the last book in your trilogy that began with Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies.  What do you think that you have learned about yourself as you took readers along on Nikki’s journey?

“It was like therapy. There are parts of my life in the book. Not exact things that happened, but it is based on things that I have done with scenarios changed. But it was like therapy writing the characters and getting all of that out of my system. I try to make characters very real with their vulnerabilities. On a particular day I was writing something, I thought, ‘what would I do’ that sort of thing. I think you need to bring that realness to characters that people will see when they read the book.”

I’m very impressed by your use of chapter titles as you walk readers along Nikki’s journey. What made you decide to use chapter titles in your novel writing strategy?

“I don’t know why they aren’t used more in the author world because it’s such an amazing thing to do, but I like them because they give readers a preview as to what is coming next, to let readers use their imaginations when they see the chapter titles. There is anticipation built through the chapter title. It gets you thinking about what may be coming next. You get to be right there next to Nikki. It’s like when you see the title ‘The Ostrich Effect’, it gets you thinking, ‘what is Nikki going to do next’ . It gives excitement coming into the chapter. I just love giving readers that kind of preview. I personally love the chapter titles(laughs).”

Nikki’s friend Siobhan is a marvelous character in your trilogy. How would you describe Siobhan?

“Siobhan is like an onion because you have to peel back her layers to find out who she is. When you meet her, you really don’t know her. Once you get to know her, she’s your greatest ally because she will stick by you. She’s very similar to Nikki and that’s why they get along. Siobhan seems very assured of herself. To the world, she has things figured out. That’s what I mean by the onion. Nikki and Siobhan harbor those same kinds of feelings of am I good enough, will people like me.”

While your books address the notion of destiny, your characters (particularly Siobhan) recognize the role that we play in learning how to find fulfillment in our own lives. What are some of the other themes of Seed of the Sunflower?

“Probably with Nikki just to really believe in yourself, believe in where you’re going and who you are. Love yourself. If you can love yourself, you can do anything. That was what I was trying to get across with Nikki. She’s really down on herself. She’s unsure where her life is going. But she’s got the world at her feet. She really does. She just can’t see it. She really needs to believe in herself to find where she’s going. She has grown, though. She has learned that when she’s fallen, how to bring herself back up.”

Seed of the Sunflower revisited familiar characters (for example, Siobhan, Bradley, CJ and Calvin) but you also incorporated several new characters into the story (Teddy, Jaycee).  Had these new characters been on your mind from the outset of writing this trilogy or they evolve over time?

“They evolved over time. When I’m writing, I think that maybe I need to introduce somebody new just to keep the story moving. The characters just sorta evolved. For example, the character of Teddy came from a friend who wanted me to write a particular kind of guy.

Now that your trilogy is completed, what new projects are you working on?

“I’m working on a new book. It’s called Block Keeper. With LIMBO (our screen play), we’re looking for people who share the vision of the movie. We have a very distinct picture of where we would like the movie to go and what it should look like.LIMBO has gone to a female director that’s reading it at the moment. She seems to have a similar vision to ours. We want someone who will read the screenplay and really understand the characters.”


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