Interview with Seed of the Sunflower author @LisaNEdwards via @tdmiller820917

Lisa N. Edwards has taken readers on an incredible journey guided by Fate with a destination of self discovery in her Can’t Fight Fate book series. Beginning with the marvelous book Can’t Fight Fate and its equally powerful sequel Chasing Butterflies, readers followed the life of Hollywood entertainment lawyer Nikki Kirkpatrick and her search for her green-eyed soul mate foretold by psychics. We were privy to Nikki’s innermost thoughts and met the people in her life that shaped her life . Now, in the final book in the memorable trilogy, the riveting Seed of the Sunflower, we see Nikki experience personal and professional highs and lows all leading to an unexpectedly dramatic conclusion. I recently interviewed Lisa N. Edwards about Seed of the Sunflower. Read what she had to say below.

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Book Review: Seed of the Sunflower by @LisaNEdwards via @tdmiller820917

There is a saying, “all good things must come to an end,” and for me, this saying became true when I recently finished reading Seed of the Sunflower, the third book in an amazing trilogy by gifted author Lisa N. Edwards. This trilogy began with the impressive Can’t Fight Fate and its equally impressive sequel, Chasing Butterflies. These books told the story of Hollywood entertainment lawyer Nikki Kirkpatrick, a woman desperately searching for the green eyed soul mate predicted by psychics.
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@BigMoBook @NikkiL_Books Celebrate #NationalReadABookDay via @tdmiller820917

Today is National Read A Book Day! Since I’m an unapologetic book lover and passionate book reviewer, this is my kind of celebration! I would make it a legal holiday, if I could, just like my birthday is a legal holiday. Well, my birthday is July 4th and it was a legal holiday before I was born, but I digress. My point is…I LOVE books. I can constantly be found on social media posting the numerous book reviews that I’ve written. I’ve written 60 book reviews so far in 2016. In addition, since I am now a published author myself, my love for books has taken on a new and even more appreciative dynamic. I’m extremely proud to belong to the published authors club.

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@LisaNEdwards @traciebanister @BigMoBook A Thank You Letter to Authors via @tdmiller820917

I make no secret about how much of a privilege I feel about being a book reviewer for The Nerdy Girl Express. I am constantly amazed by the incredible writing talent and the skill it takes to translate the seeds of one’s imagination into a book that stirs the hearts of readers. The Nerdy Girl Express allows me to share my thoughts on these books with other readers. The icing on the delightful creative cake is that I am also able to interview many of these authors that inspire me in my own creative pursuits. Because of your example, I have joined your ranks by publishing my own poetry books. I am now a published author too because you set the path of my journey. I can’t thank you enough.

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Interview With Author @LisaNEdwards via @tdmiller820917

Lisa N. Edwards is a creative lady who wears many hats. She is a novelist, screenwriter, producer, actress and presenter. Her screenplay, LIMBO,is an award-winning endeavor. Her books, Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies, are an inspirational exploration of pre destiny. The third book in this trilogy, Seed of A Sunflower, will be released this year. I recently spoke with her about her various projects.  Read what she had to say below.
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Why You Should Read Books By @LisaNEdwards via @tdmiller820917

Remember the carefree splendor and innocence of childhood? Your life was unencumbered, fed by an imagination that offered an endless meal of possibilities. Like a butterfly, you were free to soar.

You were free to dream.

Then, you were initiated into the world of adulthood with responsibility and doubt. Fate seemed to possess a wicked sense of humor presenting obstacles on the road towards your bliss.

You are chasing butterflies. Yet, butterflies always leave you behind for their own bliss in the sky.

Somewhere along the way, you learned a lesson: You can’t fight fate.

But why does Fate have to be an adversary for you to fight? Why can’t you appreciate the moments of each day but still pick up the pieces of the puzzle that Fate places before you to learn about yourself and life’s journey?

Last year, Fate smiled upon me. I discovered the beautifully inspiring writing of author Lisa N. Edwards. Her books Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies fed my imagination, fueled my optimism yet spoke to my insecurities and doubts about my own life journey. They helped me recognize the pieces of my unique life puzzle. Yes, I will stumble. Yes, I will fall. But the most important discovery of all: I won’t be afraid to get back up.

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