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Today is National Read A Book Day! Since I’m an unapologetic book lover and passionate book reviewer, this is my kind of celebration! I would make it a legal holiday, if I could, just like my birthday is a legal holiday. Well, my birthday is July 4th and it was a legal holiday before I was born, but I digress. My point is…I LOVE books. I can constantly be found on social media posting the numerous book reviews that I’ve written. I’ve written 60 book reviews so far in 2016. In addition, since I am now a published author myself, my love for books has taken on a new and even more appreciative dynamic. I’m extremely proud to belong to the published authors club.

On this National Read A Book Day, here are some authors I would highly recommend:

1. Lisa N. Edwards

Lisa N. Edwards is the author of Can’t Fight Fate and Chasing Butterflies. She also has an upcoming book, Seed of A Sunflower. Lisa writes about pre-destiny and the role that fate has in our lives. Nikki Kirkpatrick is an entertainment lawyer who is searching for the green-eyed soul mate foretold by psychics. Can’t Fight Fate is the first book in this trilogy. Readers follow Nikki’s journey of self-discovery. Lisa N. Edwards is a strong writer. There is power in her words. Her writing style is incredibly inviting. Finally, her books are entertaining as well as thoughtful. Her characters are beautifully strong and beautifully flawed which makes them beautifully accessible to the reader.

2. Tracie Banister

Tracie Banister has written Twin Piques, In Need of Therapy and Blame It On The Fame. She is currently hard at work on her fourth book. I first became a fan of her writing when I read Twin Piques. As a twin, I enjoy reading authors interpretation of twins. Tracie is the best at highlighting this special relationship without sacrificing the individuality of her twins. I can attest that we twins don’t like when people look at us and only see one person. We love our special bond. But we are distinct people. In addition, with her other books, Tracie creates many fascinating characters and realistic dialogue and situations. Finally, she is a master at incorporating Shakespeare. I’ve adored the Bard of Avon since I was a high school freshman in 1979. Any author who appreciates Shakespeare has my vote!

3. Megan Padalecki

Megan Padalecki took the children’s book world by storm with the release last year of her debut book Big Mo. A 2016 National Indie Excellence Award Winner for Best Picture Book, Big Mo is the delightful story of a pet iguana with an insatiable appetite. As the author and illustrator, Megan Padalecki is able to tell her tale in the most visually appealing manner. Big Mo teaches about preserving the beauty of the Earth and its natural resources. Both children and adults will fall in love with Big Mo. Finally, Megan Padalecki is poised to release her second book, Little Moon. I suspect that Little Moon will carry on the tradition of excellence firmly established by Big Mo.

4. Nikki LeClair

A ghost and a legal assistant walk into a bar. Not really, but the talented Nikki LeClair has created a marvelous tale that you will want to wrap yourself up in with Haunting Me. Haunting Me is the story of legal assistant Phoebe Mercer and her adventures with ghostly society matron Edie Edwards. This cozy mystery is incredible. Nikki LeClair created wonderful characters in Phoebe and Edie. Their relationship is humorous and touching. I fell in love with Edie. Edie can be bombastic, yet she is honest and sincere. Edie is protective of Phoebe. I love that. All of the characters in Haunting Me are marvelously colorful panels in a rich fabric of literary brilliance. The sequel to Haunting Me is due later this year.
To cement her status as an author to watch, Nikki Clair also writes under the pen name Vivian Brooks. Her novel, All Because of You, is the story of Nelly Morgan, a bride whose wedding is crashed by an elusive stranger. This book is a page turner with twists and turns to keep readers on the edge of their seats.

5. Jena C. Henry

Retirement is not the end of the story. It is a new beginning. Follow Charli McAntic and her golf obsessed husband Pud’s life journey through the brave new world of retirement in Jena C. Henry’s book series The Golden Age of Charli: RSVP and The Golden Age of Charli: BMI. Charli’s mantra is gratitude, persistence and “pressing on” in the face of life’s challenges. Jena C. Henry is a brilliant writer. Charli may be an older character but she has a vibrant outlook on life. In addition, Jena C. Henry is such a skilled and clever writer that she knows how to embrace readers of all ages. Older readers will want to see themselves in Charli. Younger readers will quickly realize that a mature age is not synonymous with boredom. One is not put out to pasture. Rather, a senior citizen is painting her own landscape full of possibilities.

6. Kendra L. Saunders

Kendra L. Saunders doesn’t alienate (pardon the pun) readers with her ingenious book Dating An Alien Pop Star. In this book, we meet Griffin, a prince of another planet, on a time sensitive mission to Earth. If he fails in his mission on Earth, there will be far reaching consequences for his home planet. With assistance from his best friend Devon, the two go to New York City, the self-proclaimed city that never sleeps, where they abduct music aficionado Daisy Kirkwood on the streets. The David Bowie loving Griffin and his level-headed friend Devon aren’t the scary aliens of horror movies. There is never any sense that Daisy is in any real danger. In fact, a special relationship is formed between the trio and a romantic bond is cultivated with Griffin and Daisy. There is humor (Griffin’s attire is laugh out loud hilarious), romance and political intrigue. Make a date for reading Dating An Alien Pop Star.

7.  Felicia Day

Fans of The CW’s long running series Supernatural know Felicia Day as the good hearted, computer genius, lovable nerd and hunter in training, Charlie Bradbury. But the multi-talented Felicia Day is also a best selling author with her book You’re Never Weird On The Internet (Almost). In this incredibly well-written, honest and empowering book, Felicia Day encourages us to embrace our uniqueness.


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