Book Review- The Golden Age of Charli: GPS by @jenabooks via @tdmiller820917

The Golden Age of Charli: RSVP and The Golden Age of Charli: BMI focused on themes of family and friendship amidst a climate of change. Author Jena C. Henry’s book series could be viewed as a renaissance of the human spirit where one’s golden years don’t demand confinement to a rocking chair to passively watch the years go by but rather signals a call to action for positivity, perseverance and “pressing on” in the face of life’s difficulties. We learned from our protagonist Charli how to reinvent ourselves through retirement and that conquering weight gain was possible through perseverance.

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@BigMoBook @NikkiL_Books Celebrate #NationalReadABookDay via @tdmiller820917

Today is National Read A Book Day! Since I’m an unapologetic book lover and passionate book reviewer, this is my kind of celebration! I would make it a legal holiday, if I could, just like my birthday is a legal holiday. Well, my birthday is July 4th and it was a legal holiday before I was born, but I digress. My point is…I LOVE books. I can constantly be found on social media posting the numerous book reviews that I’ve written. I’ve written 60 book reviews so far in 2016. In addition, since I am now a published author myself, my love for books has taken on a new and even more appreciative dynamic. I’m extremely proud to belong to the published authors club.

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Interview With #TheGoldenAgeofCharli author @jenabooks via @tdmiller820917

Jena C. Henry is an author whose creative inspiration can be found in looking at the importance of family and friendships in shaping our lives. Her books, The Golden Age of Charli: RSVP and The Golden Age of Charli: BMI may focus on the lives of Charli and Pud McAntic as they navigate through retirement, but the themes in which Jena C. Henry masterfully writes are appropriate for all ages. I recently had the pleasure of interviewing her. Read what she had to say below.

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